Extracts from my Private Diary.

WEEK 3 ROUND-UP. And what a week!

brighton pierThis time last week I found myself in a gay sex scandal with the prominent Brighton Gay Leader Chris Cooke of Kemptown. He wasn’t at all happy when our private Facebook conversation was leaked to the press and as a consequence, I lost his vote only 5 minutes from getting it! It reinforces my belief that even though politics is a numbers game in which you have to get higher than your opponent, every number presents a person and every person has feelings and weaknesses. All I can say to Chris Cooke is that I’m sorry I used our private conversation to splash a head-line, but equally no one should be in any doubt, I’m not the type of guy who sends pictures of my cock to anyone!

Next came the shocking news that our illustrious Prime Minister, David Cameron declared his passion and determination to decimate our nation’s water supply and environment by going “all out for shale” extraction. As you can imagine, as a member of the SEER (Sussex Extreme Energy Resistance) Group, I was furious and saw red. So furious in fact that I made my feelings known in no uncertain terms.


I know my sentiments were shared by many people because the views for the day broke all records and eventually stopped on 519 views at the stroke of midnight. Even Anne Glow condemned David Cameron and agreed with me, and that’s saying something!


I dumped her as a FB friend for her views on Benefit Britain!

Did anyone catch Chris Spivey’s article about animal cruelty at the hands of the rich elite, including our Royal Family? No, Yes? Here’s the link either way. http://www.chrisspivey.co.uk/goodbye-cruel-word-your-majesty/

I’ll say it and I’ll say it again, Chris Spivey is the sanest voice not on television.

the new one oclock news

The week continued in haste with the promotion of the UK Column News on my election campaign website. While I no longer consider the BBC, Sky, ITV and Channel 4 news to have any credibility in reporting the news, I was more than happy to answer UK Column’s appeal to post the UK Column News report daily LIVE AT ONE’CLOCK. We all have to get our news from somewhere, and I cannot recommend enough, tuning into the UK Column News Live everyday at One O’Clock to do just that.

The UK Column News came to play a significant role in this week’s round-up, of which I’ll explain more later.

And then we all woke up to this:

Ian Duncan Smith & Diane Abbott
Ian Duncan Smith & Diane Abbott nude?

I can only hope it wasn’t a nude drawing and that she was dressed from bosom up! Because to see anymore would be truly horrendous and a waste of public money!

Next came an unexpected email from Michael Beard, the editor of Brighton’s Evening Argus newspaper.

The week previous I blasted of a very strongly worded email to every journalist at Brighton’s Evening Argus, berating them for their lack of journalistic ability to report on local stories. I flagged up the Gagging Meeting, The Bevy Opening and Simon Kirby’s meeting about the Lewes road changes as examples.

Michael Beard
Michael Beard

No doubt Michael Beard felt obliged to respond to my contention that they were all a “Disgrace,” to journalism but am unable to repeat what he said because he made it plainly clear at the top of his email: PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL. NOT FOR PUBLICATION.

Coincidently it was with reference to this very same subject that I asked a question to Chris Cooke, which quickly took a tangent and become very blue, very quickly. And of-course having learnt my lesson of divulging private conversations, I decided to leave it at that!

bradburyThe week ran its course, as it often does year after year, and it’s highlights of-course were the high level of journalistic output coming from the UK Column team. I cannot stress enough, how highly I think of them. So much so that mid week, I promoted a subject which the UK Column having been promoting for years, The Bradbury Pound.

With all this debate of having to reduce the national debt, austerity and the best way to do it, I think the fundamental question of ‘What is money?’ is being overlooked.


As far as I’m concerned money is created as debt by private Bankster’s who are robbing the world blind. The Bradbury Pound reflects this and does away with private Bankster involvement in the issue of our sovereign currency. The Bradbury Pound is not conspiracy theory, it’s historical fact, because it’s been done before and needs to be repeated to save our nation from the fraud of the banksters. With the centenary of The Bradbury this year, I urge everyone to check out the Bradbury Pound and share the knowledge with everyone you know. We don’t need austerity.

We can have it all and eat cake!

As RASPECT raps, “You can give the people knowledge but you can’t make them think!”

And then there was Chris Spivey! Who the f**k is Chris Spivey?

frackoff in worthing
Boycott Total to save our water supply.

