Evil Lives
Is Simon Kirby MP Evil?

We have all been brought up with the belief that Evil persuaded Eve to bite into the forbidden apple and as a consequence condemn Mankind to the horrors of living outside of the impenetrable gates of the Garden of Eden, ever since.

So we know EVIL exists…

Though is it fair to label Simon Kirby and his ilk with the same brush? By the end of this, I trust you will agree with me that, yes indeed, Simon Kirby and the Nasty Party he represents are without doubt, EVIL BEYOND COMPARE.


Is there any other word that best describes the behaviour of Simon Kirby? Lets take a look at his voting record to get a clearer picture of how EVIL he really is.

Simon Kirby voted against £22 million worth of EU funding for food banks. By voting against this vital assistance, Simon Kirby and his ilk, have effectively condemned children to starvation.


Ian Duncan Smith is definitely EVIL

Simon Kirby voted in favour of ATOS, the French company which decides who is fit for work and who isn’t. Effectively ATOS is killing disabled people by stopping their rightful benefits, and leaving them alone and isolated to survive without care and assistance. Thousands have committed suicide as a direct result of ATOS, though you’ll never hear a Cabinet minister admit to that.


Simon Kirby voted in favour of striking Syria, after the alleged use of chemical weapons on civilian populations. Ignoring the mistakes of going to war with Iraq on debatable evidence, Simon Kirby demonstrates his evil streak by voting for action which would have resulted in the death of innocent civilians, including women and children.


simon-kirby-in-pinkSimon Kirby supports the fatal treatment of cancer with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. By urging his constituents to donated money to Breast Cancer Research, he is effectively condemning millions of women to a premature and painful death. Supporting a corrupt pharmaceutical industry, while the wonder drug of Rick Simpson Oil is suppressed, is Evil beyond compare.


Simon Kirby voted in favour of fracking, which has proven to contaminate water supplies in America and Australia. By backing the extraction of a fossil fuel to the detriment of the nation’s water supply and environment, again illustrates the evil intent in Simon Kirby’s heart.


Simon Kirby voted for the Workfare programme which effectively reintroduces slavery into Britain, outlawed since 1833.


Simon Kirby voted in favour of the privatisation of Royal Mail. Effectively stealing state owned utilities and transferring its wealth into the pockets of private individuals.


The Drummer Boy by Chris Spivey.
The Drummer Boy by Chris Spivey.

Simon Kirby voted for anti-terrorism measures based on proven false flag events orchestrated by Evil elements within the British government. The 7/7 terrorist attacks have been proved to be a false flag event by Nick Kollerstrom in his book, Terror on the Tube. Like-wise with the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich, which has been proven to be a false-flag event by Chris Spivey’s article, The Drummer Boy.


Make no mistake about it, Simon Kirby is a loyal lieutenant of the Nasty Party. Recently promoted as Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, he is being groomed for the very top. Is it because of the Evil in his heart, that the Nasty party he represents is so keen to nurture? Me thinks so!

On the influential 1922 committee, Simon Kirby is perfectly placed at the heart of Government to know what goes on and is privy to the Nasty party’s darkest secrets.


childabuse1The Labour MP Tom Watson has alluded to a paedophile ring operating from 10 Downing Street. And he isn’t the first person to do so. I’ve mentioned Chris Spivey before and I’ll mention him again. His tireless investigative work has convinced me that a powerful paedophile network operates in Britain, and is protected by Parliament and Downing Street. If anyone knows about this, Simon Kirby does.

Powerful men have powerful sexual appetites. Simon Kirby is classed in the ‘high risk’ category himself, having to take a yearly HIV test. Of-course he’ll defend this as promotion of the annual World Aids Day, but the Government’s own guide lines make clear that it’s only advisable to take an annual HIV test if you:

  • Share needles/syringes or other equipment for injecting drugs.
  • Have a history of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Have had unprotected sex (vaginal, anal, or oral) with multiple or anonymous partners.

Simon Kirby does live overlooking Brighton’s most notorious cruising hot-spot for gay sex, just saying! It’s interesting to note many Conservative MP’s promoted World Aid’s Day without taking an HIV test.

So I will reiterate, If anyone knows about the crimes perpetrated within the corridors of power, its Simon Kirby.

With 10,000 children going missing from the UK’s care homes per year, the question must be asked. What is happening to our children? Simon Kirby knows. Source.


David Joe Neilson

On a more personal note, I wrote a letter to Simon Kirby in 2013, which voiced my concern for David Joe Neilson, a murder witness in his Peacehaven constituency who I believed was in danger of attack by unseen evil forces. I wrote, “I believe Mr. Neilson is in extreme physical danger from Sussex police and contractors working in partnership with Sussex police. If for any reason Sussex police arrest or grab Mr. David Joe Neilson, I believe he would die in their custody.” I appealed for Simon Kirby’s cooperation in protecting this gentlemen, only to receive a reply saying words to the effect that, “I have 90,000 constituents to deal with and I’ve tried my best with this one and won’t do no more!”

Within 48 hours, David Joe Neilson was attacked and beaten outside his home and left for dead.


As he and his supporters are so keen to remind us, Simon Kirby works hard for his constituency, though Simon Kirby’s definition of ‘Hard-Work’ certainly differs to many others. While Simon Kirby thinks opening village fetes, going to the Bluebell Railway anniversary and commuting up to London is hard-work, the majority of his constituency would beg to differ.

Anyone bothered to count how many times he tweets how ‘hard-working’ he is, may be amazed at the number. I did once and lost count. Its as if he believes that if he repeats a lie often enough, the lie becomes truth.


Simon Kirby demonstrates his dedication to his hard-working constituents by claiming £244.84 for his electricity bill, while being a multi-millionaire.


nasty party 4So I hope you get the point I’m attempting to make. Simon Kirby is EVIL for representing the Nasty Party we know as the Conservative Party.

A Nasty Party which no one voted for and whom only secured power via secret meetings behind closed doors, without a whiff of democratic accountability in the air.


Please don’t vote for the Nasty Party in 2015, be brave and vote for me instead! The Country depends on you to do the right thing…


4 thoughts on “IS SIMON KIRBY MP EVIL?

  1. I went to school with Simon. Nice lad but when I found out he had been appointed as Treasury Minister and was sitting on the front benchers …. well I couldn’t stop laughing. As I said nice lad at school!

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