ImageMatthew Taylor, the prospective Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown has published an open letter to Brighton Kemptown’s serving MP Simon Kirby, asking for a meeting to discuss the Katrina Taylor murder case of 1996.

Katrina Taylor was murdered in Brighton and even though her killers were arrested and tried, they have since seen their convictions squashed and are now free.

Alarmingly, the killers of Katrina Taylor have received more in publicly funded compensation than the family of Katrina Taylor.

Matthew Taylor, who has been named as a representative of Katrina Taylor’s family, along-side anti-corruption crusader David Joe Neilson, insists there is an on-going police and local government cover up of Katrina Taylor’s murder.

He cites as examples:

A Wikipedia entry of Katrina Taylor’s murder as an ‘unsolved case’ has been removed by person(s) unknown. See here.

Court transcripts of the Katrina Taylor’s trial have been destroyed by the firm paid to archive court transcripts.

A seven foot high fence has been illegally erected to obscure incriminating evidence of Sussex Police’s involvement in her murder cover up, outside ‘The Murder House,’ owned and occupied by David Joe Neilson. See here.

Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, continues to ignore the question, ‘Is Katrina Taylor’s murder case, open or closed?’, asked by New Funk Radio’s host Jim Murphy, who has since started a petition calling for an investigation into Sussex Police’s handling of her murder investigation. See here.

Questions from Katrina Taylor’s mother continue to remain unanswered such as:

Why were we (Katrina Taylor’s family) not allowed to her retrial at the Old Bailey?

Why were Simon and Neisha Williams allowed to turn Queen’s evidence half way through the case?

Why was Katrina Taylor’s inquest held without anyone knowing about it?

The open letter which can be read in its entirety on Matthew Taylor’s election campaign website ‘’ warns Simon Kirby MP in no uncertain terms:

“I believe Mr. Neilson is in extreme physical danger from Sussex police and contractors working in partnership with Sussex police. If for any reason Sussex police arrest or grab Mr. David Joe Neilson, I believe he would die in their custody.”

Simon Kirby MP has yet to respond.



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