harry and williamPrince William and Prince Harry, have taken advantage of one of the richest men in Britain’s hospitality, the Duke of Westminster, and have fled to his secluded country estate in Cordoba, southern Spain, to hunt wild boar and stag.

When in doubt; flee to a luxurious secluded hide-away.

With concerted assaults upon the Windsor royal family from all sides, the Princes William and Harry have gone against Buckingham Palace advise and escaped to the largest and most exclusive hunting estates in western Europe.

Get it while you can.

Next week Prince (dim-but-nice) William is helping to lead a conference on illegal wildlife trade, and will face awkward calls to justify bagging a staggering 740 partridge’s in a single day of shooting.

While Buckingham Palace maintains a dignified silence, the irony isn’t lost that Prince William has flown off on an exclusive hunting trip days before taking part in a high-profile campaign to highlight poaching and the illegal wildlife trade.

Accompanied by his brother, Prince Harry, they plan to shoot wild boar and stag at an estate in rural Cordoba owned by one of the wealthiest men in Britain, the Duke of Westminster.

What is spent on the Prince William, Prince Harry and his friends over one day, is more than what the Duke of Westminster gave to the whole of Somerset.

The shadowy figure of the Duke of Westminster was mentioned earlier this week, as Prince Charles visited the ancient heartland of King Arthur II in Somerset, by matching the donation of £50,000 from the Prince’s Countryside Emergency Fund, to help farmers and rural communities recovery from the worst man-made disaster in living memory.

£50,000 is a drop in the flooded plains of Somerset.

The Princes are frequent visitors to Finca La Garganta, which is one of the largest and most exclusive hunting estates in western Europe.

According to reports, William and Harry flew into Seville separately on Thursday before leaving for the estate with four male friends, one girl and some Scotland Yard protection officers.

Every Conceivable Luxury.

The 37,000-hectare property is teeming with wildlife including wild boar and stag which William and Harry, both crack shots, are said to be keen to bag.

That’s not else they are ‘Keen to bag.’

With four male friends, one girl and some Scotland Yard protection officers, its promises to be a party to remember.


The brothers try to go shooting on the estate together at least once a year and the Duke of Westminster, who is William’s godfather, instructs his staff to lay on every conceivable luxury.

Get it while you can boys.

Engaging in his favourite pastime, Prince William, fuels speculation of a growing rift with his wife, Kate, by shooting boar on a private estate in Cordoba, Spain, while she remains with baby Prince George at an undisclosed address.

Prince (Dim-but-Nice) William.

While none of the animals shoot on the Duke of Westminster’s countryside estate are protected species, the timing of the trip is unfortunate given, the adverse publicity the Queen has had over the last few weeks, and with Prince William’s participation in next week’s high-profile Government-hosted conference on the illegal wildlife trade.

Prince William, who will never be King, is due to attend a symposium at London Zoo on Wednesday as well as a reception at the Natural History Museum, followed by the conference itself a day later at Lancaster House along with his father, Prince Charles.

Prince Charles will never be King too.

Beaters and packs of dogs are brought in to ensure that the princes do not return home without several ‘kills’ to their name.

Kills to their name.

On a previous visit they were said to have bagged a staggering 740 partridge in a single day.

keep smilingDo not return home.

It is understood that William’s wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, and their son, Prince George, remained at home after their a luxury holiday in the Caribbean last week. She has joined the party in previous years, but won’t this year in response to ground breaking accusations about murder, paedophilia and satanism, which have shaken the Windsor Royal house to it’s core.

Read more: Kate flees the UK with Prince George.

The royal brothers are staying in a ten-bedroom villa, one of three luxurious hunting lodges.

Every Conceivable Luxury.

A Kensington Palace spokesman last night declined to talk about the trip, but said: ‘The Duke of Cambridge has for many years been a passionate advocate for endangered wildlife and has campaigned tirelessly to help stop the illegal poaching of rhino horn and elephant tusk.

‘His track record in this area speaks for itself.’




