Calls are growing for the resignation of PM Theresa May

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Calls are growing for the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May only months into her premiership.

Having refused to answer calls to investigate the 788-790 Finchley Road fraud, campaigners are accusing Theresa May of being part of the problem, rather than the solution.

First exposed by ex RAF whistleblower Gordon Bowden, and later championed by peaceful warrior John Paterson, the Finchley Road fraud accuses prominent politicians, and leading capitalists of money laundering on an industrial scale, syphoning billions and billions of public funds, into their personal off-shore accounts, by using bogus oil, gas and mining companies registered at various addresses, most prominently at 788-790 Finchley Road in London.

Gordon Bowden personally delivered a dossier of his forensic investigation to BBC TV House and having sent his findings to every news outlet in the UK, campaigners now believe a concerted government cover-up is now in operation to hide what is being billed as the greatest fraud in British history.

The Greatest Fraud in British History

While the nation awaits the outcome of the Labour leadership election between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith to determine who will challenge Theresa May in the forth-coming General Election, an unknown challenger and rank outsider, ex-Crime Stopper Brian Setchfield, is gaining momentum as the third choice for Prime Minister, promising to renegotiate the social contract between the public and government and Crown.

With an ever increasing fan-base, Brian Setchfield delivered a scathing indictment of Theresa May’s refusal to answer calls for an investigation into extremely serious crimes of murder, fraud and embezzlement, on the Andy Peacher’s Radio Show broadcasted to the world on the platform.

He said, “Mrs May, I have to say that it was very disappointing to not have received any kind of acknowledgement from you and Jenny (Theresa May’s PA) as we had truly expected you to have dealt with the matter as a matter of urgency.”

Undisclosed sources within the government report that due to the seriousness of the Finchley Road fraud, many politicians and even Royal family members are petrified that their personal involvement will be made public, as were the involvement of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iceland President Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson and David Cameron’s father, Ian Cameron, were made public in the recent Panama Papers scandal.

Although many prominent politicians continue to hide behind the façade of government respectability and Royal appointment, Its only a matter of time before the floodgates break and the Finchley Road fraud is reported across the globe.

10 Downing Street remains silent and Buckingham Palace hasn’t yet commented on this developing story.

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Sussex Police badge & the Coat of Arms of the United Grand Lodge of England

Peaceful warrior and 788-790 Finchley Road Fraud whistleblower John Paterson, asks the valid question of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne; Are you a Freemason?


While neither Sussex Police or Katy Bourne will ever answer this pertinent question, the answer is being hidden in clear sight and for everyone to see.

Pointed out by an anonymous source, the Sussex Police badge shares the same castle towers which are displayed on the Coat of Arms of the United Grand Lodge of England.


As my anonymous source points out, “Whether they are connected purposefully or not, Sussex Police cannot deny that their imagery connects them with Freemasonry. And they should not be connecting themselves, through imagery, to Freemasonry. Surely?”

Its pertinent and valid that Katy Bourne answers John Paterson’s question because we now know from the secret Tiberous Report, leaked to the Independent newspaper in 2014, that secret networks of Freemason have been used by organised crime gangs to corrupt the criminal justice system.

Written in 2002, the top secret report found underworld syndicates used their contacts in the Freemasonry to “recruit corrupted officers” inside Scotland Yard, and concluded it was one of “the most difficult aspects of organised crime corruption to proof against”.

Often dismissed as conspiracy theory, the proof is now in the open and undeniable. The Operation Tiberius report is actually the second secret police report revealed by The Independent. The first report conducted in 2008, Project Riverside, revealed criminals regularly attempt to corrupt police officers via Freemason members, in a bid to further their interests.

In 1998 the then Home Secretary Jack Straw, came under considerable pressure to order all police officers and judges to declare membership of the Freemason organisation. Shockingly, ten of Britain’s 43 police forces refused to take part and the policy was dropped under threat of legal action.

In England and Wales, the Grand Master of the Freemasons is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. The United Grand Lodge of England have never commented.

Its been common practice to hide secrets in clear sight.

