Four candidates for Brighton’s Kemptown constituency have declared their intention to run in the expected 2015 general election.

The race is on.

So far Simon Kirby has confirmed he will be seeking approval from the people of Brighton and Kemptown to retain the Brighton Kemptown seat he won in 2010.

While Nancy Platts and her team have been busy delivering across the constituency, declaring herself as Labour’s candidate.

Davy Jones from the Green Party blogs of his intention to stand.

The only independent candidate to declare yet is Matthew Taylor from the SOS Party.

The Liberal Democrats and the UKIP party which have yet to declare a candidate.

The candidates.

Simon Kirby won Brighton’s Kemptown constituency in 2010 with a narrow 3.8% margin. Labour’s Simon Burgess came second, while the Liberal Democrats came third and the Green party fourth.

Nancy Platts who lost the battle for Brighton Pavilion seat against the Green Party’s first ever MP Caroline Lucas, is trying her luck for a second time in Brighton Kemptown.

Davy Jones hopes to capitalise on the fame of Caroline Lucas by beating both the Conservative and Labour candidates on the issues of the Bedroom Tax, Zero hour contracts, Fracking and the Rail re-nationalisation.

Matthew Taylor, the only independent candidate to declare, is fighting on an anti-corruption platform, as he did during the 2012 Police and Crime Commissioner election.

Who will win?

Political commentators believe Simon Kirby’s margin is simply too small to save. Its with this in mind that Nancy Platts is the front-runner. Though its everything to play for. Matthew Taylor believes his anti-corruption stance is enough to convince the electorate he’s the best person for the job, while Davy Jones is trusting his green credentials will be enough to get his deposit back.

Only time will tell.



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