A week after provoking war with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, over Russia’s LGBT rights record, Simon Kirby MP for Kemptown in Brighton is at it again, meddling with Labour policy.

‘Doesn’t the man realise he’s a conservative MP and any business with Labour party policy is a duty for the Labour party and not him?’ asks Matthew Taylor, his opponent for his parliamentary seat in 2015.

Blogging in the Conservative Home blog website, Simon Kirby first tells us how ‘busy he is working hard’ for his constituents. Though whether attending Brighton Pride, celebrating 130 years of the Volk’s Railway and visiting the Rottingdean Village Fair is classed as hard work, many will disagree.

simon kirby picking up rubbishEven picking up litter from Brighton beach looks more like a photo opportunity, than a hard day’s work. As a Facebook friend, Jez Hoye comments, ‘it must be the first physical work he’s done for years.’

Writing a letter to the Labour Leader Ed Miliband, he voices his worries that the Labour party are considering to introduce a Tourism Tax, which would have ‘damaging implications’ for businesses in Brighton.

Matthew Taylor, the prospective candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, questions why he’s writing to the Labour leader while the person with the ultimate power to stop a Tourism Tax is David Cameron, the serving British Prime Minister.

Simon Kirby finishes his blog with the line, ‘It is a disastrous policy idea and Labour should abandon it immediately. I shall wait for a response from Ed Miliband, but I won’t hold my breath.’

ed miliband with egg on shoulderThough Matthew Taylor says, ‘I’ve asked why he’s wasting his time writing to Ed Miliband, while David Cameron is in power and I await a response from Simon Kirby, but I won’t hold my breath too.’

Matthew Taylor is getting ready for 2015 and invites everyone to follow him at http://www.gettingreadyfor2015.wordpress.com




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