  1. It looks very, very, very bad for the British people to upkeep such a wicked, wicked family. You should be rioting against such idiots. Murder, scandal, corruption for a 1,000 years by evil monarchs and their families and it continues on. What is the matter with you folks? People all over the world are fighting to rid themselves of evil rulers and you all just keep going on and on and on putting up with the wicked Windsors. I hope you get rid of the Monarchy, that horrible old, evil, disgusting so called “Queen”, her worthless murdering husband and her shameful offspring. And as far as Kate Middleton goes, what a joke.

  2. The more l read in the alternative media the more l realize that abuse is everywhere even under ur v own nose. When homosexuality was legalized it opened the floodgates to allow these perverts greater opportunity to pursue their twisted minds darkest desires. With every child who is abused how many then in turn have gone on to become even to greater depths of depravity and psychopatic behaviour. Victims of abuse have different ways of coping .most learn to dissascoiate go into denial of their abuse in order to survive the horror. Some become murdering sociopaths. Our world is doomed because humans have become so depraved. People laughed at Mary Whitehouse and Geoffrey Dickinson but are we laughing now? All l can say is look after your own because even the person u beleive u can trust around ur children could be an abuser too. As for madeleine mccann ..its become a circus. The number one suspect in all such cases is the parents or person closest to the victim. When l look at madeilines mother l see a tortured soul. Tortured by grief and loss and guilt. Gerry mccann has hard and cold demeanour. I think kate is totally under his control in fact probably a victim herself in denial. David Payne was gerrys friend and was reported to be talking about abuse by another doctor friend who spent a holiday with them then distanced herself after hearing David paynes comment . What kind of people go on holiday and leave their small children alone at night unattended to indulge themselves in heavy drinking? Eight bottles of wine consumed on the fateful night? How were they never arrested and charged with child neglect? How did they keep their jobs which is looking after people as most of them were doctors? If they couldn’t even care fir their own little children how could we expect them to be responsible for patients in their care? I ask u would u want any of the tapas doctors to be ur doctor? Would u feel safe in their hands.? If madeilines patents were poor working class who had gone out drinking each night and left their defenceless children prey to any pervert lurking in the area then they would have been vilified and hung out to dry in the media but in our naievity we trust these so called professionals . I think we may never know what happened to little madeiline but u know she was already neglected by her selfish and irresponsible parents.from the day little mafeilines story broke her patents did not behave as a normal parent would. They continued to put their own needs first by jogging on the beach while their two younger children in the creche. What parent would not want to keep rose little children close when their little sister missing? What kind of parents medicate their children to get them to sleep so they can go out drinking with their friends? I ask u why were they never done for child neglect ? Why would kate mccann make such inappropriate remarks about her sex life with her husband in year after madeilines dissapearance? Was that the kind of information u would expect to hear from a mother who’s child is missing though her own neglect? Wake up late mccann or are u too medicated so that u can easily sleep at night as u said u could within days of your little daughters disappearance. What parent could sleep at night in the days after ur child goes missing? What parent leaves her two little children in the creche so she go jogging in the days after ur daughter just disappeared? Wake up late wake up .

  3. Lets go back and remember how Kate Middleton caught the eye of her prince charming? She walked down the catwalk at the university fashion show in a totally seethru dress. It was in the newspapers for us all to see ? What an innocent she was indeed!! We have become so injured to images of women in every kind of undrrs that we don’t bat an eyelid when the woman who is not set to be the future queen walks semi naked down the catwalka d catches the eye of her future husband. He dumped her after a couple of years then took her back .as u sow so shall u esp! If William is playing away already what does she expect! She behaved lik a slut to catch him he dumped her but then married her. Why not ? Her type snare the prize and put up with any indignaty afterwards to keep her coveted role. Of course he can play away as did his father before him and his grandfather. If Kate had any shred of self respect she would leave now and take her little boy with her before he too goes down the path of all his forbears.wil she though? I doubt it. Shed no innocent like Diana was when she got entrapped . At least Diana had the courage to speak out about her life .we all loved the beautiful Diana cos we identified with her as a victim .kate is no victim just a schemer who’s schemes have led her to where she is now entrapped. I doubt if she has one per cent of diamas courage or compassion.lts no surprise that prince William put dianas ring on her finger. What does it signify? That she can expect to be the next windsor wife to watch her husband live the same life as his forbears.

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