simon kirbySimon Kirby the MP for Brighton Kemptown, voted for war against Syria, in yesterday’s make or break vote for David Cameron in the House of Commons.

Simon Kirby who recently provoked war with Russia, by writing a letter to the Foreign Secretary William Hague, asking him to put pressure on President Putin over their LGBT right’s record, again shows his true blue credentials by voting with the party line in bringing death and destruction to the people of Syria.

He says ‘I voted for Britain to do the right thing.’

ImageSimon Kirby’s loyalty to David Cameron amounted for nothing on the night, as the Prime Minister was dealt an unprecedented blow as he faced a breathtaking Commons defeat over his plans to bomb Syria with cruise missiles.

British MP’s voted by 272 votes to 285 to reject David Cameron’s motion backing British intervention in principle.

Simon Kirby justifies his vote by saying ‘I voted to deplore use of chemical weapons in Syria which caused 100s of deaths and 1000s of injuries of civilians.’

Regardless of the fact that 100,000 citizens have already been killed by conventional means, it seems extremely odd that Simon Kirby is using the death of 100 civilians as an excuse to kill even more.

ImageOblivious to the fact that the UN weapon inspectors are unable to conclusively place the blame for recent chemical attacks on the Syrian civilian population, by President Assad’s Government, Simon Kirby is following his master’s example by saying it’s more of a ‘judgment call’ rather than a decision based on sound and reliable evidence.

Simon Kirby who advocates mixing politics with sport, by encouraging the Foreign Secretary to boycott the Moscow Olympics over Russia’s LGBT rights, echoes David Cameron’s view that ‘The well of public sympathy was well and truly poisoned by the Iraq War.’

Blind to the fact that World War Three is a real possibility, with warnings coming from Russia and China against an American or British military involvement in the country, Simon Kirby demonstrates his war mongering tendencies and votes against public opinion, both nationally and locally.

Matthew Taylor, the parliamentary candidate for Brighton’s Kemptown and Simon Kirby’s main rival in the 2015 general election says ‘Simon Kirby is not fit to an MP.’

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