Guerrilla Democracy News once asked the question, Is Katy Bourne a Freemason and does it matter? It’s evident from the Tiberous Report that whether Katy Bourne is a Freemason or not, is of the upmost importance and interest to the public.

In the absence of any answer from either Sussex Police and Katy Bourne, its probable to conclude that Katy Bourne is a Freemason and that criminal elements with links to Freemasonry have infiltrated both Sussex Police and the Office of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

With their secrets hidden in plain sight, the logo for Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner also displays the same Castle Keep which is on the Sussex Police badge and the The United Grand Lodge of England.

After-all, the Federation of the International Order of Co-Freemasonry are keen to recruit as many women as possible.

It’s secretary Suzanne Jozefowicz, makes no secret about it, “We open our arms to anybody, of any background, religion or gender.”

It would seem that being a criminal, a satanist or even a Police Crime Commissioner; the Freemasons are the perfect organisation to join to guarantee success in your chosen field.

As Suzanne Josefowicz continues, “Other Masonic organisations have historically taken a lot more controlled approach to what they release in public. We have always advertised our presence, we’ve had numerous open days, people have been invited even to attend open ceremonies… We hide our answers in plain sight.


Appeal against the removal of SSPCC Blog.

Dear Google Blogger Team,

On the 12 July 2016 you removed my blog, from the internet, citing HARASSMENT as the reason for doing so.

I am unable to contact you directly concerning this matter because I can’t find an email in which I can contact you. I have decided to make this appeal public because I know representatives from Google regularly monitor my blogs and trust that this appeal reaches the appropriate person(s) and department.

Screenshot from Live Traffic Feed showing views from Mountain View, California


My blog has been active since 2012, in which I’ve written hundreds of articles about Sussex Police and the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, of which the blog was created to hold to account, adding an extra layer of public scrutiny and accountability. I am immensely proud of the work and effort I’ve put into this blog since 2012, I believe I am doing a worth while job which is in the public interest.

Once I discovered you had removed my blog I appealed your decision and on the 22 July received the reply as below:


But within moments, another message was delivered contrary to the above:


At no point has anyone in Google’s Blogger Team informed me of who or whom I have alleged to have HARASSED…

Google HQ/Mountain View, California

I can only assume that Mark Streater from the Office of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (OSPCC) was the person who made the complaint and that the allegation of HARSSMENT was against the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SPCC) Katy Bourne.


I assume this because following a Freedom of Information request to the OSPCC about certain Youtube videos being removed from public view, it was revealed that Mark Streater was the person who made the complaint.

Through the lack of information from The Google Blogger Team, I am left to assume the allegation of HARASSMENT was made based on the many articles in which I call Katy Bourne a liar.

Calling Katy Bourne a liar is not HARASSMENT; its the truth and in the public interest to do so.

Katy Bourne has provably been caught out lying during the 2016 PCC elections about her expenses claims, and this has been vindicated and confirmed by both Sussex Police and the Crime Panel, by referring my complaint against her to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for further investigation.

The following article, (which I would have published on BlogSpot, but am now forced to publish on your rival’s blog place,) confirms what I’ve written above.

News-Flash Katy Bourne SPCC in serious trouble with the IPCC

Calling Katy Bourne a liar is not HARASSMENT, as confirmed by Sussex Police and the Sussex Crime Panel (set up to hold Katy Bourne to account).

By law the exceptions of HARASSMENT are three-fold:
1; Honest opinion.
2; The truth.
3, A matter of public interest.

I have proved to the satisfaction of Sussex Police and the Sussex Crime Panel that I am exempt from any defamation and harassment laws, because I meet all three exceptions of the defamation and harassment Laws.

Whoever complained to you citing HARASSMENT did so to cover-up the FACT that Katy Bourne lied during the PCC elections about her expenses. In theory Google could be prosecuted for covering up a crime.

You have made a serious error in removing my blog and I appeal you to reinstate the blog, as you originally agreed to do on the 22 July 2016.

