Mr. Matthew Taylor PMP

SOS Party Head Quarters

Simon Kirby MP

House of Commons

London SW1 0AA

Thursday 19 September 2013

Dear Simon Kirby,

As you know it is my intention to run against you in the expected 2015 general election. Mr. David Joe Neilson is also standing for the Libertarian Party.

I and Mr. David Joe Neilson have been appointed by the family of Katrina Taylor to head the Campaign for Justice for Katrina Taylor with the aim of reopening her murder case.

We want a meeting with you ASAP to discuss and report other crimes to you, so they are on record.

I’m sure you’re fully aware that Sussex police will not let Mr. David Joe Neilson report major crimes, some that have been proven in civil court actions. Sussex Police are denying Mr. David Joe Neilson rights under the Criminal Justice Act to report crimes. All the crimes will be laid out in front of you with evidence. At that time you will be able to explain why all you have done is write letters with no substance.

I believe Mr. Neilson is in extreme physical danger from Sussex police and criminals working in partnership with Sussex police. If for any reason Sussex police arrest or grab Mr. David Joe Neilson, I believe he would die in their custody.

As we are both constituents, (as are most members of the family of Katrina Taylor), of the Brighton Kemptown constituency, we require, ourselves and members of the Katrina Taylor family a private or public meeting with you. And I’m sure you will have no problems with the meeting being videoed to ensure no misunderstanding.

We require this meeting ASAP.

Yours Sincerely,

Matthew Taylor PMP

PPS. Copied to members of Katrina Taylor’s family and media.


Mr Kirby’s reply.

Kirby's reply


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