Matt Taylor, the Kemptown Brighton independent candidate for the 2015 General Election, has launched a scathing attack on Shipley’s MP Philip Davies and his parliamentary partner Kemptown Brighton’s MP Simon Kirby.
“I had never heard about Philip Davies before I started to research Simon Kirby. But what a find. He has got to be the worst MP in British history. What does it say about Simon Kirby’s judgement to have him as a parliamentary buddy?”
“I have published an parliamentary investigation into the conduct of Philip Davies and Simon Kirby. I have uncovered serious abuses of power and irregularities in their Disabled Person’s Parking Badges Bill. These MP’s should be arrested for fraud immediately. I have uncovered disturbing evidence which paints Philip Davies as a dangerous psychopath and Simon Kirby as a Vera Lynn transvestite. The proof is plain to see and I welcome Philip Davies and Simon Kirby to challenge me to prove it in court.”
Matt Taylor ran in the November 2012 Police and Crime Commissioner elections, on an anti-corruption platform and will be doing so again in the general election.
“Once I’m elected my first business will be the reopening of Katrina Taylor’s murder case. I campaigned for this during the Police and Crime Commissioner elections and have no intention of dropping it. Simon Kirby has resided over wholesale corruption and coverup since becoming MP and I’m standing to ensure this ends.”
Matt Taylor started his one man political party in 1997 with the mission to eliminate war, poverty and child abuse. Nearly 16 years later, we ask him what progress he’s made?
“Its always been a 20 year project and I’m 99% there. With one final push we’ll be able to clear away the corruption and cover-up which blight our lives and herald in a new era of leadership. The voters are tired off the endless examples of fraud and scandal coming from parliament. I’m the breathe of fresh air, the new kid on the block. Brighton needs me as much as I need Brighton. We are made for each other.”
Matt Taylor achieved notable notoriety in the November 2012 Police and Crime Commissioner elections, by promising to sack Martin Richards, the Chief Constable of Sussex. Having entered the race and attended seven hustings across Sussex he pulled out at the last moment, refusing to hand over the £5000 deposit, saying “I’d be a fool to throw £5000 down the drain.”
He has since gone on to create the Federation of Shadow Police and Crime Commissioner with David Joe Neilson, another independent candidate in the November 2012 PCC elections, which provides an extra layer of public scrutiny for elected PCC’s.
Matt Taylor is hoping to goto Sussex University to take a degree in Law and Politics in preparation to entering Parliament as the newest member of parliament for Kemptown Brighton.
“Campaigning starts now. Its Taylor v’s Kirby and I intend to convince the voters of Kemptown Brighton that I am the best man for the job…”

Partners in Crime: Philip Davies and Simon Kirby Exposed Part One
Partners in Crime: Philip Davies and Simon Kirby Exposed Part Two



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