kirby-gaggedSimon Kirby MP for Brighton Kemptown has sensationally pulled out of Thursday’s public meeting about the Lobbying Law, after giving his personal reassurances he would attend.

Hardworking constituents through-out Brighton have been left deflated and disappointed at the sudden news that Simon Kirby won’t be attending the ‘Gagging Law’ public meeting, as organised by the 38 Degree organisation, on Thursday 9th January at St Mary’s Church in Kemptown Brighton at 8 pm.

The team at 38 Degrees broke the news by a Facebook late afternoon on Monday 7th January.

Urgent update: Simon Kirby has just emailed the 38 Degrees office team to say that he won’t be able to attend the public meeting. We need to try and persuade him to change his mind quick. What shall we do together?”

The status up-date generated comments within moments as the news sunk in.

Claiming ‘prior engagements,’ Simon Kirby blamed the Rail Transport debate, which he said he must be “present.”

“I shall then have several engagements afterwards at the House so I wanted to confirm that I shall not now be able to attend the meeting in Brighton,” he explained further.

Unable to blame it on having to sit on the 1922 Committee which meets every Wednesday, Tina Brigden speculated on the Facebook, “He is probably just clocking in for 30 mins to get £300 pay!!! Then off for a day shopping before stopping over at a top hotel before going on his holidays….”

I did warn you of this possibility.

“I did warn you of this possibility” said Simon Kirby before asking the 38 Degree team to send him a summary of the mains point raised at the event.

While David Callow insisted that he attends, saying “He is just avoiding the confrontation (or he just doesn’t understand the implications of this proposed law and doesn’t want to be made to look a fool)!” Others suggested he send a representative instead, while Daniel McGrath recommends rescheduling the meeting to a more convenient time, “Ask him every week, then every day until he gives you a time when he can be there.”

Having seen the pubic debate in Norwich, Brighton was promised one hell of a political night. Bringing together the three MP’s of Brighton, Caroline Lucas from the Green Party representing Brighton Pavilion, Conservative Mike Weatherley presenting Hove and Portslade and Simon Kirby representing Brighton Kemptown.

Expectations were high for a classic night of Brightonian democracy. Our political presentative’s under one roof, debating the pros and cons of the Lobbying Bill. Otherwise known as the Gagging Law, 38 Degrees warn that a Yes vote would fatally destroy every charitable organization in the country from effectively fighting Government proposals and legislations, by limiting the amount of funds charitable organizations can spend on political issues per year.

Mike Weatherley bottled it from the very start, where-as Caroline Lucas confirmed she would attend upon being asked. Simon Kirby kept his cards to his chest, confirming to some people he would attend, while procrastinating to others that he may not.

Howard Jackson summed up the feeling of the City, “Isn’t this why many people are disillusioned with modern politics? This country is now longer a functioning democracy.”

Others weren’t so kind, such as Glynis Freeman, who said, “He doesn’t give a ####”, to Mike Wilce would wrote, “He’s a Tory arse-wipe…… What do you expect….?”

Robert James George, gives it from another point of view, “His absence just means you won’t have to listen to any more Tory lies and spin.”

Lambasted for claiming he wouldn’t be able to attend both the public meeting in Brighton at 8 pm and the Rail Transport debate which starts at 10.30am in London, sitting for 3 hours, one commenters asks the obvious question, “How long would it take him to get back to Brighton for heaven’s sake?”

The answer being 50 minutes!

As revealed in Matt Taylor’s ‘Private Diary’ entry on 9th December 2013, “I met Simon Kirby for the first time today,” Matt Taylor, (who wants Simon Kirby’s job in 2015), recalls how he unexpectedly meet Simon Kirby at the Bridge Community Centre in Moulsecoomb.

“At last we meet Mr Kirby, my name is Matt Taylor.” The sheer look of terror in his eyes as he realised who I was; Priceless. “I trust I’ll see you on the 9th of January at the Gagging Law meeting?”

“Yes, I’ll be there,” Simon Kirby replied as he shook hands, “Go easy on me.”

Simon Kirby is letting his hardworking constituents down.

38 Degrees aren’t giving up!

Their latest Facebook status said, “Can you send Simon Kirby an email and ask him to change his mind and come to the public meeting after all? If enough of his voters email him asking him to attend the meeting, it will show him how important it is to his constituents that he comes to a meeting and justifies his support of the gagging law.

Click here to send Simon Kirby an email now.


Whatever the reason why Simon Kirby can’t attend, be it an order from David Cameron not to or simply a lack of character to defend the indefensible, the Nasty Party have struck again!

As David Hammant points out, “No surprise there then. Anything that might rattle his masters in Downing Street has to be avoided.”

The bottom line is that Simon Kirby and his ilk from the Nasty Party are running from the electorate.

As Nicky Easton said, “He always avoids confrontation and he will never vote against the government. I’m not surprised he has bailed.”

David Rushworth said, “Why do the Tories keep running away whenever they have to defend their policies!”

Do not kidnap the Dog!
Do not kidnap the Dog!

Whether Simon Kirby attends of not, we know Caroline Lucas will and Mike Weatherley won’t. Let’s just hope we see Labour’s Nancy Platts and the Green’s Davy Jones turn up.

What will it take for Simon Kirby to change his mind?

Perhaps we should take Caroleann Mc Callion’s advice and “Kidnap his dog?”


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