ImageSimon Kirby, MP for Kemptown in Brighton has appealed to Foreign Secretary William Hague to ‘exert external pressure upon President Putin and his Government’, in protest to the treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transvestite (LGBT) people in Russia.

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In a letter written to Foreign Secretary William Hague, where in he uses the Foreign Secretaries first name in greeting, ‘Dear William’; he urges him to use the Winter Olympics in Sochi, as the ‘perfect opportunity’ to condemn the Russian Government’s treatment of LGBT people, ensuring the issue receives international attention.


Simon Kirby, Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister for Sport and Tourism, is latest UK political figure to speak out about the issue of gay rights in Russia.


Matthew Taylor, an independent candidate standing against him in the 2015 General elections says that this proves Simon Kirby is only interested in the interests of the few and not the many.


“Simon Kirby has always championed the interests of his friends and not the majority of his constituents living under the bread line. If only he was so vocal about the Bedroom Tax, and the changes to the Welfare System, which is affecting the majority of his constituents and driving them to suicide.”


“This proves Simon Kirby is unfit for office; by calling for war against the Russians and politicizing the Winter Olympics, he demonstrates an ego of dangerous proportions, which explains why this country is in so much trouble.”


“From now to the general election I am going to prove to the voters of Brighton that Simon Kirby cares nothing for the poor in his constituency, but only the LGBT and rich.”


Simon Kirby goes onto praise the Foreign Secretary as ‘a man who has fought tirelessly for the advancement of human rights across the world’ and provokes war with Russia by calling for ‘external pressure’ to be exerted upon President Putin.


What Simon Kirby means by ‘external pressure’ is unclear, but the threat of action is plain to see, and carries with it the potential to further damage the fragile relationship between Russia and the West, and especially America and the United Kingdom.

Is this man fit to be an MP? 




  1. Taking some sort of external perspective, the West looks a total mess and gayness seems to be infecting every part of society. Don`t get me wrong, I have nothing against gays, my own daughter is gay. The fact fact is, everything is being done to fashion society into the gay way.

    Marriage is between a man and a woman. If gays want a similar thing, then fine, but find yourselves another name, invent another name, because marriage has nothing to do with gays!!

    The next point is, that while gays have a right to their part in society, it should just be a part and nothing more.

    The NWO promoted rap and beat your woman culture and now its gay this and that. This is a Zionist agenda to fragment society. Of course, the majority of people are brainwashed in the West. Russia, the Russian church and Putin have made a valiant stand for the majority of people who want a return to some sort of balanced society.

    I live in London (since 1984) and the city has been blighted by NWO events that are designed to destroy the family based social fabric. If its not gay rights marching, its a two day cycle bash that ruins city life. I am a cycling fan and watch the Tour each year. The fact is, most cyclists have been give this idea that gives them this notion of “I`m so self important”….see the pattern…gays also feel the same way. Why aren`t families encouraged to come to London for the day so they can play on London`s closed streets for the weekend with their toys…we could have a giant
    sand pit on the Mall?????????????lol Don`t be so effing stupid, that would counter the NWO Zionist agenda which is trying to create conflicting groups. This is one reason why this country is full of immigrants, the objective is to water down our social cohesion. Britain must be one a the most divided countries and this can be seen in the fact that political parties are finished. This is why we have the present illegal coalition and why we will probably have another one in 2015.

    The LGBT people need to realise that they are just a small part of society and they need to fit in with the majority. As a married man, I feel I have lost something and I am angry. Funny how lots of French gays were against gay marriage? Maybe they can see the NWO Zionist agenda?

    Putin is the only true global statesman and if you don`t believe this, just look up his video speeches on International relations. They don`t shown much in the West and you certainly don`t see the MSM commenting on them and that is because Putin is the only light of hope (ihate that word after Obama used it) left in this world!!

    Sham war on terror

    Sham global warming

    Sham energy resources problem

    Sham wars

    DESIGNED financial collapse

    MI6 constructed Arab Spring

    The NWO controls the weather and sets off natural appearing events. Often used to bully nations like Burma when cyclone Nargis was sent in!!

  2. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (not just transvestite). LGBT people in Russia are having a tough time under Putin’s laws – they are being scapegoated for Russia’s political and economic problems in much the same way that the Tsars persecuted the Jewish population one hundred years ago. Do you stand up for the underdog, or are you part and parcel of the reactionary establishment? Btw…I do believe it’s 2014:)!

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