Constable Martin Richards receiving the Queen's Police Medal
Constable Martin Richards receiving the Queen’s Police Medal

To celebrate the retirement of Martin Richards after 32 years of devoted service, we are devoting a whole week to look back on his career and ask the obvious question, is there more to Martin Richard’s retirement than meets the eye?

After-all, it was all the way back on the 19th December 2012, that Commissioner Katy Bourne, announced in her Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner email, “I am extremely pleased to announce that Mr Richards’ contract of employment has been extended until October 2014.”

Martin Richards was obviously pleased as punch to remain in his job, he said “I am delighted that Commissioner Katy Bourne has asked me to keep serving the people of Sussex. It is a great responsibility, honour and something I am incredibly passionate about.”

The obvious question being that if he was passionate about the honour and responsibility of leading Sussex Police, why did you announce his retirement, only a year later?

I smell a rat.

Has something happened behind the scenes that we don’t know about?

The Brighton Connection.

ImageSussex Police is mired in corruption and scandal and has a history of chief Constable’s that makes for interesting reading.

Its all come full circle in a weird and wonderful kind of way. As Martin Richards steps down he leaves in his wake comments which call into question the very purpose of Katy Bourne, the Police and Crime Commissioner.

He admits: “What I hadn’t foreseen is the fact that if your single elected PCC is a politician and elected on a party political ticket of any persuasion, then that brings a new dimension.

Politics and policing in my view shouldn’t mix, and don’t really mix, but when we had a Police Authority there was more of a balance I think it is fair to say.”

This is Martin’s Richard’s legacy to Brighton. The Brighton Connection. His damning words marks 50 years since the Government took control of policing, after the Popkess scandal, which forced parliament to bring in the Police Act 1964, which took policing away from independent local Watch Committess, into the hands of the Home Secretary.

The Police Act 1964 signalled the end of the Watch Committee, local committees made up of local councilliors and magistrates, who had the power to sack the Chief Constable.

This brings the 50 year circle full circle with Martin Richard’s retirement, when he would otherwise have been sacked a long time along if a Watch Committee was around.

The parallels with today, are surreal.

In 1958, following a trial into police corruption in Brighton, the presiding judge stated that the judiciary could have no faith in police evidence until the chief constable had been replaced.”

The same is being said today following the surreal admission by Martin Richards that he wasn’t aware of the 1840 Parliamentary Papers Act, which gave full legal protection to Tim Yeo MP to send out copies of Hansard reports of proceedings in the House to anyone he wants.

Martin Richard’s acknowledged that he was “mistakenly confident” about his understanding of parliamentary privilege, and did not realise that the 1840 Parliamentary Papers Act gave full legal protection to MPs sending out copies of reports of proceedings in the House.

“I apologise to the House and this committee for not being aware of the 1840 Act.”

“The PIN was “not a threat, it was information” and was never intended to be seen as a precursor to prosecution.”

Chief Constable Athelstan Popkess
Chief Constable Athelstan Popkess

Chief Constable Athelstan Popkess.

The youngest Chief Constable ever appointed at the time, and achieved notoriety following an investigation into corruption in Nottingham City Council and Sussex Police.

Amongst his other innovations were:

  • the first forensic laboratory in England
  • the introduction of police dogs
  • an advanced driving school
  • traffic wardens
  • wireless communications in his Mechanised Division which grew to a force of 39 vehicles and 70 officers using Standard Ensign cars and Triumph Thunderbird motorbikes

Taken from Wikipedia.

His career was abruptly cut short in 1960 over an issue in the constitutional question of control of the police. He refused to hand over a report into financial irregularities by some City Council members to the Watch Committee. He was suspended as unfit for office under the Municipal Corporations Act 1882. Intervention by Rab Butler, the Home Secretary saw him reinstated but he retired that same year.

The “Popkess Affair” was a prime factor in the appointment of the Royal Commission and the subsequent Police Act 1964 which sought to establish the respective powers of the Home Secretary, a Police Authority and the Chief Constable.

He died at the age of 72 in Torquay.

Which brings us back to Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, whose job is a fraud.

She clearly has failed at the first hurdle of holding the Chief Constable to account.

As David Joe Neilson asks:

Is Sussex Police Crime Commissioner Candidate Katy Bourne covering up murder and Sussex Police Corruption?

“We have e-mailed her with no response and others have too. She is not fit to stand, she could not care less about the people of Sussex people or their human-rights civil rights and legal rights.

“If she does not demand  an inquiry and asked to meet the Katrina Taylor’s family and other persons in the case in a public meeting about how she now employ’s as her gofo EX Sussex Police Detective Chief Superintendent Graham Cox head of Sussex Police CID, who covered up for the killers of Katrina Taylor and in the my attempted murder. He also tried to cover up the murder of my cousin, Mathew Heading.”



Sussex Chief Constable Martin Richards named by Shadow Sussex Police Crime Commissioner David Joe Neilson, is involved with the following crimes:

  • Accessory  to the  murder of Katrina Taylor
  • Attempted murder of a witness intimidation
  • Criminal Conspiracy with members of Sussex Police Authority
  • Crooked MP Norman Baker
  • MP Simon Kirby
  • Members of Lewes District Council –
  • Covering up fraud and drug dealing



With so much rumour and speculation swirling around, can’t you see how I think something fishy is going on. What this space for further developments.



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