You can contact me over this matter by emailing me directly at

I look forward to a response by The Blogger Team…

Yours Sincerely,

Matthew Taylor


Theresa May – Scraping the bottom of the barrel

While the Finchley Road fraud goes unreported by mainstream news, mafia boss Queen Elizabeth II is steaming ahead consolidating her vice like grip of power over her obedient servants and protecting her family’s sovereignty for the next thousand years.

With David Cameron’s work complete, it was a tough job to appoint a worthy successor. After-all, as head of the world’s leading mafia organization, the Windsor Royal family aka The Firm, Queen B needed to find an obedient servant adapt at keeping secrets, maintaining cover-ups, and all the while excluding an air of respectability to the public.

There wasn’t a big pool to choose from; George Osbourne had been exposed as a cocaine fiend. Michael Gove a tell-tit who can’t keep a secret, and Boris Johnson, a bully adulterer incapable of conducting a news conference without it descending into farce.

Queen B’s check list was simple. She needed to appoint a Prime Minister who:

  • Had been abused as a child by a perverted father (preferably a vicar)
  • Who knew how to cover-up the Child-abuse scandal threatening to bring down her government
  • Who excluded an air of respectability to the public
  • Who knew how Parliament worked, and preferably the banking world too
  • Who was adapt at lying
  • Who could be black-mailed

Luckily, Theresa May was the last piece of scum at the bottom of the barrel; job done.

smug witch“Forget about Democracy, kiss my hand and here are the keys to number 10,” Queen B is rumoured to have said.

Having pulled off the impossible in the eleventh hour, the perverse and corrupt British Establishment can sleep soundly for another night, secure in the knowledge that their secrets of ‘humiliation indoctrination’ is safe and sound.

Its not that Queen B is evil as one might imagine, its more a game for power and endless desire, protecting her sovereignty at all cost.

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Theresa May- The untold story

The shame of child abuse paints all our hands red

Matt Taylor orders the immediate arrest of David Cameron and Queen Elizabeth II on child-abuse charges

The Queen’s arrest is imminent

The Queen is arrested for high treason

The shame of child-abuse paints all our hands red.

Child abuse is the vile crime which holds the perverse British Establishment together.

Nearly every day more and more evidence is coming to light that demonstrates the huge and monstrous scale of child abuse in modern day Britain.

Take for example the news story in the Daily Mail this week, “There are so many paedophiles in England and Wales that they cannot all be jailed, a police chief warned today.”

Even Queen Elizabeth II has been implicated in the disappearance of 10 native Canadian children in 1964.

Our nation’s best loved children presenters have been exposed as dangerous paedophiles, as have our best loved politicians and entertainers.

  • Jimmy Savile
  • Rolf Harris
  • Stewart Hall
  • Edward Heath
  • Cyril Smith
  • Anthony Blunt
  • Kenneth Clarke
  • Peter Morrison
  • Leon Brittan
  • Greville Janner
  • Gary Glitter
  • Jonathan King
  • Cliff Richard

Child-abuse is all around us, being committed by the world’s most prominent people, behind the shadows and within touching distance of us all.

According to the NSPCC there are currently over 57,000 children identified as being abused in the UK today. Though most alarmingly is that the NSPCC go further to admit that they don’t exactly know how many children in the UK are being abused, making 57,000 a conservative estimate.

Remember the then Home Secretary and now Prime Minister Theresa May, revealed that child-abuse is “woven, covertly, into the fabric” of British society and the then Prime Minister David Cameron said children in Britain have suffered sexual abuse on an “industrial scale”.

Do you remember when the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) reported the disturbing news that more than 1,433 suspects have been identified by police, including politicians and celebrities, probing historical child-abuse sex allegations?

Of the 1433 suspects, 216 are now dead, 261 as people classified as having public prominence, with 135 coming from TV, film and radio.

These perpetrators are still at large; free to do as they wilt to the most vulnerable people in our society.

Even the most skeptical observer must admit that a child-abuse cover-up is in full swing.

The then Home Secretary, Theresa May, set up a child-abuse enquiry to fail. Losing one Chairwoman is a mistake; losing two is a failure and losing three is a cover-up. – The Three Witches of Child-abuse Cover-up – Lady Butler-Sloss, Fiona Woolf and Lowell Goddard.

