My Private Diary

Extracts from my personal diary.

I met Simon Kirby for the first time today.

At the Bridge for my weekly meeting with Dusty and guess who walks in, none other than Simon Kirby himself.


Pure Synchronicity because we had just wrapped up our meeting and were at the computer checking out the Google response of tapping ‘simon kirby corruption’ into its search bar. I chose that moment to powder my nose and marvelled at the synchronicity of the moment as I walk through the foyer and see Simon Kirby standing there.

Heart Palpitations and Butterflies.

I surprised myself with the palpitations flooding my body. Nervous excitement mixed with totally shock that just as we were Googling him, he should walk into the building.

But then again, the synchronicity of the moment proves to me that I am on the right track and destined to win the Brighton Kemptown election in 2015.

“Don’t blame me, we not all bad.”

I had to wait a while until he had finished talking before I made my introduction.

“At last we meet Mr Kirby, my name is Matt Taylor,” I said as I shook his hand.

The sheer look of terror in his eyes as he realised who I was; Priceless.

“Go easy on me,” was his first reply and confirmed in a millisecond that my continuing character assassination has been hitting home.

Professor Snape is Simon Kirby MP

“As I keep telling people, I haven’t got a magic wand to make everything aright,” he droned on in that squeaky weird trademark voice of his. He reminded me of Professor Snape in Harry Potter.

I wasn’t having none of it and shut him off in mid-flow, “I bet you say that to everyone,” I said, to which he replied, “no only you.”

Shame on anyone who votes for Simon Kirby in 2015.

Make no mistakes, Simon Kirby is a Nasty piece of work who does the bidding of a Nasty political party. Shame on anyone who voted for him and anyone who plans to vote for him again.

Politics is a People Game, its all about the Numbers.

You best have thick skin in politics and Simon Kirby must have skin like leather to weather the abuse he gets. “I’m new to politics,” I said, “but one thing I’ve come to realise is that politics is all about people,” to which he agreed.

Its Game on. Taylor verses Kirby and I win.


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