Matt Taylor, the Prospective Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has named two Lewes District Council environmental officers in connection with corruption and murder conspiracy.

The damning allegations comes days after Matt Taylor, acting in his capacity as Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, delivered a damning verdict on Katy Bourne’s first year in office amid calls for a public inquiry into Sussex Police’s handling of both Gary Reynolds case and Katrina Taylor’s murder investigation.

Matt Taylor has this to say, “I’m standing on an anti-corruption platform because the people of Brighton, are telling me corruption is epidemic in Sussex Police force and local government.

Unlike the other candidates, namely Simon Kirby from the Nasty Party and Nancy Platts from the Labour Party, who deny the evidence and believe Sussex police is a good police force, doing good work; I beg to differ and intend to do something about it

Brighton Kemptown 2015 Candidates

Unlike them, I listen to all the constituents in Brighton Kemptown. Unlike them I am not scared to go where others fear to tread and unlike them, I’m a man of the people who understand the worries and fears of Brighton’s constituency. I’m ready to tackle corruption where-ever I find it and willing to put my reputation on the line to support every constituent in Brighton, Kemptown and Peacehaven, without fear.

It is with this in mind that I name these people, having understood and appreciate the allegations I am making are very serious and detrimental to the named career’s and future’s.

So with no further ado, I name Lewes District council environment officers, Mr Tim Albright and Mr Ian Kedge as accessories in council corruption and murder conspiracy involving a known criminal Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc and A.P Brotherton, the leaseholder of the top flat of 318 South coast Road, Peacehaven.

I do this in full support of David Neilson, who has campaigned for decades that a cover-up of Katrina Taylor’s murder in 1996 was orchestrated to protect a known criminal called Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc, who is alleged to have Sussex Police on his payroll.

Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc King of the SlumsMore about Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc in this Guardian Newspaper article titled, King of the Slums.

David Neilson is pressing charges against Tim Albright and Ian Kedge under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 section 51-witness intimidation and under the Protection from Harassment act 1997.

David Neilson contends that:

  • John Crawford. K. Knight. R. Harries. Ann De Vecchi. Councillor David Rogers, Ex Council Leader Norman Baker, Mp Insp. M. Preddy and other persons within Lewes District Council not yet named, intimidated Mr Neilson, in conjunction with Sussex police to pervert the course of justice over council corruption and other crimes.
  • Rolf Harries. John Crawford, K. Knight with the full knowable of council members fraudulently attempted to coax Mr Neilson and his neighbour Mr Cox, to form a Company to buy the freehold of our building from The Crown Estate with an impostor Marcel Sulc aka Mark Slade with full knowledge that he was a known criminal who had no legal connection with the building.
  • Failed to act over Landlord & Tenant Offences committed by Winton Investments.
  • Covered up criminal offences committed by Winton Investments and other persons.
  • Lied to Councillors over being harassed.
  • The council has a fraudulent local land charge on our building of an approximate amount of £27,000.

He goes on further to state, “A full investigation into Lewes District Council is required by an outside Police Force as members of Sussex Police Authority are known to have tried to stop my civil legal against Winton investments of harassment and attempted murder, which I won and proved in court. After the case, I tried to report this plus other crimes to the then area Commander C. Pople of Sussex Police, who refused to see me. A full investigation in to Winton Investments is required and all the criminal actives surrounding the freehold of 318 South Coast road Peacehaven.”

The Fence of death.

The Fence of DeathMr Ian Kedge authorized the erection of a 1.8 meter high fence, costing thousands of pounds to the taxpayer, to hide slogan’s painted on David Neilson’s property which promote websites which expose corruption which David Neilson has exposed.

As you can read in Mr Kedge’s response to Mr Neilson’s letter asking why a 1.8 meter high fence, against all planning permissions, and which greatly effects Mr Nielson’s safety, has been put up outside his house, hiding him from public view?

Mr Kedge responds:

murder house“The District Council has received a number of complaints about the condition of the above-mentioned property. In particular, the public’s complaints focused on the unsightly daubing of the property with red lettering and signs relating to an alleged murder. The complainants were concerned that the area was being made to look scruffy and an eyesore.

In response, the District Council, working with the landowner, the Town Council and the local Police, have erected a fence on the neighbouring property in an attempt to tidy the area.

murder house 02The fence is 1.8 m high and is not located adjacent to the highway , therefore is considered permitted development and does not require planning permission. The police have not raised any concerns that the fence poses a security threat and fencing at properties is very common in this locality. Indeed, additional fencing might be thought to add to the security of the property and, rather than restricting insurance cover, may well enhance cover through lower premiums by restricting unauthorised access to the flat.”

David Neilson was angered to read that Mr Kedge refers to the signs as “an alleged murder.” This hurtful comment says a lot about Mr Kedge and his empathy towards a 19 year old woman called Katrina Taylor, who tragically was definitely murdered on 4th July 1996 in Brighton. This isn’t alleged, its fact.

DIGITAL CAMERAMr Kedge mentions further in his letter that the attack on Mr Neilson, of which his attacker used the fence as cover, has been referred to the same police force, which Mr Neilson is too frightened to approach because of the corruption within the force.

Officials named and shamed.

The wrap sheet is clear and unambiguous. Mr Tim Albright and Mr Ian Kedge are charged with:

  • Criminal conspiracy cover up for Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc’s part in the murder of Katrina Taylor.
  • Covering up Fraud committed by Lewes District Council.
  • Harassment and intimidation of a disabled person to cause him maximum distress.
  • Criminal conspiracy with Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc and a P. Brotherton a the leaseholder top flat 318.
  • Criminal conspiracy cover up mayor crimes dating from 1988 committed by Lewes District Council against Mr D. Neilson and Mr B. Cox.
  • Criminal Misfeasance in public office.
  • Misfeasance in public office.
  • Malicious falsehood.
  • Abuse of powers as environmental health officers.
  • Corruption in public office.
  • Intimidation of Mr D. Neilson to pervert the course of justice over council corruption and other crimes.
  • Criminal conspiracy Witness intimidation with John Crawford. K. Knight. R. Harries. Ann De Vecchi. Councillor David O. Rogers. Ex Council Leader Norman Baker Mp, Ken Bodfish, Des Turner MP, Simon Burgess, Joe Edwards.

38 degreeMatt Taylor, who has confirmed he will be attending the 38 Degrees Gagging Law meeting at St Mary’s Church in Kemptown on the 9th of January 2014 from 8pm-9.30pm, said “As the Prospective Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown, I publically declare my support of David Neilson in his endeavour to bring charges against Mr Tim Albright and Mr Ian Kedge and further-more put my reputation on the line to support his claims of police and local government corruption epidemic through-out Sussex. I am a Man of the People and will represent every voter in my constituency, without fear. Sussex deserves better than what we are presently getting. Vote for me in 2015.”



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