Katy Bourne has served her first full year in office as Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner. An impressive title, much like a gangster/political role!

I joke, only because Boardwalk Empire is a TV favourite in the Bourne house-hold.

Much like the Queen who gets to celebrate two birthdays, so does Katy Bourne, as November 15th is celebrated as the day she was elected and November 22nd is celebrated as the day she started work.

Katy Bourne’s dream comes true.

You can imagine Katy Bourne dreaming of power back in her Roedean private school class elections, wishing one day she’ll be winning an election as a Conservative MP. In 2009 she was amongst six people hoping to be selected as a Suffolk MP candidate, but she wasn’t picked. Only three years later she bounced back to beat the hot favourite Peter Jones, the leader of East Sussex County Council, to be the Conservative candidate and thus the favourite to be voted Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner

Walking the Boardwalk of part gangster and part politician, her selection wasn’t without controversy. Of-course it’s all water under the bridge now, but in the spirit of her anniversary I’ll remind you that Sam Chapman from TopoftheCops website, who did a fantastic job of promoting the PCC elections, ran a story that the choice of the venues to vote for the candidates, were loaded in favour of Katy Bourne and not Peter Jones. A phone call here and there, praise from influential friends and a few favours pulled; it wouldn’t have been a difficult job to get Katy Bourne elected. You could even argue she was ear-marked for the role.

As she proudly proclaims during her webcast to mark her first year anniversary.

“OK let’s get this straight for a start. My role is a political role, I am a politician and anyone who tells you they are independent of politics is selling you a mistruth. Nobody is independent of politics. My role is political because I have to make big decisions around taxing and spending on political issues.”

She wants more, even before finishing what she has.

Katy Bourne has already declared her intention to run for a second term in office in May 2016. No doubt she’ll love to run for a third, fourth and fifth time, but is legally bond to only serve two terms.

Who blames her? In these times of stringent and biting austerity cuts, its good to have a job which pays £85,000 a year and comes with a team of eight people to do all the work for you.

As Katy Bourne points out, “I’m comfortable with the salary set. It is a good salary. It’s quite significant.”

“My role is a lot bigger than the Police Authorities ever was!”

Katy Bourne defends her salary and the fact that her office costs more than the Police Authority, which she was brought into replace.

“A year on I think we need to move this debate on from comparing apples with pears because my role is much bigger than the Police Authorities was.”

“The role is a significant role. It’s not just about me holding the police to account and writing a police plan and responsible for the budget of policing across Sussex and making sure the public are represented.

I have a whole other range of duties as well, far in and above what the Police Authority ever did.

  • I’m responsible for all the funding to the Community Safety Partnerships across Sussex.

  • Making big decisions on how much they get.

  • Holding them to account.

  • Making sure the money is properly spent.

  • Funding of Victim services across Sussex

  • Responsible for the Restorative funding too.”

In fact Katy Bourne is so comfortable; she’s willing to save the taxpayer even more money by not claiming for expenses or any other allowances.

“To really reassure the public that I know there has been a lot of controversy over the size of the salaries, I don’t claim any additional claims or expenses. Initially I thought actually I won’t claim for anything I do inside Sussex but recently I took the decision that if I was going to do this; don’t claim at all. So I won’t do for the reminder of my office until 2016. I won’t claim any travel, allowance, any expenses. I just take my salary and I intend to work very hard to try and gain the trust of the public and show them that I am absolutely on their side, working hard for Sussex and trying to keep us all safe.”

“A personal decision and one I made.”

But the big question and yet to be asked?

What impact has Katy Bourne made?

To answer this important question, let me remind you what journalist Peter Truman wrote in Brighton’s Evening Argus on Thursday, 3 October 2013.


Just one head-line of many which paints a truly shocking state of affairs which Sussex Police finds itself in, one year since Katy Bourne took office.

  • Police morale at rock bottom.
  • Officers left exhausted after £4m Balcombe protests.
  • Chief Constable Martin Richards forced to defend the cost in the face of the plummeting number of officers and low morale.
  • The force has seen a reduction in officers of 300 since October 2010.
  • Sussex Police recently recorded one of the biggest rises in response times in the country.
  • Police Union warns that policy was not just dangerous but a false economy.
  • Officers are driving from commitment to commitment to commitment without breaks.
  • The Chief Constable admits “times were tough” and that everyone was “feeling the pinch”.
  • “The reality is that there are not enough of us left to provide the public with the quality service they deserve,” confesses police officer.
  • Balcombe saw 12 hour shifts become “the norm” and neighbourhood policing “abandoned”.
  • Police officers suddenly finding themselves in the spotlight policing the Cuadrilla site.
  • Uncertainty over worries such as transport and childcare costs.
  • Three sergeants resigned and lured away by the private sector.
  • Morale affected by a freeze on promotions.
  • Police spin doctors cost as much as 30 PCs.
  • Katy Bourne admits not everyone will be safe in Sussex.
  • Crime will spike.

