Simon Kirby’s cosy relationship with David Cameron and his inner circle of friends, has come to an tragic end, following a ‘Dear John’ letter from David Cameron, published on the MP’s website.

Letter to Simon Kirby from David Cameron


David Cameron writes:

“You will understand that it is important that the trust can demonstrate the scheme’s affordability as part of the review and that there is a clear case for quality improvement in the health and care services for patients. I have been informed that an approval decision is expected shortly.”

Meaning they can’t afford the £420 million any longer and that the funds have been spent on something else.

Simon Kirby’s reputation would lie in tatters, having staked his reputation on securing the £420 million investment for the Royal Sussex County Hospital, after delivering a 1000 signature petition to the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, if it wasn’t for a life-line thrown to him by David Cameron.

Promoted as the government’s unofficial LGBT minister, Simon Kirby has been appointed a more senior position as Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, where he is ideally placed to promote LGBT issues across the world.

Simon Kirby says:

“Constituents regularly contact me with foreign affairs concerns, for example LGBT rights in Russia and our relationship with the EU. I am pleased that I will now be able to represent my constituents in these matters from a position of influence within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.”

KARMA: What goes around comes around.

Matthew Taylor (PMP), independent Prospective Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown, and Labour Nancy Platt’s main rival to win the seat from Simon Kirby, has also published a reply from Simon Kirby to his request for a meeting to discuss the on-going issues relating to David Joe Neilson and the murder cover- up of Katrina Taylor in 1996. See here.

Letter to Matthew Taylor from Simon Kirby

“Whilst I am always happy to meet constituents, the matter you wish to raise with me has been looked into, at length, in the past.

I have written to the Home Office and the Independent Police Complaint’s Commission on a number of occasions about the case and Mr Neilson has met with my staff, shortly after I was elected.

Therefore, given I have 90,000 constituents in the Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven constituency, and I have tried my level best to help, I am not able to agree to a meeting. I am sorry to send you a disappointing reply.

Simon Kirby MP

Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven.

P.S. You can follow me on Twitter @SimonKirbyMP or find me at”

Simon Kirby isn’t as half sorry as David Joe Neilson is now.

As a direct result of being ignored by Simon Kirby MP, and Katy Bourne SPCC (who was sent a similar letter see here), David Joe Neilson was viciously attacked at his home and left for dead.

Mr Neilson’s injuries.

Read the shocking news here.

Holding Simon Kirby MP and Katy Bourne SPCC directly responsible for the attack on Mr Neilson, Matthew Taylor says:

“Both Simon Kirby and Katy Bourne talk about working for their constituents and the victims of crime but when the opportunity arose to help a disabled OAP in trouble, they turn their backs and ignore him. I wrote to both Simon Kirby and Katy Bourne with grave concerns that a murder witnesses life was in danger. Because they both choose to ignore me, David Joe Neilson was subsequently attacked as I feared he would be. They have failed in your duties as MP and Police and Crime Commissioner and I call for their immediate resignations. Simon Kirby is not fit to be MP and Katy Bourne is not fit to be SPCC. And come to think of it, David Cameron isn’t fit to be PM.”



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