Simon Kirby has invited his Brighton Kemptown constituents to a public meeting on Friday the 13th at 8pm at the Moulsecoomb Leisure Centre.

On the day synonymous with bad luck for some and good luck for others, Simon Kirby is coming to the heart-land of Matt Taylor’s political support.

Being a Man of the People, Matt Taylor walks past the Moulsecoomb Leisure Centre daily to drop his kids off at Moulsecoomb Primary School and who uses Lewes Road on a daily basis as his high-way to the outside world.

He says, “I’m delighted Simon Kirby has decided to call this public meeting in my back-yard. The changes to Lewes Road are very close to my heart because I use it on a daily basis. The meeting will offer me the chance to introduce myself as Simon Kirby’s opponent for the Brighton Kemptown 2015 election and discuss my own views of the Lewes Road changes.

I welcome the 20 mph speed limit.

It allows motorists to go slow, without being pressured by the driver behind. The benefit is that as the general traffic is going at a more sedate pace, drivers can join and leave the flow of traffic much more safely, which ultimately reduces road accidents.

I do not welcome the speed cameras.

The 20 mph speed limit can only work on the condition that motorists aren’t penalised for driving at 30 mph. I want speed indicators to replace speed cameras. Flashing motorists who travel at 30-40 mph along a deserted stretch of road and fining them between £35-£70 is morally indefensible and indicative of the Nasty Party which Simon Kirby represents.”

Constructive Discussion.


With 90,000 constituents in the Brighton Kemptown constituency, the race to be it’s MP is wide open and has only just begun. With a margin of only 3.8% Simon Kirby is doomed to lose his seat due to the general malaise towards the policies of the Nasty Party.

With Nancy Platts failing to make any in-roads in the campaign except by appearing on the BBC Sunday Politics to champion free bus travel on the same day as free parking; and not a whisper from Davy Jones from the Green Party; the election is wide open.

Brighton Kemptown 2015 Candidates

As Matt Taylor likes to remind the voters, “Only I am a Man of the People. Political parties have had their day and we need more independent political minds to flood Parliament. This is a national issue and I urge all unsung heroes and heroines of Great Britain to pick up the mantle and declare yourselves independent candidates in the 2015 general election.”

All are Welcome.

As Simon Kirby says, “If you are a constituent who is concerned about changes to Lewes Road then you may wish to attend the public meeting I am hosting on Friday 13th December at 20.00 at the Moulsecoomb Leisure Centre.

It is an important road in Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, and I believe my constituents have a right to have their views heard. I am sure it will be a very constructive discussion.”

Be there or be Square!

Why not come along to Simon Kirby’s meeting from 8 to 9 and then go together to The Lecturn, on Lewes Road to celebrate The Bevy’s Xmas Party!

ImageThe Bevy’s cryptic clue. 

Friday Dec 13th Lucky for some Xmas Party !

Calling all shareholders and supporters !

The Bevy Xmas party  !!

We have some celebrating to do.

Come celebrate our good news on

Friday December 13th 2013 8:00pm at

The Lecturn, Lewes Road, Brighton.



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