UK ColumnFollowing an appeal by the team at UK Column for more promotion on social media sites, I’m happy to promote the UK Column as the new One O’clock news of Great Britain, on a daily basis.

As Mike Fisher from the British Association of Anger Management would say, “To assume makes an ass out of you and me!” I only assume that you are aware of the UK Column, though if you aren’t allow, me to introduce them to you.

UK Column NewspaperI’ve been subscribed to the UK Column for the last few years, at £15 a year its money well spent. Publishing a monthly newspaper and broadcasting a daily news shows, The UK Column are steadily becoming the new One O’clock news, which people watch above and over Sky, Channel 4 and BBC news.

Its the type of news show which you’ll want to see, because it’s free and easy. Brian Gerrish and an assistant sits in front of camera, while feedback is given by guests and a producer out of view, but who you can hear.

Its a fantastic format, which I’m sure Sky, Channel 4 and the BBC will soon follow. Its a much more relaxed format, in which the team tells the viewer what they think from a personal point of view. Its a natural exchange of ideas and information. Its real and relevant. Its easy going and flowing. Its the best news program being broadcast across the British wave-length.

The Team.

UK Column, the Team

With regular presenters such as Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Louise Collins and Malcom Massey broadcasting from their Plymouth TV studios, they often have guest speakers appear, via broadband such as Patrick Henningsen from 21st Century Wire and Ian R Crane, a geo-political expert and anti-fracking crusader.

News Content.

I became a devoted fan after watching a news broadcast in October 2012, featuring Pie’n’Mash film director Bill Maloney. I don’t exaggerate, but I consider this news show to be the most important news show you would ever watch. The information within is earth shattering, and if only the numbers that watch the BBC 1 O’clock news would watch this, we would be living in a very different United Kingdom.

The most Important News show you will ever watch.



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