Jason Kitcat
Jason Kitcat, Leader of Brighton & Hove Council.

I have to warn you from the out-set, I’m not in the politest of moods today. 24 hours after hearing the earth-shattering testimony from Bill Maloney that, “We have an international paedophile ring operating in every democratic government on our planet,” I’m not in the best mood to be civil towards any politician of any persuasion.

Though having said that, I have been chastised by Joe, my campaign manager for using the f word in a previous post. So, if I did offend anyone by using the f word, hard luck because I don’t give a f**k. Its time you lost your innocence and realise our government hasn’t got our best interests at heart and start doing something about it.

So let’s start of proceedings with what my favourite (not) politician Simon Kirby, has to say about Jason Kitcat’s “Bold move.”

“I am urging my Conservative colleagues on the council to work with Labour and remove the Greens from office.”

Oh, talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Let me join in and make my own “bonker” proposal by urging my fellow human beings on planet Earth to remove every government from office because they are all paedophiles who worship the Devil.

Simon Kirby is a Nasty Person representing a Nasty Party of Nazis.
Simon Kirby is a Nasty Person representing a Nasty Party of Nazis.

Simon Kirby goes on further to say, “I am prepared to take the unusual step of putting party politics to one side. We need to do what’s best for the city. Enough is enough. I represent about 90,000 people, many of whom are struggling to pay their bills.”

Oh God, let me stop you there, his vile words are already making me gag, “Struggling to pay their bills?” And people still plan to vote Conservative in the 2015 general election??? Unbelievable!

I’ll leave it to H Jarrs to express how I feel about that, who left this comment on the Brighton and Hove news website, “Simon, what a hypocrite you are. The need to raise council tax by so much just to protect essential services is down to YOUR governments unbelievable grant cut to councils of 40%! Brighton and Hove have had the biggest grant cuts in the South East. What have YOU been doing about it? YOU are the one in the House of Commons and in the main party of government.
Secondly, the unholy alliance of Labour and Conservative councillors in blocking a 2% rise in council tax two years ago (and which has been responsible for some cuts) has finally come home to roost.
It does not surprise me that Labour and the Conservatives are seriously looking at forming a coalition as their policies are so close. There is only one political party left fighting cuts.
Vote Labour get Tory!”

“Simon, what a hypocrite you are.”

This is the same Simon Kirby, who as a multi-millionaire claims for his electricity bill from the hardworking purse of the tax-payer. This is the same multi-millionaire who voted against receiving vital aid from the European Union for food-banks which has subsequently driven people to the edge of starvation. This is the same politician who supports Ian Duncan Smith’s Nazi like zeal to demonise benefit claimants as the new Jews of the 21st Century.

Lets see what else he says about it, “At a time when individuals and families are having to make tough decisions, they expect their council to do the same, not hike up their bills.”

Simon Kirby wouldn’t know a “tough decision” if it came up and bite him on his bum. Jason Kitcat has been put into a position, as a direct result of austerity measures by the Nasty party, which has forced him to seek a referendum on a 4.75% council tax rise. If anyone in Brighton politics is making “tough decisions” its Jason Kitcat and not Simon Kirby.

Now listen to what he said, “The bonkers proposal to raise council tax by 4.75 per cent is just the latest decision which shows how damaging this Green administration has become for the city, following on the heels of the parking charge increases, 20mph debacle, bin disputes and countless others.”

Flipping typical of a Nasty person to deflect attention from their own evil deeds, onto someone doing good for the city.

I for one want to make it plainly clear, I don’t think the Green administration are damaging the reputation of Brighton and Hove.

The Parking Charge Increases.

As a motorist I more aggrieved at having to pay more for my road tax disc under the justification of tackling climate change. Like thousands in Brighton and Hove I’m not happy in paying more for parking, just like I’m not happy to having to pay more for my Evening Argus newspaper, my fuel, my electricity, my food, my insurance, my beer and my water.

The 20mph Debacle.

A “debacle?” REALLY! I haven’t heard it be called a debacle before. I’d call it “Life-saving.” Anything that saves lives is good in my books. I personally think that the 20 mph speed limit has loosened up the flow of traffic and has ultimately made it easily, quicker and safer to get around town.

The Bin Disputes.

I’m positive that if they could go back in time, they (Jason Kitcat and his team) would play things differently. Nobody wanted a dustbin debacle, but we got it anyway. For what it’s worth I think Jason Kitcat conducted himself admirably throughout the debacle. While under sustained pressure from every quarter, Jason Kitcat kept his cool and rose above the panic and ultimately resolved the situation. (I would love to have seen Simon Kirby face the same pressure. He would have f**ked of to his holiday home in the Crime De’Sol for sure!)

Countless Others?

If there were countless others he would have mentioned at least two or three. He never did so because there aren’t “countless others.” Its a reliable skullduggery trick which the Nasty party use to smear everyone else but themselves.

Simon Kirby not a care in the world
Simon Kirby not a care in the world.

Back to Simon Kirby, “While this is clearly a decision for the councillors to make, I am calling on the Conservative group to put party politics aside for the good of the city and support the Labour motion of no confidence in the Green administration and for both parties to agree to take the government money on offer to freeze council tax this year.”

Oh please! Do you really expect a council to cut, cut, and cut, and still maintain the status quo? Of-course not. Something has to give. Jason Kitcat has done something Simon Kirby could only wish to do and that is to make a “bold” decision. Its honest politics at its best and I commend him for it. If central government is going to take take take, we the community must give give give to fill the gap.

This is the reality of Brightonian politics and Jason Kitcat should be praised and not condemned, for calling a referendum. A no vote would mean adult social care services, including home care, residential community care, day services and learning disabilities employment support will have to go, while a yes vote means they and third sector grants programme and sports grants programme can be maintained.

Honest Politics at its Best.

Simon Kirby said: “We are in uncharted waters but the Greens are making such a mess of our city that radical action is required.”

A Pot calling the Kettle Black.

The Nasty party which Simon Kirby represents has made a mess of our country and radical action is required. VOTE4TAYLOR!

“It’s been an interesting experiment but we can’t wait until 2015. They need to go now,” said Simon Kirby. And of-course he is absolutely right. The Con-Dem coalition has been an interesting experiment but we can’t wait until 2015, they need to go now.

I want to join Caroline Lucas in her defence of Jason Kitcat, and agree with her statement, “This is a bold move and one that I know the council is taking very reluctantly. The people have not voted for austerity. They have not chosen to have services they rely on destroyed by draconian cuts. This is an appalling situation for which the coalition government is alone to blame.”


Brighton and Hove should issue there own currency, based on the Bradbury Pound model and fill the council tax short-fall with money created on the wealth of the Brightonian people and not by debt to a private consortium of banksters.




  1. Well done, say it loud and clear. You are right the council should be creating its own currency. I wrote and suggested this to Jason and have asked Lancaster Council to do it. Back the currency by allowing council tax to be paid with and the council to use some of it for purchasing services and a proportion of wages and even wage increases

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