sosNewsargusOn December 23rd  2013, I published an article which speculated that Brighton’s local newspaper, the Evening Argus, is finished.

If you never read it, please do so by clicking here.

I did so because having reaped maximum hits with two local news stories, ‘Simon Kirby’s Public Meeting turns Ugly’ and ‘The Bevy is going to reopen,’ it became plaintively obvious that the team at Brighton’s Evening Argus we’re guilty of a dereliction of duty upon Brighton’s readership.

A local newspaper, not reporting on local stories! Strange but True!

I use the word ‘Plaintively’ because I’ve read the Evening Argus all my life and want to carry on doing so, but find myself unable to do so, because they simply refuse to report on local stories.

The record hits on the two local stories mentioned above, pay tribute to the fact that local people want to read about local stories, but are instead feed TV snippets and old internet posts.

Is this really news worthy?

The latest example of their dereliction of duty comes with the continuing absence of any reporting on the Gagging public meeting, organised by 38 Degrees and which took place at St Mary’s Church, in Kemptown on Thursday 09 January 2014.

If local people such as Ian Chisnall, Graham Cox and myself never reported on the night, other than the 300 people present, greater Brighton would be none the wiser.

We deserve better.

Having paid out an above inflation price of 65p for Friday’s Evening Argus, I was willing to give it’s journalistic team the benefit of the doubt and excuse them this once for not reporting on Brighton’s most exciting political gathering, outside of the party political conferences, because the newspaper had already gone to print and the story had clearly missed the print deadline.

So you can imagine my disappointment and annoyance, having paid out a further 85p for Saturday’s Evening Argus, only to find no report of Thursday’s Gagging meeting at all. It can be argued that the Evening Argus is the most expensive toilet paper in the city.

It simply reinforces my contention that the Evening Argus is finished.

Is it any wonder that the Brighton & Hove Independent newspaper is being read by more people than the Evening Argus could ever wish to be read by?

The Evening Argus is sinking fast.

Here is an open email to all the journalists at Brighton’s Evening Argus, and I sincerely hope everyone in Brighton, does the same.

I am all for giving people a second chance and this is Brighton’s Evening Argus’s last chance!


Dear Evening Argus team,

You are all a disgrace. Call yourself journalists? 

This is the third occasion local people have had to report on local stories, which you can’t be bothered to.

How can you call yourself journalists?



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