Five million people have read Chris Spivey, which leaves about sixty five million who haven’t, but that is about to change.

As I wrote on this Faceback up-date, “Oh, I do get excited when I see a Spivey up-date!” And on Wednesday I wasn’t left disappointed.

Titled, “Come And Play Circus Games: an in-depth look at the Madeleine McCann libel trial,” Chris Spivey once again reinforced my contention that watching the BBC, Sky, ITV, Channel 4 news, and reading the national papers, is simply a waste of time.

With the story of the missing 3 year old in Scotland and the arrest of his mother, Chris Spivey breaks down the lies of the MSM media and reveals to the world, exactly what happen to Madeleine McCann. Chris Spivey often asks the question, “Are you angry yet,” and let me assure you, you will be by the time you finish reading this.

Jimmy The Out-Law opened a Forum if anyone is interested in an alternative point of view?

I must confess that I haven’t actually read this yet, but I do find it immensely interesting and important to understand. Things the Ruling Dabal does not Want You to Know!

Its ‘War & Peace’ reading a Chris Spivey article; which takes me on average 2 days to complete, though you won’t hear me complaining, because he’s a lot more interesting than watching Eastbenders every night of the week.

Chris Spivey on Eastbenders.

This is a very interesting article which I re-blogged because it sums up exactly how I feel about the Housing Bubble, which David Cameron and George Osbourne are so keen to promote and put their names too. Given enough rope they will hang themselves.


And then the issue of Freemason’s rearer it’s ugly head.

Now you may or may not know, I also hold the role of Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SSPCC), in which I hold the elected Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, to account. Unlike her “critical friends” at the Police and Crime Panel, I am not “toothless,” but in fact bite very hard.

granny protesterNow, I recently wrote an article, which you may or not have read because it’s only circulated between serving police officers and their Chief Constables. I asked the question, Is Katy Bourne a Freemason and does it really matter? Of-course I was derided for doing so, but I was vindicated Paul Flynn, Labour MP for Newport West, when he asked Katy Bourne the very same question at the end of a two hour grilling, she got while giving evidence at the Home Affairs Committee into Police and Crime Commissioners on January 7th 2014.

Paul Flynn asked, “Are you conscious of a situation in which someone appoints a pal of his, who is a fellow freemason, for instance, or someone who served with him as a fellow policeman, without any kind of advertising or interviews with people? That is what brings the office into disrepute.”

To which Katy Bourne replied, “I cannot be held responsible for decisions that colleagues of mine make. I can be held responsible for the decisions that I make and I stand by them.”

Keith Vaz too close for comfort.
Keith Vaz too close for comfort.

The Committee chairman Keith Vas, skilfully wrapped up the proceedings with, “Thank you. That is a very clear answer,” ensuring no further questions of that nature would be asked.

I’ve got my own questions of Keith Vaz which will come later but…

It was ironic that not only was the subject of Freemasonry brought up on the last question of the two hour session, but her Chief Executive & Monitoring Officer, Mark Streater, earning £82K of our grand-children’s tax-paying money, having served 30 years in Sussex Police, of which he is now tasked to holding to account, was sat behind her when the question was asked.

Jobs for the Boys is a Freemasonic reality.

sos bbc news 1I will be starting another SSPCC article shortly, titled ‘I told you so,’ which highlights the recent Tiberius report revelations that, “Secret networks of Freemasons have been used by organised crime gangs to corrupt the criminal justice system,” as reported by the Independent Newspaper.

As SSPCC, I now hold the higher moral ground over Katy Bourne as SPCC!

Now where were we? We had only reached the middle of the week and shocking developments were to come!

Stephen King, my favourite author, after Peter James, who I join in saving Brighton’s Speed Way Trials, said, “What Darwin was too polite to say, my friends, is that we came to rule the earth not because we were the smartest, or even the meanest, but because we have always been the craziest, most murderous motherf**kers in the jungle.”

Hey, I’m a fan, I can’t help it!

keep calm I am downsAnger Management and New Beginnings. Here I am getting you angry with the truth of politics, while on the other side of the coin, I’m calming you down and helping you understand why you are angry! Its a paradox which we may never explain!

Please, Chris Cooke if you are reading, lets meet for that coffee! And throw away the anger and bitterness and VOTE4TAYLOR like you promised…

“You know only I can make you HAPPY!”

