The Queen looking stressed and drained, follow paedophile arrest warrant, issued by former Military Police Man, Matt Taylor.
The Queen’s face etched with fear, following paedophile arrest warrant, ordered by former Royal Military Policeman, Matt Taylor.

The Queen has granted herself (and her family) a new right of absolute secrecy unsurpassed in British history, in an attempt to cover up paedophile claims and arrest warrants.

Royal Family granted new right of Absolute secrecy.

Looking visibly shaken and exhausted after the relentless attack on her crown, the Queen has taken this last ditched attempt to silence the paedophile rumours in connection with the Yewtree police investigation and her Jimmy Savile connections.

The Queen is taking the only option she has open, to pull down the shutters and hope for the best.

By granting herself absolute protection from public scrutiny, (in the most controversial move of her Monarchy), she hopes to draw a veil of secrecy over:

  • The paedophile rumours.
  • The guilty verdict of Crimes Against Humanity by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, indicting the Queen and her husband in the 1964 disappearance of ten indigenous children of the Canadian Kamloops Indian Residential School, who were last seen heading for a picnic with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, never to be seen again. To this day, grieving parents await their return.
  • The arrest warrant ordered by ex-Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor, against her and David Cameron for sex crimes against children.
  • The illegal detention of David Compan.
  • Her involvement in Princess Diana’s death.
  • The “Extravagant and Indulgent” abuse of the public purse by junior Royals and their friends.
  • Satanic Worship.

The Queen is Guilty.

On Feb. 25 2013 six judges on Brussels international court found Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger and 37 other elites guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

An arrest warrant was served on Ratzinger, who immediately resigned from office.

The Vatican/Brighton Connection.
The Vatican/Brighton Connection.

The Vatican/Brighton Connection.

In a week of metaphors and symbolism, which saw Katy Perry conduct a Satanic Ritual live at the Grammy Awards, to news Buckingham Palace is crumbling, to the surreal attack on two white doves by a crow and seagull, set free by Pope Francis flanked by two children outside a vatican window.

Spectators are claiming the signs signal an imminent collapse of both the British Royal and Vatican power.

Ex Royal Military Policeman, Matt Taylor (who lives in Brighton and can see the Seagull’s brand new Amex Stadium from his house,) wrote a blog calling for the immediate arrest of the Queen and David Cameron on sex crimes against children, which went viral over the weekend read by 20 zillion people world-wide.

An arrest warrant was served on Ratzinger, who immediately resigned from office.
An arrest warrant was served on Ratzinger, who immediately resigned from office.

The metaphor is seen by many believers to be a sign that God condones the attack of ‘Seagull supporter’ Matt Taylor, on the Vatican and the British Throne.

Its all about the Symbolism, as any good Satanist would know.

Claiming to hold the “higher-moral-ground,”, Matt Taylor said, “I’m not the criminal here, she is.”

Dismissed by many as a “self-publicising, ranting loon that hijacks the terrible crime of paedophilia to further his own agenda by posting nonsense about our Queen and PM,” Matt Taylor hits back at comments like Anthony Turtle’s who contends:

Who does Matt Taylor think he is that he can “Order the arrest” of anyone, is he a magistrate or judge? No, he is not, he is, as he states “an ex-Royal Military Police, the authority to order the immediate arrest of David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK and Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of England and the Common Wealth. He has no right to order the arrest of anyone. let alone the Monarch of the realm and the Common Wealth!”

To which Matt Taylor replied, “I hold the higher-moral-ground and have the authority of the Royal Truth, to order the arrest of the Queen and Prime Minister.”

Royal Truth
Matt Taylor, Ruth Taylor, Emma Taylor

My Authority is Royal Truth.”

Read more about Ruth Taylor here.

Calling all Good men and women to break ranks and show the Bad how far over the line they’ve come.

Matt Taylor continues, “Let me make this clear, we the People know their crimes and we have the evidence. The Queen and David Cameron are guilty of sex crimes against children.

With the authority invested in me by Royal TruthKing Arthur II and Judge Dredd, I hereby confirm my order for the Queen and David Cameron to be arrested immediately.

"No one is above the Law."

No one is above the Law and the Queen, her husband and her Establishment must face the British Judicial system and let twelve good men and women decide their fate.

As the police and politicians are so eager to remind us, if you haven’t done anything wrong, then you have nothing to hide.

The terror of her imminent arrest is etched across the Queen’s face because she knows she’s guilty as Hell.

The House of Cards is Crumbling.

