Prince Charles and Prince William will never be Kings
Prince Charles and Prince William will never be Kings

There is something evil in the air, something evil deep in the established heart of the United Kingdom. The Windsors are evil, killing is evil and Prince Charles and William are hypocrites…

Prince Charles and his son, Prince William showed they were both from the same pod, as they demonstrated stunning hypocrisy towards the world yesterday.

In their first ever publically broadcasted appearance together, Prince (Dim-but-nice) William repeated the lines that told of his love for the conversation of wild-life, while only days before indulging in his favourite psychopathic pastime of killing innocent creatures, just for the ‘crack’ of it.

Both crack-shots, are recorded to have shoot 740 pheasant in a single day. You can be sure Prince William and Harry ‘bagged’ themselves more than just one.

With their host, The Duke of Westminster providing ‘every conceivable luxury’, lets spare a thought to the victims of the Somerset floods, in which Prince Charles and Duke Westminster donated £100,000 of publically raised money between them.

In stark contrast to the £100,000 plus spent on providing “every conceivable luxury” to the Princes’s entourage of four males, one female and a few royal protection staff.

Royal Hypocrisy at it’s best.

Princes Charles mutters, “There’s nothing like a jolly good disaster to get people to start doing something. The tragedy is that nothing happened for so long.”

The Tragedy of Child-abuse and the Windsor Royal Family.

The real tragedy in this dirty country, is that tens of thousands of children are being murdered and abused and its taken the arrest of the Queen, to wake people up to what has been happening under their nose.

The tragedy is that nothing happened for so long.

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  1. What is taking so long for the good citizens to get rid of the so called royal family. That family is the biggest hypocrisy. Queen E II treated her uncle, King Edward VIII horribly and her own son Charles behaved abominably towards Diana. The royal family thinks they are so righteous. Just look at all the illegitimate children produced over the centuries, sex scandals and horrible behavior. Their blood is no more royal than my blood. It is all a made up fantasy because they were able to grab power and keep it.

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