ImageSimon Kirby MP for Brighton Kemptown has been attacked by Warren Morgan, leader of Brighton’s Labour  party for proposing a Common’s debate of the Labour Party’s proposed tourism tax.

Speaking during Business Questions at the Commons, Simon Kirby again called on Labour to abandon the policy, having already sent a letter to Labour Leader Ed Miliband asking him too last month.

Simon Kirby admits to meddling in labour party policy by saying “I have sent Brighton postcards to every member of the Shadow Cabinet ahead of their visit to our fantastic city later this month, asking them to rule out a tourism tax in Brighton and Hove. I hope that at least one of them can respond and confirm that the Labour Party will abandon this disastrous policy.”

Accusing Simon Kirby of lying to his constituents, Warren Morgan launches into a scathing assassination of his character by saying, “This is utter nonsense from Simon Kirby; there are no proposals for a tourist tax for Brighton and Hove from Labour, and indeed we’d oppose any such move by the Greens or Tories. It is just an attempt by him to distract attention from the half a million people now reliant on food-banks, the million workers now on “zero hour” contracts, and the fact that over the life of this Tory government people will be £6,600 worse off.”


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