This is not with-standing the scandalous deletion of child sex abuse testimonies of thousands of victims. Blamed on a ‘glitch,’ all testimonies submitted through the government’s official inquiry website set up by Theresa May, were ‘instantly and permanently deleted’ before reaching staff.

smug witch

The level of incompetence and failure is criminal.

The world’s greatest whistleblower, Greg Hallett from New Zealand, tells us that the world is run on shame. Political leaders are put into positions of power by influential banking cartels, who are easily blackmailed due to their history of sexual perversions and child abuse crimes.

We must never forget that our Prime Ministers are given their position and power by the Queen. Meeting the Queen once a week, 52 weeks a year clearly demonstrates that Queen Elizabeth II is at the center of Government and knows exactly what’s going on in any given day.

Lets never forget what The Coleman Experience blog has to say about our illustrious Queen, Elizabeth II:

“Beloved monarch Bettie is what you might call the UK’s number one brothel ‘madame’, much like Cynthia Payne or Ghisele Maxwell.”

All evidence paints Buckingham Palace as the Den of Peadophila. You only need to look at the Queen’s Knighthood list, which more and more resembles a sex registers list.

We are taught that our nation’s secret services are the best equipped and intelligent in the world. Everyone who is put forward to a Knighthood is thoroughly vetted and investigated.

To imply MI5 and MI6 never knew Jimmy Savile was a dangerous paedophile is an insult to our intelligence.

Lets us never forget that Jimmy Savile was also Knighted by the Pope John Paul II.

This is what The Coleman Experience has to say about the Queen’s Privy Council:

“The Privy Council is actually a key component of this country’s vast and sordid VIP child-raping ring.”

Greg Hallett is vocal in his contention that the Windsor Royal family was infiltrated by a known paedophile in the guise of Lord Mountbatten. As uncle to Prince Phillip, it was he who placed a paedophile at the heart of the Royal family, a paedophile who since has gone on to spread his criminal perversion to his sons and daughters.

As The Coleman Experience is quick to remind us, “Her whole family is packed full of paedophiles and they love nothing better than raping, torturing and then murdering children in batshit rituals that add a little frisson to their dull lives.”

Now I don’t know about you, but from my point of view (as once a Royal Military Policeman, of whom I pledged an Oath of Allegiance to the Queen, to kill and die for country,) I am appalled and shocked that our Royal family are connected with known paedophiles and are accused of being Satanic cult members, who regularly commit abuse and murder of children.

These are the most gravest allegations which anyone can make to another. Being born into a Royal family brings no defence from the long arm of the Law.

Read more: Arrest Warrants issued against David Cameron and Queen Elizabeth for sexual crimes against children.

It seems to me that British society is living in a daydream in which everything is rosy and bright. That our Queen is a sweet old lady who loves her subjects and country and that our Parliamentarians are honourable fellows who bend over backwards in the interests of the electorate they represent.

Alas it is all a fraud because you only need to lift up the veil of deceit, and looking underneath realize there is a wealth of allegations and conjecture that not everything is what it seems.

The bottom line is that we, us, as a nation, every man and women calling ourselves a British citizen, are failing our children

Shame on all of us. All our hands are painted red with the blood of the victims of whom we turn our ears, eyes and backs to.

Katy Bourne’s “Serious Complaint”‏


Dear Mr Taylor

Thank you for your email.  We are aware that a complaint has been made to the Police & Crime Panel and that it has been referred to the IPCC.  We await the outcome of their review.


Office of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner


Dear Mr Taylor

Thank you for contacting the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) with your email dated 10 August 2016.

I can confirm that we have received the referral from Sussex Police and Crime Panel and are now assessing it to determine the appropriate level of IPCC involvement. I am unable to provide a timeframe for a decision to be made.

Kind regards

Joe Kosub

Customer Contact Advisor

Independent Police Complaints Commission


Hi Matt – thanks for this, I think we’ll take a look if the IPCC decide to investigate. Keep us posted!

