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Do they know it’s Christmas time?


Both orphans themselves, Gloria and Fred now run a centre which cares for 250 orphans and 40 widows.

With only enough money to send 10 orphans to school, Gloria and Fred know more than anyone what it means to look after people less fortunate than themselves.

While £60 can be blown with ease on a dinner for two in any British city restaurant, £60 can go along way in Uganda, feeding the hungry and educating the illiterate.

As Gloria reminds me, “£40 can pay school fees for an orphan for a term.”

Gloria and Fred are inspirations to us all because they are walking the walk, having talked the talk. We in the West often take the moral high ground and lecture how kind hearted we are and how much we do for those less fortunate than us, while really giving nothing in response.

Here is Gloria and Fred who have just got on it with and opened a centre which cares for 250 orphans and 40 widows. While they rely on donations as much as they can, donations aren’t be guaranteed, and the widows make bags, hats and purses out of coloured palm leaves to sell at the market.

By utilizing the best of Facebook, having a solid business plan, a hit video and engaging with the world, Gloria and Fred are being heard across Facebook and winning support every step of the way.

Add Gloria and Fred as your Facebook friends: https://www.facebook.com/fred.sseruteega

A kind lady called Michelle Mc Cown has opened a Go Fund me page to build houses for the windows. https://www.gofundme.com/save-omwana-africa

Both Gloria and Fred have opened their eyes to the power of social media and are doing a great job in keeping those under their care, fed, clothed, medicated and educated.

Many of the widows have Aids, as does one of the orphans. They all need medicine to survive and without Fred and Gloria, they would have surely died.

Every donation goes directly to feed, clothe, medicate and educate orphans and widows.

Please donate as much as you can this Christmas. Contact Kuteesa Gloria +256700397493 kuteesagloria@gmail.com

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Matt Taylor shoots himself squarely in the foot…again

We reported last month that Matt Taylor had been arrested in October, and charged with malicious communication.

Now a mysterious online “journalist” going by the name of “C. Spivvey” has reported further on Mr Taylor’s arrest, apparently his fourth so far this year:

Apparently Mr Taylor is now styling himself a “satirical political writer”, and a “well-known writer in the Truth Movement and editor of the influential Guerrilla Democracy News”. (Oi! You in back! Stop laughing!)

According to “C. Spivvey”, Mr Taylor’s most recent arrest followed a complaint by RD regarding a malicious video titled “Hampstead Revisited”. We won’t link to the video here, as it contains images of RD’s children, but as far as we are aware, it’s still up on YouTube.If Mr Taylor was “banned from ever mentioning Bourne and Streater again”, we guess it’s a good thing that this article was absolutely not written by Mr Taylor himself, but by the mysterious “C. Spivvey”, right? Because if Mr Taylor had written it, he could find himself in some very serious hot water with the law. So…thanks, “C. Spivvey”. You’re clearly helping Mr Taylor stay out of prison.

We had to stifle a chuckle at Mr Taylor’s claim that “all his videos are satire and parody, published to highlight controversial and taboo subjects such as satanic ritual abuse, child-abuse and false-flag events”. Because ritual abuse and child abuse are inherently hilarious subjects, highly appropriate topics for satire and parody. We’re glad that Mr Taylor understands this.

Also: is “C. Spivvey” claiming that both Mr Taylor and deputy PM Damien Green are innocent of downloading any illegal pornography? Just asking.We won’t even bother correcting “C. Spivvey” on his many errors here, except to note that he’s now saying that, contrary to his statement that he is a creator of satire and parody, Mr Taylor is claiming that Satanism (including, we presume, alleged “Satanic ritual abuse”)…

…is the most pressing danger facing society over and above terrorism, disease and global warming….This is about good versus evil, God versus Satan. I’ve been fighting and highlighting police corruption since 2012. The nightmare I now find myself in is a direct result of the corrupt police fighting back.

Actually, might we be so bold as to suggest that the nightmare in which Mr Taylor now finds himself is a direct result of the fact that he seems unable to control his insatiable desire for public attention?

