martinrichardsarrestedNews and media organizations have reacted with stunned silence, following the shocking revelations that the ex-Sussex Police Chief Constable Martin Richards, was forced to step down early from his post, due to another, yet undisclosed, complaint against him.

In week celebrating his retirement, the question which has left all news reporters scratching their heads, is why he left so early.

Revealed exclusively by Matt Taylor in his capacity as Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, tasked with holding both Katy Bourne and Martin Richard’s to account, a recorded telephone conversation revealed in no uncertain terms:

  • We know why he’s resigned
  • We know exactly what he’s up to
  • We know exactly why he’s done whats he’s done
  • We know and can prove that the whole police force and over 300 people working across agencies are guilty of misconduct and malfeasance in office
  • We know and have substantiating evidence
  • They will be going to prison.
  • Involves high ranking conservative MP’s in power, including David Cameron
  • We can bring the whole thing down

Its Martin Richard’s week.

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When will Sussex news catch up?

While Greg Hadfield, editor of Brighton and Hove’s Independent newspaper is interested to know why he really retired, he said, “The main pitfall is falsity…the other is lack of proof of truth.”

On both counts, the recorder telephone conservation, broadcasted exclusively by Matt Taylor, reveals a story which isn’t being told to the people of Sussex.

Having promoted the news to various media organisations and MP’s including:

  • BBC Daily Politics Show
  • BBC South East Today
  • BBC Sussex Radio
  • Brighton & Hove News Frank le Duc, Editor
  • Brighton and Hove Independent News Greg Hadfield, Editor
  • Brighton Magazine
  • Crawley Observer
  • The Mirror
  • The Echo News
  • The Courier
  • BBC Jeremy Vine
  • Martyn Underhill Dorset PCC
  • Daily Echo
  • Mike Weatherley Sussex MP
  • Worthing Herald
  • Nicholas Soames Sussex MP
  • Nick Gibb Sussex MP
  • Peter Bottomley Sussex MP
  • The Police Federation
  • Press TV
  • Private Eye
  • Top of the Cops
  • Schnews
  • Sky News
  • Sun Newspaper
  • UK Column
  • Brighton Community Radio

Sussex remains silent – No Comment.

Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, and Giles York, the acting Sussex Police Chief Constable have let to respond to Matt Taylor’s allegations.

It would seem that the cover-up of corruption in Sussex goes deeper than most people can ever imagine.

Watch this space as this developing story continues…




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