A classic UK Column One’Clock News report on the 16th of January. Only five minutes in I couldn’t help myself but grab my journalist notepad and start dictating what was said. Its real news which I love hearing. It informs and reinforces. It educates and takes you further. Its the best damn news in the World.

Quite Frankly, if you aren’t listening to UK Column News Live at One’Clock, you are a fool. (Except Chris Spivey, Jimmy Jones and ‪Fabrice Bardsley, who have work to do!)

Hell on Earth
Hell on Earth in Australia, and coming nearer!

Then it hit. The Devil from HELL, the BIG STORY which has brought the House of Cards down.


devilI’ve just up-dated my Facebook page on how I feel about that, “I’m interested that no one other than Fabrice Bardsley has commented on this earth shattering news? Is there a glitch in the system or doesn’t anyone care? I find it strange that Fabrice, Jimmy, Scott and Chris seem to be the only people around here who are angry. Don’t you believe it or something? All I can say to that is what Bill Maloney said, “I’m sorry everyone, but I’m afraid its true.”

“We have an international paedophile ring operating in every democratic government on our planet!”

swept to seaGood luck to Heather Manning on her debut novel, ‘Swept to Sea,’ available now on Kindle.

Golden-CubeI make it a mission to support up and coming independent publishes, because I am one too. Having self published my own Sci-fi/Thriller novel, The Golden Cube, I know its easier to write a book, than to get people to read it!

Oh, did I mention I’m a Brightonian?

All week the local story had been erupting of Jason Kitcat’s “Bold move” to call a referendum on whether Brighton and Hove’s Council Tax bill should rise 4.75%.

God I love Brightonian politics, and Jason Kitcat never fails to deliver.

brighton wheelAs soon as I heard the news, I wrote as a no-brainer, “If central government aren’t going to pay for it, the community has too.”

Of-course Brightonian politics was set alight and its been flaring ever since.

On paper Jason Kitcat sounds amazing and in flesh, I bet he does too, though I’ve never met him.

I always thought he was Dutch, but to my amazement, having just Googled his name, he’s French Canadian, as is my heritage. Oh Gosh, I never knew my father; perhaps he’s my long lost brother! But I do like him and I like his resolve. Anyone who can keep his head during a crisis, is alright in my books.

queenAnd back to the BIG ONE, of which it will always come back to. Even I’m having trouble getting my mind around the frightful news, THE QUEEN HAS BEEN NAMED IN AN INTERNATIONAL PAEDOPHILE RING.

Thank God, I’ve been doing my own research into our ancient British Kings!

arthur II picFor the first time in 1,500 years, I’m honoured to share with you an email I wrote from The Keep in Moulsecoomb, (which her Majesty and her husband opened on Halloween’s Day 2013!)

Dear Booth Museum,

I have recently discovered the works of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, who you may be familiar with.

They contend that King Arthur II was a real historical figure who lived from 503AD to 579AD, and that the ancient British Kingdom was destroyed in 562AD by an astroid, where upon he sailed his army across the atlantic and set up home in Kentucky, USA where he was eventually assassinated by a red indian!

Pretty amazing stuff hey? Well I certainly think so, which finds me in the Keep as I type you this.

From my research so far, I’m amazed to find that Sussex and Brighton is absolutely littered with Anglo-Saxon relics, which I see you hold some off. Such as bones etc.

I’m wondering if you have any artefacts which have a stroke type of language written on them? Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett call the language Colbren, from the ancient British called the Khumry. Apparently this language was deemed to be a fake by an 18th century historian and has since been discarded as such and no further attention given to it.

Have you got any stones, sticks, or anything with a stroke kind of language on it, which you just can’t explain?

I would love to come and see it and decipher it.

Please don’t think I’m mad. This is wonderful research and I’m really eager to learn more about it.

Can you help? For the sake of King Arthur II.

Many thanks,

Matt Taylor

To which I received a reply from Robert White, the Booking Office Assistant, “Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your email. I’ve passed it on to Lee Ismail, the curator at the Booth Museum and John Cooper, the Keeper. They should be in touch with you directly.

You can be sure I’ll KEEP you (‘KEEP‘ get it) informed of our conversation.



rodney matthews 2
by Rodney Matthews

By revealing this information to you now, is surely enough to win your vote…


rajesh preaching
Click me to hear me speak.

We will get to the Promised Land. We are not afraid no more.


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