ImageSimon Kirby MP for Brighton Kemptown has again demonstrated his lack of moral judgement by publicly defending Ian Duncan Smith, the embattled Work and Pensions Secretary.

Tweeting he says, ‘IDS confirms that many Brighton & Peacehaven people & 3.1 million households will have a higher entitlement as a result of Universal Credit.’

This on the same day that Ian Duncan Smith has come under sustained attack for wasting £34 million of tax payers money, as being ‘Written off’ on an IT system.

In a damning report, the National Audit Office (NAO) said the Department for Work and Pensions has been beset by “weak management, poor governance” and a “fortress mentality”. Going further to predict that Ian Duncan Smith’s flagship universal credit programme will “never result in the billions of pounds of savings it claims.”

Ian Duncan Smith has reacted in the manner which we have come to expect from him, namely to pass the blame onto his civil servants and furiously defend his flagship welfare reform saying “This is not an IT disaster, this will be delivered in time and on budget. I am not and will not be spending a penny more than we originally planned. I hope and believe that with the way that we’ve changed this, we will actually be more efficient in delivering this and save the taxpayer further money.”

Utter rubbish,’ his critics would agree.

A week after sensationally misreading public opinion and voting for war against Syria, Simon Kirby is again ignoring public opinion and backing the criminal and incompetent leadership of Ian Duncan Smith, who like Simon Kirby, demonstrates his unsuitability for public office on a daily basis.

‘To boast that many Brighton & Peacehaven people & 3.1 million households will have a higher entitlement as a result of Universal Credit, is pure fantasy and Tory propaganda,’ says Matthew Taylor, the prospective MP for Brighton Kemptown and Simon Kirby’s main rival in the 2015 general election.

He says, ‘Simon Kirby is lying to his constituents to score browny points from Conservative HQ. Simon Kirby is unfit to be an MP and the quicker he’s voted out the better,’

Matthew Taylor is ‘Getting ready for 2015’ and welcomes anyone with an interest in getting rid of Simon Kirby as the MP for Brighton Kemptown to join him.



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