Exclusive: Millionaire businessman’s donation to SOS Party?

Millionaire Martin Webb

Millionaire Martin Webb has snubbed his long-time business partner Simon Kirby MP, by donating £2,000 to the Labour Party. Simon Kirby’s 10 years as a councillor on Brighton and Hove’s council, went along way in getting the licences needed to build a chain of pubs and clubs, sold for £15 million ten years later, Martin Webb should be more grateful!

Millionaire Simon Kirby has since gone on to be MP for Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven and owns a stake in Brighton’s Juice radio station, while millionaire Martin Webb went onto appear in his own Channel 4 TV show about entrepreneurs based in the City.

As revealed by the ever popular Brighton and Hove Independent newspaper, Political Parties in Brighton have received at least £500,000 in donations.

The most recent donor is millionaire Martin Webb, who has given £2,000 to Warren Morgan, the leader of Brighton’s Labour party.

You can be sure Warren Morgan will enjoy a meal at Christmas on Martin’s behalf.

As exclusively revealed in Brighton and Hove Independent newspaper.


The donation in July last year is known to be the second from Mr Webb, who made his fortune from the sale – for £15 million, in 2001 – C-Side, the retail and leisure company he founded with Mr Kirby in 1993, his first donation was £1,500 in April 2001.


Labour is paying four organisers £25,000 a year to ensure they get more votes than anyone else in the elections “only 450 days away,” as Warren Morgan likes remind us.

The Shining Knight of Armour of Local News, Brighton and Hove Independent reveal:

Much of the money given to the Brighton and Hove Conservatives came from two little-known organisations: the Hove-based Winston Churchill Dining Club, which has given £39,000 in three donations, and United and Cecil Club, which has given £37,000 in 11 donations. The latter is a supper club that has an address in Iver, Buckinghamshire, and raises money at expensive dinner in aid of local Conservative Party associations across the country.

Sci-fi/Thriller - The Golden Cube by Matt Taylor, Debut Novel

By comparison, the Labour Party in the city, under the leadership of Warren Morgan, has been given nearly £170,000- most of it from trade unions, which account for 48 out of its 77 donations. The GMB has been responsible for 27 donations, totally £70.061- the biggest and most recent of which was £15,050. The second – biggest was £14,395 in March 2007 and March 2011.

Where does all this money come in this time of austerity?


  • Martin Webb £3,500 to the Labour Party
  • Winston Churchill Dining Club £39,000 to the Conservatives, run by ‘big time’ Freemason Geoffrey Theobald
  • United and Cecil Club, £37,000
  • GMB, £70,061 to Labour
  • Unite, 10,737
  • UNISON, £10,299.50
  • TSSA, £6,500
  • Amicus, £6,000
  • RMT, £2,000
  • MSF, £1,375
  • Communications Workers Union, £1,250
  • Fire Brigades Union, £1,250
  • The Co-operative Party, £26,012
  • Ben Gowlett Trustees, £12,730
  • Marcus Brigstocke, the comedian and actor gave £10,000 to the Green Party.
  • Corduroy Productions
  • Political Animal Lobby, an animal welfare group founded in the early 1990s by Brian Davies gave Jason Kitcat £10,000.
  • Lawrence Eke, director of the Intensive School of English and Business Communication, gave £2,089 to the Liberal democrats.

As your Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, I have volunteered my time all through 2012-2013, to hold Katy Bourne to account. Between her and her Freemason friends, they are squandering £1.1million a year, of our Grand children’s future to feed their greed of today.

I have held Katy Bourne to account and have found her to be bent, for free.


I haven’t taken a penny in public money. Its been left to the good guys to show the bad how far over the line they’ve come and expose the corruption in our local government and police forces where ever we see it.

Since standing in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections of 2012 and helping to secure 3.8% of the papers were spoilt with SOS written on them, I have already earned your vote, by working hard for you now, and not when I promise you I will.

Its time when politicians ask for money but I’m different.







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