Matthew Taylor, prospective MP for Brighton Kemptown is backing Rick Simpson’s Oil (RSO) as the cure for cancer.

Rick Simpson

Canadian born Rick Simpson, has pioneered a method which turns hemp plants into oil, used by thousands of people across the world to cure cancers of all kinds.

Unlike the Breast Cancer Campaign which Simon Kirby supports, that asks for donations, Rick Simpson’s self grown medication cures all types of cancers without the dangerous and fatal treatments of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Matthew Taylor says, ’If ever there is a reason to legalise hemp for medical use, curing cancer is it.’

Is this man a transvestite?

’As MP for Brighton Kemptown I will not be dressing up in frilly pink and asking people to donate £2 million for out-dated treatments for cancer. I will be legislating parliament to change our drug laws to free RSO to cure cancer and save millions of lives.’

Join the hundreds of thousands of people who are discovering Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) for themselves by viewing his documentary, Run from the Cure.

Matthew Taylor, prospective MP says “We have all lost loved one’s to the epidemic of cancer, but the testimonies pouring into Rick Simpson’s facebook page has convinced me that RSO cures cancer and I intend to do everything in my power as an MP to legalise hemp and save millions of people doing so.

I’m ‘Getting Ready for 2015’ and invite everyone to follow my progress as I’m elected MP for Brighton Kemptown.

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