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I first meet David Joe Neilson in April 2012, after I declared my candidacy for Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner. He sent an email asking what I would do about police corruption if elected and I answered I’d stamp it out if I found it.

Since then David has acted as my deputy and campaign manager. As a disabled pensioner who suffers from Fibromyalgia, he doesn’t get around as much as he wants to. I have found him to process a smart mind, with cutting edge ideas. He’s a credible witness in the Katrina Taylor murder case and a valued member of my team.

As a Man of the People, I’ve talked the talk and walked the walk. Since the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner elections, David and I created the Federation of Shadow Police and Crime Commissioners. In our capacities as Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioners, we deliver an added level of public scrutiny that Katy Bourne is not otherwise getting. The Federation of Shadow Police and Crime Commissioners hold elected Police and Crime Commissioners to account, while Police and Crime Panels remain critical friends.

As a Man of the People, I am the only candidate for Brighton Kemptown to even acknowledge the existence of police corruption.

In a letter to Simon Kirby in which I voiced my concerns that David’s life was in danger, he replied, “I have 90,000 constituents in the Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven constituency, and I have tried my level best to help, I am not able to agree to a meeting. I am sorry to send you a disappointing reply.”

Nancy Platts remains to answer any questions about police corruption.

I am the only candidate to bring you this shocking story.


Mr. David Neilson, a murder witness in the Katrina Taylor murder case has been attacked and left for dead.

On FRIDAY 20 September at 5.30 PM, disabled pensioner Mr. David Neilson was attacked as he went out to check his caravan outside his home on Southcoast Road in Peacehaven, Brighton.

Obscured by a 1.8m high fence, running down the length of his property, illegally put up while he was out of the country on business, (authorised by Ian Kedge, Environmental Health Officer from Lewes Council), David was unable to see what was making a noise outside.

Left for Dead.

Image“I heard a noise at the back of my flat and thought I had left my caravan unlocked. Going out I found it was locked, but I unlocked it to see where the noise had come from. Just as I opened the door I heard a noise behind me, as I turned around I was struck in the right eye three times blinding me. He punched me to my body before falling into my caravan. I was I think semi conscious. The man said “that’s from Brotherton don’t waste your time calling the police”. I must have passed out.”

David is a thorn in the side of Sussex Police and local government, having crusaded against police and government corruption for the last 25 years. This vicious attack on a disabled pensioner is but the latest in a long line of attacks he has suffered over the years.

Attacks include:

  • Attacked by gang-land criminals in his own home, where upon calling the police for help, the police arrested Mr. David Neilson and allowed his attackers to leave unquestioned and unmentioned.
  • Harassed and threatened by local government officials and police under the Harassment Act David proved he was innocence under the Harassment Act, and won damages in a Civil court. The Law of the letter says anyone exposing corruption is allowed to write letters asking answers to serious questions.
  • Never at anytime was he afforded any victim rights or assistance.

Disabled Pensioner left to die in his own excrement and urine.

David continues his harrowing account of the attack, “I don’t know for how long I made it back in to my flat which I had left unlocked. Getting inside I collapsed on my bed, coming to around about 2 am. I had wet and crapped myself. I was in extreme pain and to frightened to call the Police. I did the best with my eye which was still bleeding then cleaned myself up taking pain killers and sleeping tablets I went back to bed.

“Frightened to call the Police”.

Too frightened to call the police? Can you believe this? I know its true in other cases too because other victims also contacted me while I was a Police and Crime Commissioner candidate.

People are too frightened to call the police, that’s how bad it is. As a Man of the People, I’m doing something about it.

Mr. David Neilson – The Invisible Man.

A disabled pensioner left to fend for himself, too frightened to ring the police for help. This is the damning reality of what happens to a man standing up for justice. Since exposing police and local government corruption, David has seen his world turned up-side down.

  • He suffers Fibromyalgia due to the stress of being a victim of corruption.
  • Unable to report serious crime to the police.
  • Social Services provide help until a point comes where-after the help ends suddenly and for no apparent reason.
  • Local charities such as AgeUK have abandoned him.
  • Local PCSO’s shun him.
  • Local resident’s shun him.
  • Solicitors provide help until a certain point, where-after their help ends with no apparent reason.

For all intent and purposes David is an invisible man which no one sees, no one cares about, takes notice off or are bothered to engage with. He knows more than anyone what they (the dark forces at work in Sussex) have planned.

He says, “They’re waiting for me to die.”

It looks like they are tired of waiting!

David continues, “Coming to later that day I found a cut on my back and both knees where cut, the sight in my eye was OK. Looking back I believe the blows to this eye were done to blind me. The man was hidden behind the new fence.”

The new 1.8m high fence in question as pictured above, is the latest in a long line of incidents which abuse David human rights and further excludes and hides him from public life.

The Fence nearly Killed him.

ImageAgainst all planning permission and against his consent, a 1.8m high wooden fence was erected, to cover up the information of police corruption David has legally put up on his property. Sign Stolen.

The sign ‘THE MURDER HOUSE‘ was removed and stolen. It’s website link to a public letter to Katy Bourne, SPCC asking for a public meeting to put on record the crimes and cover-ups of Sussex police and local government officials.Image

The Katrina Taylor Murder Cover-up continues.

