Katrina Taylor stabbed to death in Brighton 1996
Katrina Taylor stabbed to death in Brighton 1996

Matt Taylor, who confidently predicts he’ll be the next MP for Brighton Kemptown, has continued his relentless crusade against institutionalised corruption by calling for a public inquiry into the murder of Katrina Taylor in Brighton.

Katrina Taylor, the girl who had played Nicola Fellows in a Crimewatch re-enactment, was found stabbed to death in a graveyard in July 1996. Despite a big police inquiry and two Crown Court trials, no one has been found guilty of her murder. Campaigners believe this is because of the local force’s failure to investigate the crime properly.

“I want a public inquiry into the events leading up to her murder and subsequent events after.”

Katrina Taylor’s murder trial was held at Lewes Crown Court in 1997.

Brother and sister from London, Simon and Neisha Williams were found not guilty of Katrina Taylor’s murder, where as Fergal Scollan and Trevor Smith were found guilty; but appealed on 15th October 1998.

They were freed after a retrial at the Old Bailey in London during October 1999.

For legal reasons, Neisha and Simon Williams did not give evidence. Lawyers for Trevor Smith and Fergal Scollan successfully argued that there was no case to answer, and the judge directed that both men be acquitted of murder because of insufficient evidence.

Fergal Scollan had a charge of false imprisonment dropped. William Smith admitted the same charge and was sentenced to 30 months but walked free because of time served.

With a wealth of information about her murder published in the national newspapers, the link below to a Guardian newspaper article will give you even more details of what happened.



This tells us who her murderers are, and it also tells us that a cover-up involving the higher echelons of Sussex Police, local government and judiciary, were instrumental in freeing her killers.

The Katrina Taylor murder is being erased from History.

With a sustained cover-up continuing, even officials from East Sussex Council, namely Ian Kedge, now refer to Katrina Taylor’s murder as an “alleged” murder.


Crime Lord, Mark Sulc is alleged to hold Sussex Police in the palm of his hand.
Crime Lord, Mark Sulc is alleged to hold Sussex Police in the palm of his hand.

With all references of her murder being wiped from Wikipedia, the reference is loud and clear. Evil forces are working in conjunction with Criminal Lords in Sussex, which allows injustice to continue and killers to walk free.

The question is by whom and when are they going to be brought to justice?

Katy Bourne, as the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, in conjunction with Martin Richard’s as the Chief Constable of Sussex Police force, are residing over the continuing cover-up of the murder of Katrina Taylor.

The editing of the Wikipedia unsolved murder list is testimony to this.


What a public inquiry would seek to achieve?

  • It will establish the facts.
  • The Police and local government will learn from the events.
  • Katrina Taylor’s family will have justice.
  • Reassurance that Sussex Police aren’t corrupt.
  • Accountability of blame and retribution.
  • Political considerations.

Establishing the Facts.

David Joe Neilson & Simon Kirby MP
David Joe Neilson & Simon Kirby MP

The aim is to provide a full and fair account of what happened leading up to Katrina Taylor’s murder and after, especially in circumstances where the facts are disputed between David Joe Neilson (The main witness in her murder) and Sussex Police.

Who is David Joe Neilson? 


Learning from Events.

The objective will help to prevent the recurrence of events by synthesising or distilling lessons which can be used to change practice.

Reconciliation and Resolution.

This function provides an opportunity for reconciliation and resolution by bringing Katrina Taylor’s family and David Joe Neilson, face to face with Sussex Police.

Rebuilding Public Confidence.

Here the purpose is rebuilding public confidence in the police after a major failures shown by the scandals of the Hillsborough cover-up, failure to investigate crimes committed by Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith, Pleb-gate, Stephen Lawrence, Mark Duggan and the Madeline McCann white-wash, to name but a few.

Accountability, Blame, and Retribution.

This function has the aim of holding Sussex Police and local government to account. It will not be enough for the public to learn what happened but to be reassured that there will be no repetition. A feeling of injustice lingers and unless the personal or organisational failings which led to a murder cover-up is exposed to public criticism, public confidence in Sussex Police will continue to plummet. This is particularly revelent in this case because certain police officers and government officials, are perceived to have survived with their careers unscathed.

Sussex Police in the Dock.


Political Considerations.

With an ever increasing perception that psychopathic criminals are running amok in public office and the higher echolnes of government, the purpose of this inquiry will demonstrate that “something is being done.”

The primary purpose of an inquiry is to:

  • Prevent a recurrence.
  • Learn lessons.
  • Apportion blame.
  • Restore public confidence.
  • Establish and investigate the facts.
  • Put forward effective recommendations to prevent a recurrence of the matters causing concern.
  • Bring about valuable and welcomed improvements in police/public services.
  • Provide an assurance that the facts surrounding an alleged murder cover-up will be subjected to objective scrutiny.
  • Reach judgements on why Katrina Taylor’s murderers were allowed to walk free.
  • Reach judgements on why David Joe Neilson has been denied his human right to report a serious crime.
  • Make recommendations on how such events might be prevented in future.
  • Bring justice to Katrina Taylor and her extended family.
  • Improve our understanding of complex issues, such a Queen’s Evidence.
  • Change attitudes, policies and practice that occupy an important place in our society.
Katy Bourne, SPCC
Katy Bourne, SPCC

Such a public inquiry will accept evidence and conduct its hearings in an open forum and focus on the events leading up to Katrina Taylor’s murder and the events after. Interested members of the public and organisations may not only make (written) evidential submissions as is the case with most inquiries, but will also listen to oral evidence given by other parties, such as Sussex Police, Lewes District Council, MP’s and Police and Crime Commissioners.

The conclusions of the inquiry will be delivered in the form of a written report, given first to the public, and soon after to the government. The report will generally make recommendations to improve the quality of government or management of public organisations in the future.

Who's involved in the Katrina Taylor murder cover-up? Only a Public Inquiry will answer this question.
Who’s involved in the Katrina Taylor murder cover-up? Only a Public Inquiry will answer this question.

Justice will be done for Katrina Taylor.


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