ImageWeeks after provoking war with Russia, meddling with Labour policy and attacking the Green party, Simon Kirby is at it again, spreading fear throughout the community by calling on residents to remain vigilant against unauthorized traveller encampments.

Showing his true nature, he demonstrates zero compassion to the travelling community, by using his Parliamentary power to call on Brighton and Hove City Council and East Sussex County Council to protect ‘sensitive locations’ in his constituency.

ImageHe says ‘I want to encourage both Councils to take the necessary action to prevent unauthorized traveller encampments taking place at sensitive locations. I would also encourage local residents to remain vigilant.’

He goes on further to voice his concern of the cost to the taxpayer of cleaning up after them. But yet prefers to hide the fact that having to take court action against travellers is always more expensive and time consuming.

ImageIf he’s so dedicated to ‘working hard’ for the constituents of Brighton, Kemptown and Peacehaven, as he keeps telling us in his Tweets, he should pick up his litter picker and pick up the rubbish like he so valiantly did, cleaning up after day trippers at the beach.

Though whether Simon Kirby’s definition of ‘hard work’ matches his constituents definition of ‘hard work’ is up for debate. Some people may consider attending the 130th anniversary of the Bluebell Railway, Brighton’s Gay Pride and Rottingdean’s village fete to be a pleasure rather than ‘hard work’ as Simon describes it.

I expect he follows that political thinking that if you say the lie often enough, the lie becomes true.

Simon Kirby – Divide and Rule policy.

ImageInciting fear among his constituents by pitting one community against the other, Simon Kirby joins the MP for Arundel and South Down’s, Nick Herbert in demonizing Irish Travellers, English Gypsies and New Age Travellers.

Nick Herbert reports in his blog that as soon as her heard travellers had invaded Findon, he was straight on the phone to his buddy Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, to ask that all possible steps are taken to remove these invaders as soon as possible, and well ahead of next month’s Sheep Fair.

ImageHe says ‘These travellers have no regard for private property, and their claim that they have some kind of human right to pitch where they wish is entirely spurious.’

Irish Travellers, English Gypsies and New Age Travellers.

The general complaint of travellers is their failure to clean up after themselves. Residents even complain that travellers leave human excrement behind.

Putting aside the fact that every human being leaves excrement behind, Simon Kirby and Nick Herbert must acknowledge the fact that nomadic life is not illegal, and travellers have a basic right to this way of life.

The council recognizes that this has to be balanced with the rights of the general public to enjoy private and public land.

This is why Brighton and Hove have been pioneers in developing a strategy to integrate travellers into Brighton and Hove’s greater community, rather than exclude them and demonize them as Simon Kirby and Nick Herbert are doing.

Brighton Council is the first to introduce a legal site for New Age Travellers.

Brighton Council set up a dedicated legal site for travellers, the first of its kind in the country. They did it in the hope that other councils would follow suit, providing more legal sites for travellers to move around to.

ImageWith 23 clearly marked-out pitches with water and toilets provided at a cost of £20 a week per pitch. The main attraction for the travellers however, is not the improved facilities, but the opportunity to pitch legally for six months.

Even though the government is now offering £8 million for council’s to do so, others are reluctant to follow Brighton’s example. This means that once their six months is over they are back to square one with no where to pitch.

Getting ready for 2015

Matthew Taylor, the prospective parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, and Simon Kirby’s main rival in the 2015 general election, defends travellers by saying-

‘Travellers are our kinsmen and must be treated with honour and respect. They have just as much right to live on British land as any other community. If there are 50 sensitive sites throughout Brighton standing empty and there are 50 travelling families in need of a pitch, I say let them pitch. Simon Kirby and Nick Herbert must stop demonizing other people to hide their own shortcomings. If rubbish and shit is the only issue standing in the way of harmony, I’m sure an amicable compromise can be reached through mature conversation. Give them a field, a water tap and toilets and let them get on with it.

The travelling communities and the static communities of Brighton and Hove need to reach out to each other and learn to live with each other. This ‘divide and rule’ rhetoric coming from Simon Kirby and Nick Herbert is typical of what’s wrong with the Conservative party.

Once I’m MP for Brighton Kemptown, I will work to assure the community that travellers mustn’t be feared but embraced.’

Getting ready for 2015, Matthew Taylor welcomes everyone to follow him on his campaign to be elected Brighton’s Kemptown MP.



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