David Joe Neilson & Simon Kirby

Simon Kirby the MP for Brighton’s Kemptown, has been accused of covering up the murder of Katrina Taylor who was murdered in Brighton in 1996.

Simon Kirby’s career lies in tatters after a complaint has been made to John Lyon CB, from the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, by David Joe Neilson, an independent anti-corruption candidate who stood in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in November 2012.

The complaint accuses Simon Kirby of:

  1. Malfeasance in public office using his powers and public trust placed in him as a Member of Parliament to cover up murder- attempted murder -major –crimes-corruption.
  1. Accessory to witness intimidation by Sussex Police.
  1. Failure of duty as a Member of Parliament to see that his constituents receive their legal rights as laid down by and their rights under the human-rights act.
  1. Criminal intent to deprive a citizen of their human-rights and legal rights.
  1. Involvement in and covering up Sussex Police and Sussex Police Authority Corruption.
  1. Criminal conspiracy with other persons to cover up for the killers of Katrina Taylor and Mark Slade’s aka Marcel Sulc criminal activities.
  1. Criminal conspiracy with members of Lewes District Council to cover up for Norman Bakers MP involvement in corruption.
  1. Criminal conspiracy with other persons to cover up all crimes surrounding 318 South Coast Road Peacehaven BN10 7EL.

David Joe Neilson is aware of the severity of making such claims in public, but stands by his accusations.

He says ‘I have read the complaints guide and am fully aware that allegations of misconduct against anyone in public life are serious. All of these allegations I can prove and some of these have been proven in a civil legal action. I have documentation and audio tapes. I can make a full statement over all of these matters.’

Simon Kirby maintains his innocence saying, ‘For your information I have had lengthy and exhaustive correspondence regarding this matter with my constituents and officials. The issues have been considered on numerous times by a variety of bodies and organizations who have found no case to answer.’

With the MP’s chances of regaining his Brighton Kemptown constituency now in ruin, Simon Kirby can only wait for the complaint to run it’s course and hope the knock on his door by the police comes later rather than sooner.

Matthew Taylor the parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown says ‘This is yet another example which demonstrates beyond doubt, that Simon Kirby is unfit for public office and unfit to be an MP. I can only hope that this complaint throws him out of office now, rather than waiting until the 2015 general election to vote him out.’

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