Extracts from my private diary

ImageWhat’s up with Nancy Platts? No wonder she’s keeping out of it. She’s benefiting from my character assassination of Simon Kirby. His majority is 3.8% and she knows that my hard work is paying of in her favour.

I’ve asked Mark Tyler to email her about what she’ll do about police corruption but as of yet she hasn’t replied.

I must remind the voter that it is I, who’s putting in the time and effort to hold Simon Kirby to account (and find him wanting.)

As Every Civil Servant should be held account to…

I’m doing all the hard-work and she’s reaping the benefit.

Fantastic response to Is Simon Kirby a Freemason article and the follow-up, Supporters Rally round embattled MP.

Blackcherry threatened to make it his/her mission to personally track me down in a dark car park and show me what it means to be a Shaman.

(Knowing Simon Kirby’s friends; I don’t know if he/she wants to beat me up or suck my cock!)

ToryBoy said I’ll embarrass myself by getting about 50 votes from all the street drinkers in Brighton, who are probably my mates!! Oh so bitter sweet that not only are all the street drinkers my mates, they are my family! Literally. My sister and two nieces are street drinkers who sleep on the streets and yes my sister’s girlfriend died sleeping in a shop entrance on Boxing Day night. What ToryBoy is yet to appreciate about me is that- fuck yes, I intend to get all the street drinkers registered so they can vote for me. As he says, 50 votes are 50 votes I’m guaranteed!

God I love playing Politics!


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