Michael Beard
Michael Beard, Editor of Brighton’s Evening Argus

On the 11th January 2014, I published an up-date to my Argus story, which called into question the journalistic ability of Brighton’s Evening Argus to report local news.

Lambasting their editorial team for failing to report such important local news such as Simon Kirby’s public meeting in Moulsecoomb, The re-opening of the Bevy Pub and most recently, the biggest political gathering in years, the Gagging public meeting organised by 38 Degrees, I fired of a short but sweet email to the papers editor, Michael Beard.

It read:

Subject: This is your last chance.

Dear Evening Argus team,

You are all a disgrace. Call yourself journalists? 

This is the third occasion local people have had to report on local stories, which you can’t be bothered to.

How can you call yourself journalists?

Suffice to say that to up-date on this story, Michael Beard has been kind enough to reply and explain himself, though unfathomly he doesn’t want you to know what he said!

As the heading to his response makes clear-



2 thoughts on “AN UP-DATE ON AN UP-DATE.

  1. Oh well, we just go on reading endless, unexplainable pages of ads then OR we can just stopping buying what is just basically, another Friday Ad..but a paid version. Mind you it DOES make good shredding paper for my chickens…which tbh is ALL it’s fit for!

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