Ben Weisz

Political Reporter – BBC Sussex

sussex police dissolved

Mr Matthew Taylor


Dear Sir.

Thank you for your email of todays date which is Wednesday 10th August 2016. At 14,12pm, the contents of which have been noted.

Sir, here we go again, total lock down from BBC Sussex Radio, what a surprise. We really must highlight the position for the purpose of pure clarity. When the member of Sussex Police reported Mr Martin Richards through the Sussex Police confidential reporting system, which is called “Break the Silence”, it was reported immediately in all of the mainstream media outlets that he was to be investigated for the alleged matters that had been reported, which as you know, all of the allegations that were reported through that particular confidential reporting system, were dropped as there were no witnesses in the reported allegations that were reported through the confidential reporting system.

We can confirm to you unreservedly, that the anonymous confidential reporting system is not fit for purpose, because, nothing ever happened to Mr Martin Richards. However, at least the matter was reported through all of the mainstream media outlets so that the citizens were fully aware of the situation and that Mr Martin Richards had been reported to the IPCC. It is now of course the case, that apart from you as the SSPCC, going public on the matter, such as you have done, it would appear that Mrs Katy Elizabeth Bourne is being further protected by the Uk Government and her friend and colleague, Mrs Theresa May, the Prime Minister, as there would appear to be a total lockdown on the mainstream media reporting the matter as a news story, so that the citizens are fully aware that Mrs Katy Elizabeth Bourne, who is of course, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, has been reported for not being open about her expenses on the lead up to the 2016 Police and Crime Commissioner Elections.

We feel that it is high time that the very serious matters that surrounds Mrs Katy Elizabeth Bourne’s activities are beamed out across the World, so that the citizens are in full receipt and have been placed into full knowledge that the very serious matter is now in the hands of the IPCC.

Sir, we have formed the view that the matter would appear to be dead in the water before it has even begun to be considered for investigation by the IPPC. Therefore, Mr Setchfield has himself asked us to give you the authority to contact all of the mainstream media outlets again and to inform them of the story, and, to confirm to them, that you have been authorised by Team Setchfield and that Mr Setchfield demands, that they report on the story with immediate effect in order to highlight to the citizens that Mrs Katy Elizabeth Bourne, has been reported to the IPCC by Sussex Police and by the Police Crime panel for their consideration over investigating the matter.

This matter has to be reported to the citizens as a news story immediately, so that the citizens are fully aware of the situation that involves, Mrs Katy Elizabeth Bourne, the Police and Crime Commissioner, who is after all a Public Servant who is being employed to represent the citizens who do indeed, pay her wages.

We feel it is also worth noting at this very important juncture, that there are also very serious outstanding matters that involve, Mrs Katy Elizabeth Bourne, over the “SETCH-GATE SCANDAL” where as you know, she has perverted the course of justice by aiding and abetting an “ORGANISED GANG OF CRIMINALS” who had premeditatedly set-out to steal money from the Government, and, who are also involved in the brutal attack and assault on a member of the public, where we repeat again, that it could possibly and potentially also be a “MURDER” that she is also aiding and abetting.

Mr Taylor, it may well be the case that this email should also be sent to Mr Ninesh Edwards and to the complete Sussex Police Crime Panel, in order so that they are able to forward all of the details that surround the “SETCH-GATE SCANDAL” of which they are also all in full receipt of and in full knowledge of, which involves the most violent criminality that was carried out at the Bohemia Road Police Station in Hastings, East Sussex, on 12th February 2009, as we do truly believe, that the IPCC and the mainstream media will pounce upon the most serious set-of circumstances that Mrs Katy Elizabeth Bourne is guarding and protecting and by doing so, is further perverting the course of justice by aiding and abetting such a very dangerous situation that will in the fullness of time see her undoubtedly being placed before a “CRIMINAL CROWN COURT”.