Buckingham Palace confirmed it had consulted the Coalition Government over the change in the law and ordered the Government to bury the plan for “added protection” for the Royal Family in the small print of plans called “opening up public bodies to public scrutiny”.

Giving the ‘Royal Finger’ to public scrutiny.

The Queen is GuiltySources from inside Buckingham Palace said that the change to the law was necessary because the Freedom of Information Act had failed to protect the Queen’s secrets, which now exposed, has made her position untenable.

Giving the ‘royal finger’ to public scrutiny, the Queen has taken this controversial move, as a last ditch attempt to draw a veil of secrecy over her crimes, and those of her husband, Prince Charles, Prince William and all her Knights, Lords and Clergymen.

Ian Davidson, a former member of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC), told The Independent newspaper, “I’m astonished that the Government should find time to seek to cover up royal finances. When I was on the PAC what we wanted was more disclosure not less. Every time we examined royal finances we found extravagance and indulgence as well as abuse of expenses by junior royals. Everywhere we looked, there were savings to be made for the Government. This sends the wrong message about public disclosure and accountability.”

Junior royals abuse of public purse, described as “Extravagance and Indulgence.”

The Queen has been exposed as being so mean she actually marked the nibble bowls left around Buckingham Palace at night, to deter her police protection officers from eating her cashew nuts and bombay mix.

While she grants her grand-children and their friends free dip into the public’s purse to scoff as much caviar and champagne as they please, she labels the nipple bowls in Buckingham Palace to ensure the very people protecting her life don’t nipple her nuts.


The richest woman in the World even raided the British People’s Poverty Fund to pay for her heating bill.

Arthur's Cross
Arthur’s Cross

Don’t feel Guilty, the Queen isn’t even British.

What many people don’t know about the Windsor Royal Family is that it isn’t a true British Royal Family, its German.

Fewer people know that King Arthur II was a real historical figure who was born in 503AD in Wales and died (assassinated by a red indian) in Kentucky America 579AD.

We all know the legend of King Arthur and how he’ll return in our Nation’s hour of need.

After 1,5000 years of waiting, the Hour is Now and the Queen’s arrest is imminent.

According to the ground breaking research of historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, we now understand the Arthurian Kingdom was destroyed by the debris from a comet, which devastated much of Britain in 562AD and brought in the Dark Age, which left much of Britain uninhabitable for 7-11 years.

King Arthur I son of Magnus Maximus of the late 4th Century AD and King Arthur II of the late 6th Century AD, both traced their family lines back to the British Emperor Constantine the Great, and on back to the Holy Family itself which entered Britain in AD 37.

Since the Norman invasion of 1066, The Arthurian Dynasty has been systematically eroded, ridiculed and re-hashed as a fairy-tale legend to suppress the real history of our ancient British heritage.

We’ve been Simmering in Shit Ever Since – Click me.

Make no mistake about it, the evidence against her has been placed before a panel of Judges from  an Internationally recognised Common Land Court of Law and she has been found guilty as charged.

Once the British people know the news, every  single law-abiding citizen in the UK will be shouting in fury, ‘Off with her head, off with her head.”

King Arthur II, born 503AD in Wales UK, Died 579AD Kentucky USA, according to the ground-breaking research of Alan Wilson and Baram
King Arthur II, born 503AD in Wales UK, Died 579AD Kentucky USA, according to the ground-breaking research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett.

King Arthur II’s Legacy.

As far-fetched as it sounds, archeologists in Kentucky America have found evidence that confirms King Arthur II sailed his army in 700 ships across the Atlantic and set up home, before having a war with the indigenous red indians, where he was tragically assassinated by a young red indian.

Descendants of King Arthur II’s voyage to America, can still be found living deep in the Kentucky wilderness.

Long Live the King, Long Live King Arthur II.

As far-fetched as it sounds, The Queen and her Establishment have been named as dangerous murderers, paedophiles and Satanic worshippers.

I’m sorry but I’m afraid its true,” said Bill Maloney.

Buckingham Palace has made no comment at this time.




  1. yeah… I realised this was bullshit when I read the crimes this article accuses the queen of

    “Her involvement in Princess Diana’s death.” and “Satanic Worship.”

    Her involvement in Princess Diana’s death? proof?

