fuck off little rich boys

Matt Taylor, the next MP for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has responded angrily to David Cameron’s announcement today that he will go “all out for shale.”

The day after sordid details were released of a sexually charged Facebook conversation with a leading Gay leader, Matt Taylor posted on his Facebook status, “Fuck off you little rich boys, “All out for shale” over my dead body.”

Left reeling after the fledgling relationship between him and Chris Cooke, a leading figure in Brighton’s LGBT community, was left in tatters after their private conservation was made public, Matt Taylor responded with scathing criticism of David Cameron’s announcement of huge tax breaks for any council willing to authorize shale gas mining in their boroughs.

He said, “If David Cameron was so interested in bringing down the price of energy for the people of the UK, he would invest the huge tax breaks afforded to the shale industry, in buying solar panels for every roof in Britain.”

As a member of the SEER (Sussex Extreme Energy Resistance) group, Matt Taylor has been instrumental in high-lighting the dangers of fracking to both the water supplies and the environment, by producing a series of youtube videos, which explain what fracking is and the dangers that go with it.

He goes on further to say, “The audacity of David Cameron and the Nasty party he leads is quite staggering. Their evil knows no bounds and I am joining millions across the country in saying ‘NO MORE.’ This is the catalyst our country needs to come together and stop these criminals from destroying our nation’s water supply and environment for hundreds of years to come.

By declaring he is “going all out for shale,” David Cameron has effectively signed his own death warrant and the death warrant of his Nasty party.

Remember the facts of the matter, David Cameron and his rich friends were never voted in with a mandate to frack. In fact they weren’t voted in with a mandate to govern, full stop. They seized power with secret talks behind closed doors, with other rich friends such as Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander.

If there is ever a time to stand up for our country, now is that time. Not only have they inflicted financial Armageddon on future generations yet born, they are planning to inflict an environmental Armageddon on them too.

If anyone thinks fracking is safe, they have a fractured brain! The evidence is loud and clear, fracking contaminates the water supplies and the environment at large. There is no debate, this is proven fact and David Cameron knows it.”


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