Simon Kirby is a coward and a sneakSimon Kirby MP for Brighton Kemptown has pulled out of Thursday’s public meeting about the Gagging Law, organised by 38 Degrees in Brighton, in favour of attending a Common’s debate on Rail transport instead.
I’ve tweeted an apology to 38 Degrees and to Brighton Kemptown because I believe I may be to blame. 
My relentless character assassination has obliviously taken its toll.
I’m sorry…
Yours Sincerely,
Matt Taylor (PMP)
Prospective Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown 2015
Getting Ready for 2015
This is a facebook link posted by 38 Degrees which urges people to persuade Simon Kirby to change his mind.

Would it help if I offered a personal apology to Simon Kirby and promise I won’t make a scene?


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