ImageExtracts from my private diary

Simon Kirby is a very frightened man indeed,” is a masterpiece of investigative journalism delivered at the end of a week Simon Kirby would rather forget, if I may say so myself.

I managed to attack his (Simon Kirby (SB)) every move, action and press release.

  • Monday – SB accused of Murder was based on David Joe Neilsons (DJN) parliament complaint against him.
  • Tuesday – SB votes for War, exposing the fact he voted for war against Syria.

And come Friday night, I found the cherry on the cake, when I stumbled across ‘Notes from a Broken Society’ blog saying ‘SB is a very frightened man indeed’. It was the perfect blog/attack to finish of the week.

“I can smell blood and intent to go for his jugular, not because I’m a psychopath but because I have a duty to protect my children from a world ruled by criminals,” was my favourite quote of the week.

Another reason to be cheerful was that the stats broke new records. I had broken the 900 mark and well on the way to my first thousand.

I’m confident I inflicted a PR blow against SB. He remained silent all weekend.

As my friend said “He would be very happy with you.”

Understatement of the week!


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