    Satanic Worship? I don’t give a shit because Satan isn’t real… this is just a strawman

      1. The blinkers are so well attached that I sometimes wonder if people are just happy, and turn a blind eye, unlawful killing

    1. I don’t believe that the queen was involved in Princess Diana’s death. And, I know nothing about the other things the queen has been accused of doing. However, your statement that Satan isn’t real…bothers me for a very real & close to home reason. My grandfather was an abusive husband & father. And, my now 98 year old mother, and my grandmother (when she was alive), insisted that my grandfather had an actual fight with Satan in his bedroom back in Worcester, MA in 1926. My mother explains that her father had been especially cruel that particular day. He was even threatening to burn his wife & 5 children with a metal poker that he heated in the stove until it was glowing. They were all terrified & crying. My grandfather went in his bedroom & closed the door. It was then that my mother, grandmother & my mother’s 4 siblings began to first hear what sounded like the gutteral growling of an animal, then changed into a man’s deep voice, intersperced with my grandfather’s pleas for mercy. My mother and her family her mirrors breaking and a loud thudding sound like someone being thrown against a wall. They eventually heard my grandfather crying and pleading like a baby. And then everything stopped. They said my grandfather opened the bedroom door and what they saw was a badly beaten man who definitely changed his evil ways that day. He insisted that he had a fight with Satan. From that day on, he carried a crucifix everywhere he went and, slept with it at night. My mother, my mother’s siblings, and my grandmother said that my grandfather’s meeting with Satan was an absolute fact that they would never forget. So, I wouldn’t so easily dismiss Satan if I were you…he may decide to prove you wrong.

      1. Lol you don’t believe t that the German could have anything to do with lady Diana’s death. Even though at the time of her death. The German had all the reasons to want her dead. But for some reason, you find it so so hard to believe it could be possible. Yet because you love your family deeply, of course. That you have been told a story of your grandfather having this fiscal fight with the devil. Keep in mind no one saw him after shutting the bedroom door. Was your grandfather a bit of a drinker by any chance? . Lol your funny

  2. Errm sorry to put some real life facts in the way of a good story but the queen whether she is guilty or not and that’s a separate argument cannot be prosecuted in the UK. Prosecutions in the UK are carried out not by the government but by the “CROWN” and as it is impossible to try and convict yourself she is exempt from prosecution……

    1. The Queen can be prosecuted. She can be brought before Parliament which is the highest court in the land and supersedes ALL other courts, which includes the Crown, County and Civil courts.

      You`re right that prosecutions are conducted by the Crown and ot the government is correct, however the head of the judiciary, the Lord Chancellor, is a political appointment AND a member of the government. The queen herself has no influence on the justice system.

      Prosecutions are carried out by the for the monarch who is acting on behalf of the people, `Crown` is a symbolic word in this case used to represent the Queen and Parliament who in turn represent the people.

      Too say Queen Elizabeth cannot be tried and convicted is to ignore one of the most monumental events in British history the trial and execution of Charles I who was brought before Parliament which acted as a court and sentenced him to death in 1649. Since that time all monarchs are answerable for whatever they do to the people through Parliament, as can be seen in the deposition of James II in 1688 and the Parliamentary opposition that forced Edward VIII to abdicate in 1938.

      No one, not even the Queen is immune from prosecution.

      1. Everything you say here is true but because everything is corrupted these people work on blackmail so although the lord chancellor is powerful hes put in place and chosen for the position based on his flaws as hes easily manipulated

      2. Very very good word’s.
        So many people talk in away like! this and that can’t happen . I just wish such fools will wake up and hear what is being said.such as the case of the 10 missing children in Canada. If things don’t happen, fingers and court’s in Brussels don’t issue arrest warrants. Just try and think if it was your children that went off with someone you know. and then they never come back or ever seen again . How the hell would you feel. From 1964 those families have been wanting answers and justice. And then so many foolish people in the UK that are trying to turn a blind eye to kidnapping . They should be hanged alongside the elite pedophiles, the day justices and truth is revealed. O and there are over 50,000 case of crimes against humanity to do with this German bitch.And you think wealth, money and power give you the right not to stand any form of trial???

      3. Well said, Chuck! These are my sentiments exactly! Enough with the fear and wringing of hands! These murderers need to be held to account for their crimes and NOW!!!!!

    2. That’s why they want parliamentary/corporate law, it’s easier
      to escape justice, under common law there is no escape, no one is above the law. She has broke her oath to the people.

  3. In order to really get people to believe all of these accusations, why doesn’t someone post the official arrest warrants? They must be public record of court proceedings, findings and convictions.
    Without copied proof of the proceedings and warrants, you will never get people to believe all of these “allegations” and that is what they are w/ no documented proof.

