As posted by Dale Martin on Facebook.

Every time I see the mention of a “safe seat” it makes me cringe at the idiocy that prevails in our society. What is a safe seat? ……

Effectively a safe seat is a constituency where the majority of the voters are so dumb that they are not really too concerned at who is being placed before them as a prospective representative of their constituency, they are more concerned what colour rosette they are wearing.

Give them any old smiling and illusory acceptable face, a reasonably proficient bit part acting orator and they will accept them, hell, even give them a pig with captivating charisma and as long as it has the right coloured rosette which signifies it belongs to their political gang they will take it.

Now surely in a right minded and logical world there should be no such thing as a safe seat, surely every election should be judged on the attributes of the individuals we are voting for in our constituency because if your political gang gets in office, yet at the same time the person you elected to represent your constituency is a mindless lackey to the party and not a go getter for your constituency, then you have just lost tremendously by putting them into office.

What is a safe seat? ……… It is proof positive of the mindless sheep mentality that exists within our society, only sheep would provide a safe seat, right minded individuals would make them all work very hard to obtain it.


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