ImageMatt Taylor who ran in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections against Katy Bourne in 2012, welcomes the news that Katy Bourne has established a new fund worth £200,000 to support local voluntary and community groups tackle crime and improve community safety.

Katy’s Fund, will support local projects that address the priorities outlined in Commissioner Bourne’s Police and Crime Plan.

The four key priorities of the Police and Crime Plan are:

  • Crime & Community Safety – Reduce the risk of crime per 1000 population
  • Victim Focus – Improve victim satisfaction in the overall experience of the criminal justice system
  • Public Confidence – Increase the reporting of domestic violence and abuse, serious sexual offences, anti-social behaviour and hate crimes
  • Value for Money – Working with Sussex Police and partners to meet the financial challenges ahead whilst delivering Crime & Community Safety, Victim Focus and Public Confidence and identifying opportunities to improve.

Awards of up to £5,000 will be granted for projects that meet the funding criteria following consideration by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and approval by the PCC.

The Funding Criteria must:

  • Actively and directly address the priorities in the Commissioner’s Police & Crime Plan?
  • Help prevent crime and/or increase crime detection?
  • Address specific crime issues affecting young and/or vulnerable people?
  • Reduce the risk of people becoming involved in crime and/or aiding social inclusion?
  • Provide education on community and/or personal safety?
  • Seek to secure funding from other sources?

In exceptional circumstances Commissioner Bourne will also consider requests for funding above £5,000. Funding will be granted quarterly and the first deadline for applications is March 31, 2014.

Commissioner Bourne said: “I welcome applications from all local groups and organisations that can demonstrate how they are tackling the issues in their area that support the priorities set out in my Police and Crime Plan.

These include commissioning initiatives that tackle crime, reduce re-offending and address community priorities such as alcohol, drugs, anti-social behaviour, domestic abuse and road safety.”

Katy’s Fund will not support projects that:

  • Are made on behalf of commercial and profit-making organisations
  • Are based and/or delivered outside Sussex
  • Support general youth provision and/or social activities
  • Require ongoing funding (such as staffing costs) and none has been identified
  • Are a statutory duty of others, such as street lighting or road repair

Bids will be considered by Commissioner Bourne’s office on a quarterly basis with the first round of funding allocated after March 31, 2014.

Commissioner Bourne said “I look forward to receiving the applications.”

More information on the scheme and how to apply is available on the PCC’s website:

Commissioner Bourne signs off by reminding us “Don’t forget, if you do not meet the criteria for the Commissioner’s Community Fund there are other local grants that you can apply for. To make enquiries about other grants available in Sussex please contact the external funding officers at East Sussex County Council, West Sussex County Council and Brighton & Hove City Council.”

Thanks Katy!


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