Matt Taylor, who is Simon Kirby’s main rival to become MP for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has revealed his plans for a major redevelopment of Moulsecoomb.

ImageFollowing on from the news that:

Kingspan Recycling Site

Matt Taylor says “Moulsecoomb should go all the way, and convert the Kingspan recycling site into a new Moulsecoomb train station.”

He said, “I went to my first public meeting last night (Simon Kirby’s public meeting on Fri 13th) and having heard the resident’s concerns about the changes to Lewes road, I think I have the answer. Moulsecoomb needs a new train station.

Seen in the attached aerial photograph of Moulsecoomb, the Kingspan recycling site depicted in red, shows the rail track running alongside its property and would be the ideal location for a new Moulsecoomb train station, with a direct line into the heart of the city.

Matt Taylor’s Moulsecoomb Redevelopment includes:

  • New Train Station
  • Swimming Pool & Public Baths
  • New Leisure Complex
  • Holistic Health Centre
  • Communal Offices and Shops
  • Affordable Housing for Local Residents

As Matt Taylor argues, “There has already been nearly £250 million pumped into Moulsecoomb, so why not go all the way, and make Moulsecoomb the best place to live in Brighton. We’ve got a state of the art football stadium and archive centre on our doorstep. We have a great University, great schools and a wonderful private health club all within walking distance. Moulsecoomb is bucking the national trend and is opening a pub and the redevelopment of the Preston Barracks, will compliment the £1 million improvements to Lewes Road. Moulsecoomb is on the up and up and we must grab this opportunity with both hands and make the most of the hidden potential on our doorstep.”



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