This is what is happening inside Sussex Police. Stay with me as I show what’s happening to the victims of crime, which Katy Bourne is so vocal towards and who more importantly, holds the purse-strings for.


After a year of silence, Katy Bourne used the webcast on her first year anniversary to finally address corruption within Sussex police force. Having sent in ten questions, Clarrissa Hawthorne, Katy Bourne’s Communications Manager, choose to read out the fourth question as an ice-breaker:

Do you still talk to Steve Waight? And will you be sending him a Christmas card?

To which Katy Bourne politely said yes and thanked me for sending in the question. Clarrissa then skipped the first question, “Can you confirm now; whether Katrina Taylor’s murder case is open or closed?” and asked the second-

In light of the Pleb-gate scandal, Hillsborough cover-up, inaction over investigating paedophiles and Theresa May’s new code of conduct for Police officers, do you continue to believe Sussex Police is corrupt free?

“Well it’s been a difficult year for the police nationally and you’ve quite clearly highlighted the reasons why. I sit as a director on the board of the New College of Policing and they’ve just issued a code of ethics for the police to adopt nationally. Its out to public consultation at the moment, so I would urge you Matthew and anyone else watching today to go online on the College of Policing website and fill out the consultation, because its really important that the public actually have a say in this and Sussex police, you know, they do a good job and I don’t think, its always very difficult, no organisation is ever perfect, nobody is ever perfect but I think its important we find those that aren’t and take them away from the situation because Sussex police don’t want the actions of a few to tar the really good work going on out there.”

After a year of asking we have an answer to our question.


“Its always very difficult, no organisation is ever perfect, nobody is ever perfect but I think its important we find those that aren’t and take them away from the situation.”

Let me assure you I’ll be writing to the College of Policing to campaign for a clause to be included in the Codes of Ethics for the Police forces that ensures:

-Any police officer found guilty of breaking any law which they uphold, must serve twice the sentence of a civilian who committed the same crime.-

Unlike Katy Bourne who would remove a corrupt police officer from the situation of being able to commit further corruption into a position where he can’t, just doesn’t cut the mustard.

No wonder Sussex Police is riddled with corruption, when every corrupt police officer is passed from department to department.

Mark Streater

It makes you wonder about her Chief Executive & Monitoring Officer, Mark Streater. He began his career in Sussex Police in 1982, undertaking a broad range of roles including Divisional Commander, Head of Special Branch and Head of Specialist Operations. In 2008, Mark led the first regional collaboration for police forces in the south east, overseeing the creation of the Region’s Serious and Organised Crime Unit and Air Support Unit. He then led the merger of the Surrey & Sussex Major Crime Branch, Forensic Services and Firearms units. In 2011, Mark joined the Metropolitan Police Service, and on promotion to the role of Commander within Specialist Crime and Operations, took charge of ‘Intelligence and Covert Policing’ which included the deployment of surveillance and undercover techniques. In 2012 he became the Commander for Specialist Armed Policing and oversaw the firearms support to the London Olympic Games. In May 2013 Mark was appointed as Chief Executive for the Office of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

Pretty impressive don’t you think, but then again keeping in mind how Sussex police treat their corrupt officers by passing them from one department to another, it makes you wonder?

Katy Bourne is happy with her team and doesn’t need a deputy.

We are only left wondering that if Steve Waight didn’t choose to resign (having been made to feel under-valued,) he would still be in a job which isn’t needed but which is costing the taxpayer £45,000 plus a year to maintain.

“Sussex Police’s corporate communications department has been defended despite a budget that could pay for more than 30 police constables.”


  • Driving down crime.

  • Keeping Sussex safe.

  • Delivering the very best possible police service.

  • Tackling burglary.

  • Road safety.

  • Domestic abuse.

  • Looking after victims- being responsible for victim’s funding across Sussex.

  • Making sure the victims voice is heard – Making victims the centre of everything the police do.

  • Instil public confidence.

  • Put the trust back between public and police.

  • Ensuring Sussex taxpayers get value for money.

  • Collaboration between Sussex and Surrey police forces.


“I can’t promise Sussex will be safe everywhere.”

She admits that not everyone is safe in Sussex. She talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk and it is for this reason I’m calling for her resignation.

Since standing in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in 2012, a number of people contacted me with their stories of police corruption and asked what I would do about it if elected?

My answer is simple, “I’d stamp it out where-ever I find it.”

Only this week I was informed of another example of police incompetence and corruption.

