ImageIn the week that saw his Disabled Blue Parking Badge private members Bill become Law, Simon Kirby has been personally promoted by the Prime Minister, David Cameron into the higher echelons of Conservative power.

He’s one of us now.

Exclusively reported by the GScene, Simon Kirby has been appointed as Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, under Hugh Robertson MP, whom Simon had previously worked under while at the Culture, Media and Sport department.

Simon Kirby, the unofficial minister for LBGT rights, is now perfectly placed to influence world affairs to ensure LBGT rights across the world are honoured and respected.

Simon Kirby says, “Constituents regularly contact me with foreign affairs concerns, for example LGBT rights in Russia and our relationship with the EU. I am pleased that I will now be able to represent my constituents in these matters from a position of influence within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.”

Tory Boy Pin-Up.

Simon Kirby is well on his way to becoming a Tory boy pin-up as the Tory with a quiff.

Setting Tweeter alight following his appearance at PMQ’s today, Tweets came flooding in about his Teddy Boy styled quiff. One Tweet even asking whether his quiff has it own Twitter account?


Here are some other witty tweets about Simon Kirby’s quiff.




With his reputation at stake over the pending decision, yet to be made by David Cameron, as to whether Brighton’s Royal Sussex hospital gets it’s promised £420 million investment, Simon Kirby’s needs a winner.

His latest campaign is to improve the conditions of the Brighton to London First Group rail service.

A hit amongst commuters, Simon Kirby’s meeting with representatives from First Group, where he passed on his constituents’ serious grievances over the standard of service, i.e, dirty carriages, overcrowding and frequent delays, has been widely received by the public and should give a much needed boost to his campaign and credibility.

As one tweet sums up, “Well done @SimonKirbyMP for saying what needs to be said about @FirstCC.”




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