  4. “the 1964 disappearance of ten indigent children of the Canadian Kamloops Indian Residential School”

    Would someone at WordPress please correct the above mistake?

    These missing children were not “indigents”. The article goes on to say that they were never returned to their parents, as happened to approx. 50,000 indigenous children. They were loved, taken, used for ritual ceremonies by these royal predators and buried somewhere secretly.

    Please correct the typo- they were indigenous children kidnapped by the Canadian state under the crown to be used by satanic pedophiles calling their dirty a**es “royal”!

  5. I have been hearing this shit for 2 yeArs now.

    If it was you or i we would already be in jail.

    Will somebody arrest the queen bitch count already.

    Execution is too good for the count queen. She needs to be sent all over the world. She can do your shifty job for a day. Than on to the next person. So she can slave for them.

    The cunt queen has never worked a day in her life.

    She can come lift steel for a day.

    Arrest the bitch queen fucking now

    1. they are above all of this .. merely because they are protected by like minds! more fool those who worship the facade they portray to their subjects! it’s time to wake up! they are just people who are permitted to do as they please with no consequence .. all because of their following by sheep who view them as ‘royals’ therefore super human! they are scroungers who many people wish to support financially! All the while we have these fools in our society supporting them they will continue to prosper and cover up their heinous and toxic practices!

  6. I find it to good to be true,for her crimes against humanity and treason to her country,she should be arrested.she and her family are sychotic,probaly due to interbreeding,for any one reading this who does not believe it, go on to you tube and watch what the royal family doesn’t want you to know.

  7. Brilliant, the most hysterical piece of fiction I`ve read since Terry Pratchett’s `The Truth.` There were times when reading the above that I came close to losing control of my bladder, such was the mirth I found in the jokes and comedy written within the article.

    I came across this purely by accident, actually in a period of my life were I`m suffering a severe bout of depression, but I have to say this has raised my morose spirits considerably.

    I hope the author can find some funding to turn this gem of a story into a film, I`m sure it would be a huge success and certainly win all awards for comedy of the year.

    One question, has the author any information about Arthur I?

    Once again congratulations on one of the most humorous pieces of crap ever written. It Will surely go down as a classic of its genre………the load of bollocks, genre.

    1. I’m so happy you liked it Liam. I always aim to entertain and amuse in my writing. You’ve asked about King Arthur I. I’lve attached this link in which Alan Wilson explains it all better than I.
      Essentially King Arthur I fought the Romans and King Arthur II fought the Saxons. But its well worth investing your time in watching the many youtube interviews with Alan Wilson.
      Many thanks for taking the time to write. Thaks.

  8. The government got me raped as a child and has been setting me up for years and when i wrote to Queen for help she didn’t help me im still fighting now and the government destroyed my son life as well there is illegal things going on been through it

  9. FINALLY PEOPLE OF UK START WAKING UP, AS WELL AS OTHER COUNTRIES. The bloody Queen – pirate and murderer – should be TRIALED AND IMPRISONED. The CRIMES of the British Empire and the Queen during the centuries can not be even closely compared to any other country, state, formation or group. QUEEN – FOR PRISON or DEATH PENALTY ! Thanks for this article, there may be some little mistakes but the full row of the English Monarchy is much much longer and goes on now, today. TRUTH IS SPOKEN. Thank you.

  10. Namasté greetings gratitude and thanks. I am sure all documents modelled on the work of esteemed matriarch Sovereign Anna Maria Von Reitz has been served to all royals gangstets cleargy and all pedophiles man woman of every age terror agents violating the sovereignity of the newborns and inflicting pain and horror to sacred sentient free beings.
    pedophilia arrests across all vocations and government and private sectors will drain the global swamp of malice and evil human and animal blood sacrifices

    justice via asset (total) forfeiture in country and found in maritime havens elsewhere the perpetrators should be issued with this judgement and have it immediately enacted.
    3 month general prison awaiting trial sequence no bail enjoyed in the company of haters of pedophiles followed by the speedy trial and beheading of perpetrators.

    having personally been a victim or I stand for truth justice consequence healing freedom peace and unconditional love

    So note it be to the power of infinity plus a day
    under in on and above Gaia Aria Terra firma
    under in on and above her seas rivers lakes dams and waterways
    under in on and above her ice fields
    under in on and above her moons sun and planets
    all the way to truth and our eternal source
    ava Bella chronos
    Miriam Bella chronos
    jeshua Ben chronos

    weareone love

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