Hi! Matt. How’s this for a story regarding Clacton Police. My 16 yr old grandson and I enjoy constructing and experimenting. I bought a couple of electric fly killers at £1.50 each which we stripped down and tried to make an ignition spark for the BBQ. Reece was staying in care, although I see him every day, and one of the carers found the device in his room and called the police. He was arrested and charged with possessing a prohibited weapon and the Court case is on the 20th Nov. I was so angry I took the one I made to the police station and demanded that they arrest me as well. This they did and I spent a day in solitary while they searched my house. I was able to use the same duty solicitor that Reece was given and it was my plan to defend him at Court by explaining it was my idea. The CPS then told me ‘it was not in the public interest to prosecute me’. The solicitor praised my action and agreed that if Reece was guilty of the offence then so was I and he is in touch with the CPS regarding this, so far I have heard nothing. 

So what is the prohibited weapon which the police describe as a Taser. Visually it looks like a remote control and is powered by the same 2 AA batteries. It produces a very small spark the size of a pin head and would certainly kill a fly.

So the taxpayer has the cost of the solicitor, the time of 2 officers raiding my property and the time spent at the police station including a 40 minute interview.

I spent 14 yrs as a Chief Technician at London University and I enjoy experimenting.

Marconi who played around with lethal electrical experiments at home would not be allowed to do so now if Clacton Police have their way. Regards, BrightonScandal.

Katy Bourne goes beyond incompetence, she’s criminal.

We hear Katy Bourne speak a lot about value for money and accountability.

As she says, “Every business and organisation works far more effectively with effective scrutiny and challenge.”

She says a lot about victims too. Her role means she is in charge of which victim support services are funded. Most recently the Young Witness Service received a £45,000 grant of taxpayers cash. She holds the purse strings to decide what the victims get. David Joe Neilson is a victim of crime, and so is the Katrina Taylor family, but she doesn’t acknowledge “them” as victims because by doing so she must acknowledge police corruption in Sussex police force.

You’ll be amazed by what she said about Gary Reynolds. It blows away any illusion that Katy Bourne is a caring sharing type of person.


Gary Reynolds & his brother

In September 2012 during the run-up to the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in November 2012, Katy Bourne was present at an IPCC meeting in London, when the subject of Gary Reynolds’s case was brought up in conversation.

Gary Reynolds was left paralyzed after a serious head injury from a kick to the head, shortly after being detained by officers in Brighton. He will be wheelchair-dependent and in need of care for the rest of his life.

As an eye witness described it at the time, “Katy Bourne leapt off her seat and in a witches shrill said “Oh….. Are we allowed to talk about this?”

To which IPCC Commissioner, Mike Franklin, shot her down by reminding her that, “Yes, we can talk about it because it is in the public domain.”

IPCC Commissioner, Mike Franklin

Katy Bourne’s true colours shone through later in the meeting when a hypothetical question was put to the panel. ‘What should happen if the police knocked down the wrong door?’ Katy Bourne was the first to pipe up and say, “If you say sorry to them, they can take legal action against us.”

This honest response alone sums up Katy Bourne’s distain for the people she was voted to serve. By referring to “them,” she demonstrates the ‘them and us’ mentality of the perceived nasty Conservative Party, of which she would not be a Police and Crime Commissioner without it’s support.

Its with the news of Gary Reynolds’s £3.8 million payout and her first year anniversary that her words come back to haunt her. Katy Bourne’s disregard for people and victims of crime is at absolute zero.

Katy Bourne is happy to waste taxpayer’s money to settle without having to admit any liability.

By campaigning for an increase in the police tax, she’s defrauding the Sussex taxpayer to cover-up for the crimes and incompetence of her crooked friends in Sussex police.

Its how she treats people that makes her unsuitable for the role. Her deputy, Steve Waight felt so “under-valued” that he resigned only six months into the job.

Anti-police protesters would hold up a banner with the words “Katy Bourne is the Nasty Woman, put in power by the Nasty Party!”

Her contempt is evident in her response to Gary Reynold’s story and her collusion in covering up police corruption.

“Katy Bourne is an insult. She is not fit for office.”


Katy Bourne’s A to Z by Matt Taylor (eBook) – Lulu

Let’s have a look back through her first year.

November 2012


December 2012


January 2013




May 2013


June 2013



July 2013


August 2013


September 2013




October 2013


November 2013




It’s been a very busy year indeed.


Check out part two for more information about Katy Bourne’s first year in office.


  • Katrina Taylor murder cover-up.
  • The terrible attack on David Joe Neilson.
  • Katy Bourne’s Specials.
  • Police Tax increase.
  • Balcombe.
  • Katy on Martin.
  • Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioners.

Katy Bourne’s A to Z by Matt Taylor (eBook) – Lulu

All proceeds go to the Getting Ready for 2015 political campaign.


If you enjoyed reading this and would like this work to continue, please consider supporting me with a donation. Anything you can spare will go towards raising awareness of police corruption and towards my election campaign fund of standing as an independent candidate in the Brighton Kemptown election in 2015. Thank you in advance.


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