We did wonder (okay, not really) who “C. Spivvey” might be, and so we clicked on his byline in the above article, and found the following:

To our utter shock and dismay, we discovered that the sole topic covered by “C. Spivvey” is…Matt Taylor!

Isn’t that an astonishing coincidence? We certainly think it is. And we suspect the Sussex police will share our opinion.

One last thing

Here’s a tip for “C. Spivvey”: when people are arrested for things like malicious communications, their bail conditions usually have a little something to say about discussing the people they’ve allegedly been maliciously communicating about. In general, it is extremely unwise to violate those bail conditions, lest one find that further charges might be added to the original, thus compounding the person’s problems.

As dear old Ma Coyote used to say, “When swimming in deep water, one ought to keep one’s mouth shut”.

Sourced from https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/2017/12/07/matt-taylor-shoots-himself-squarely-in-the-foot-again/

Matt Taylor Child Porn Trial Collapses

Accused of downloading child porn, controversial writer Matt Taylor has escaped a Crown Court trial after it’s collapse this week.


Set to commence on the week of 11 December 2017, Lewes Crown Court unexpectedly brought the trial forward to the 7 December, before withdrawing the trial completely for December.

Solicitor Mr. Steve Wedd from Bristow Wedd Solicitors warned Taylor following his fourth arrest of 2017, that “the Crown Court only fit in all the non-hopers into the week before Christmas.”

Equality lawyer Mr. Edward Ellis said, “The Crown Court have lost their confidence, with no more corrupt judges willing to service the fraud.”

£20 Million Story

With a bidding war between the leading newspapers The Mirror, Sun, Daily Mail and the Star erupting, no expense is being spared to secure the exclusive rights to what is being hailed as the biggest scandal in British history.

To secure a deal its rumoured Rupert Murdoch of the Sky Empire, has offered Taylor a £20 million four-year-deal, packaging a book deal, newspaper column and a TV show.

The State and Law Courts are unfit for purpose

Victim to Hampstead Heath trolls, Taylor has endured a year of harassment by the State and Law Courts, following a Harassment fraud against him by two particular Sussex based civil servants, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

With a Government D notice in place, these two particular individuals hit the headline this week.

Good verses Evil

In a year that saw Taylor accused of harassment, stalking, downloading child porn and maliciousness, he remains philosophical saying, “I feel honoured to have helped the Royal Commission end corruption and feel blessed to have gone through such an experience. I’ve been on the side of truth and truth has prevailed.”


Kincora survivor Richard Kerr

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Very comprehensive article about Richard Kerrs abused childhood and those who covered up. For the original article check out [1] 2017 Nov 13 Village Kincora Survivor

Kincora survivor

The stolen life of Richard Kerr, including his account of how Ian Paisley strove to cover up child abuse

The threat to ‘destroy’ a whistle-blower

The Reverend Ian Paisley, who served as First Minister of Northern Ireland (NI ), 2007-2008, was aware of the sexual abuse of boys which took place at Kincora Boys Home during the 1970s. Paisley learnt about it from Valerie Shaw, who served as secretary of the ‘missionary council’ of his church, on 28 October 1973.

Shaw denounced Paisley at a press conference in 1982: “I approached Dr Paisley on at least seven occasions”, she said. “I asked him time and time again what he intended to do about this. My concern all…

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Is David Cameron Necrophiliac?

Taylor's Political Column

The Internet is awash with rumour and speculation about Prime Minister David Cameron.

Prime Minister David Cameron (Wikimedia)
Prime Minister David Cameron (Wikimedia)

The internet and David Cameron

David Cameron is facing extraordinary new claims that he had sex with a dead child to join an ultra secret club and be selected for the position of British Prime Minister. Defying the risk of being arrested for libel and slander, the author of The Coleman Experience WordPress site has published damaging claims that David Cameron is necrophiliac, mentioned on at least three different blogs.

With the Internet awash with rumour, it’s suggested that Lord Ashcroft’s revelation that Cameron stuck his penis into a dead pigs head was only a smoke screen to hide a much more hideous revelation from coming out.

Lord Ashcroft famously missed the launch party of his controversial book “Call me Dave,” having been rushed to hospital by air ambulance following a septic shock…

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