ImageThe Katrina Taylor murder cover-up has been further exposed by Jim Murphy, a DJ on New Funk Radio, a current affairs internet based station broadcasting to more than 12,000 people world-wide. Having started his own investigation into Katrina Taylor’s murder, having read the signs on The Murder House, Jim Murphy started a petition calling for an investigation into Sussex Police’s handling of the Katrina Murder case. It can only be reasoned that the fence was erected as a result of Jim Murphy’s investigation and to stifle any further public interest.

So far Jim Murphy’s investigation has uncovered startling new evidence of an on-going cover-up.

  • The Katrina Taylor court transcripts have been destroyed by the very company paid to archive court transcripts.
  • Sussex Police and Katy Bourne, Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner continue to evade answering any questions about Katrina Taylor’s case.
  • Mr Bevan, QC for the prosecution vouched for the ‘good character’ of Katrina Taylor’s killers.
  • David, as the main witness in her murder case has been attacked and left for dead.

Who is Brotherton?

Who are the ‘Dark Forces’ at work in Sussex? Who would attack a disabled pensioner?

Are they Sussex Police officers or contractors attached to Sussex Police? David alleges Sussex Police are in the pocket of a crime-lord called Mark Slade, based in Hastings but now thought to be somewhere in Bulgaria.

ImageMark Slade operated a number of security companies which acted as a front for drug dealing, credit fraud, theft and a variety of other serious crimes. Alarm bells should have sounded when looking at the names he used for his companies. Names such as Grim Limited, Grab-It Limited, Pure Profit Limited, Deadly Limited And F.U. Bigot Limited.

His crimes were so unique Parliament had to change the Laws to stop him. An amendment to the Theft Act 1968, was made in 1996 to outlaw the offence of ‘Obtaining a money transfer by deception’. Essentially he seized property owned by other people, using legal means through British courts, by repossessing flats for non-payment of nominal ground rents – usually of only around £50. The legal owners were powerless to stop him and Mark Slade went on to amass a multi-million pound fortune by repeating his scam on thousands of victims.

The Guardian newspaper reported on this and can be read further here.

This is not the first time David has been attacked by members of Mark Slade’s gang. After the murder of Katrina Taylor, he was was attacked in-side his flat, but bizarrely, Sussex Police arrested him instead of the thugs who attacked him. This sums up everything he’s been through. This vicious attack is the latest in a long line of attacks and if it wasn’t for a me protecting him, (Taylor: Man of the People), David would be dead now.

Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner held ‘personally’ responsible.

ImageThe vicious attack follows hot on the heels of an open letter I sent to Katy Bourne, in my capacity as Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner. I requested a meeting to discuss David’s circumstances and the continuing cover-up of Katrina Taylor’s murder. The letter in it’s entirety can be read here, but the pertinent part is:

“I believe Mr. Neilson is in extreme physical danger from Sussex police and contractors working in partnership with Sussex police. If for any reason Sussex police arrest or grab Mr. David Joe Neilson, I believe he would die in their custody. If either Mr. David Joe Neilson, I or members of Katrina Taylor’s come under any form of threats, I will hold you directly responsible.”


Or perhaps Friends of Simon Kirby MP did it?

Following the article ‘Is Simon Kirby MP a Freemason’, a veiled threat of violence was made against him from a supporter of Simon Kirby.

BlackCherry from Brighton, ranked a Shaman on the political UK debate forum posted a reply to a thread threatening, “I’ll make it my mission to personally track you down in a dark car park and show me what it means to be a Shaman.”

The Murder House is the White Elephant in Sussex.

ImageDavid labelled his property ‘The Murder House’ because it was the up-stairs flat that the killers of Katrina Taylor returned to that night over 17 years ago. It was David who reported the information to police that pointed to her killers and where the murder weapon was hidden and recovered.

For 24 hours he was held up as a model citizen and a hero for solving the case. With-in days the elation of helping the police crack a murder case was replaced with horror as the police turned against him and his life turned up-side down.

Who cares?

The bottom line is that a disabled pensioner is being denied his human rights and left to die.

No one has helped this man. Simon Kirby says NO and Nancy Platts IGNORES him.

Brighton, Kemptown and Peacehaven would be MAD to vote for either of them.

Only I helped David, because that’s just the way I am. I’m a very nice person. I am a Man of the People. When energy prices go up, I feel it in my pocket, like you. I send my children to my local state school and I work hard with the teachers to make it the best school for my children, like you. When a neighbour needs help, I come to the rescue like you.

I’m a Man of the People, not a millionaire sitting in his Ivory Tower.


A Sussex Police officer PC Anna Batchelor, has visited David to ask for a statement with reference to this attack.

David was laid low at the time with a bad dose of Fibromyalgia and said he was more interested in having the fence removed rather than giving a statement.

“I’m not here about the fence,” PC Batchelor replied.

She went on to explain she’ll be away on a fortnights holiday and will be in touch soon.

Notice at no time did PC Batchelor offer any Victim Support or counselling.

This is typical of Sussex Police and the injustice David has suffered for the last 25 years.

Sussex Police, Katy Bourne, Age UK, Social Services, The Evening Argus, Nancy Platts and Simon Kirby have done nothing to HELP THIS MAN!

I have. Will you? 

This is a party election broadcast on behalf of Taylor: Man of the People, Leader of the SOS Party.

Please Donate to my election campaign.


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