We look forward to hearing from you with any updates and do of course confirm to you, that Mr Setchfield is ready and willing to step up to the plate to reveal to the citizens of the UK and to reveal to any “CRIMINAL CROWN COURT” all of the most serious events that have been aided and abetted by Mrs Katy Elizabeth Bourne, that is to say, while she has been acting as the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

Please feel free to use this email letter to assist you in anyway you deem necessary, to open up finally, the very serious situation that involves Mrs Katy Elizabeth Bourne.

Yours sincerely

Team Setchfield.



London we have a problem – Paterson, Setchfield and Taylor


Leading from the front, John Paterson, Brian Setchfield and Matt Taylor are charging head long into collision with The Powers that Be.

Bill Maloney has gone quiet, Chris Spivey has too many articles to write, Michael Doherty hasn’t decided whether he wants to be an MP, PCC or a plane spotter and Danielle La Verite is busy banging on about the Law of Attraction.

The Alternative Media aka The Truth Movement has gone distinctively quiet of late. If it wasn’t for the three musketeers waving their swords about, you’d have thought The Powers that Be had won the war for Middle Earth…

London we have a problem – what do we do with Paterson, Setchfield and Taylor?

John Paterson, the Peaceful Warrior has been a crusader against the Evil Empire since before anyone could remember. Having sailed the Seven Seas as a croupier in the cruise ship casino’s, John Paterson (with 1 T) has been at the forefront of exposing the 788-790 Finchley Road fraud, as uncovered by Gordon Bowden.

Brian Setchfield, ex Crimestopper and future PM of Great Britain has been compared as having the same tone of voice as God, by Andy Peaches on his show.

Having shouted from the roof-tops concerning serious criminal collaboration between Police and dirty solicitors, Brian was first exposed to the corruption in the Sussex Police force on the 12 February 2009, when at the Bohemia Police Station in Hastings, he was illegally arrested, witnessed a possible murder and was processed by a duty solicitor working for the interests of his own corrupt ends, and not for his client’s or justice.

Responsible for the early retirement of the then Chief Constable of Sussex Police Martin Richards and the leadership collapse of Andrea Leadsom during the recent Conservative Party leadership bid, Team Setchfield has informed every MP in Britain of the serious fraud and theft of government money being orchestrated on a daily basis.

The Setch-Gate Scandal

With democracy in this country in disarray, there is a growing movement of people who want to see Brian Setchfield put his hat in the ring of who will be the next PM of Great Britain.

As we know the Nasty Conservatives have chosen the last person available to them to maintain the status quo and keep a lid on the fraud, corruption and child-abuse scandals of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.

smug witch

The Trotsky Labour Party haven’t decided whether they want to move on from the Blairite era or not.

Which leaves us with the third choice of Brian Setchfield for PM, renegotiating our Social Contract with Parliament and the Queen.

Which leaves me, Matt Taylor, leader of the UK’s Moai King William IV Party and Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner. Ex-Royal Military Policeman, who came last in the Brighton Kemptown 2015 General Election with 69 votes as an independent candidate.


What is this the real reason why Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner was scurrying to London every other week?


After all Katy Bourne is adamant that she hasn’t claimed travel expenses while in office. If this be the case, did Katy Bourne feel justified in claiming the travel expense to London, (outside of her role as Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner), because she was on government business, holding high level talks about what to do about Paterson, Setchfield and Taylor?

The reason why The Powers that Be cannot silence us, is that we all tell the truth; the truth and nothing but the truth.

The whole country must come to terms with the inconvenient truth that our politicians, judiciary and royalty are defrauding the great British public and have been doing so generation after generation for hundreds of years.

What Brian Setchfield witnessed with his own two eyes on the 12 February 2009, has confirmed that Sussex Police are corrupt and that they collude with corrupt solicitors to defraud the tax paying public of huge amounts of money year on year on year.

John Paterson has followed his instinct and having done his own research, knows that massive and serious fraud is being perpetrated from the Boiler Rooms of 788-790 Finchley Road, London.

Both Brian and John understand how billions and billions of public funds are being syphoned off the public coffers into the off-shore accounts of the very people we are taught to trust the most.

As for me, arhhh you’ll see……………..

frank-katy copy