The Tramp Queen - Royal Truth
The Tramp Queen – Royal Truth

Extracts from my Private Diary Part 6

I owe everyone an apology…

After the sustained attack I’ve launched against our Queen and the Windsor Royal Family, having taken the oath to up hold the Law in the name of the true British Crown of King Arthur II, I have shockingly realised I owe The Queen and all my 100,000 readers a most sincere and abstract apology.

I’m sorry for the spelling mistakes in my last article. Princess Kate flees UK with baby George.

Having gone viral across cyber-space, from readership numbers of 300-500 to nearly 1,000,000 world-wide, I owe it to both myself and you, to proof-read my articles better before publishing.

I want to sincerely apologise again for not doing so, and will do my upmost to better proof read my words in the future…

Please feel free to be the first to point out any spelling/grammar mistakes you may come across.

I once had an article published for a year before the glaring spelling mistake of ‘The Sandal in the Roman Catholic Church’, was realised. The Sandal, SCANDAL!

Read more: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/mmtenders/sosparty/column.htm

And then of-course Gorilla Democracy.

It was only when readers started to post youtube videos of the Planet of the Apes, ‘Give Apes the Vote’, that I realised something was wrong.

Even when I corrected it to Guerilla, it took me another 24 hours before I realised its Guerrilla.

I blame the French coming over here and throwing their e’s and u’s around.

Many thanks for reading and sharing my blogs and breaking news.


I really need your vote and I’m exposing the corrupt, as a means to win it.

I am standing on an Anti-Corruption platform, so it makes sense to.

But please excuse my spelling and grammar, only because as a working dad, chasing, feeding, clothing and entertaining two wonderful kids; it does mean my proof-reading suffers.




  1. BTW It was the Spanish guerrilleros (=”small” warriors) fighting off Napoleon´s army in a gruesome partisan warfare, weakening him considerably so the Russian-British-Prussian-Austrian-and-all-the-other-turncoats Alliance could finally defeat him, just in time before he could gain foothold in British homeland territory (as he was planning an maritime landing operation and invasion into the UK), so you should be at least a bit grateful for the increase of English vocabulary! In a parallel world some certain Matthieu De Mesure would be writing pamphlets against an corrupt Napoleonic nobility leeching on the people of a third world country by the name of “Republique Democratique du Grande Bretagne” now!

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