“You’re a clone aren’t you?”

Footage taken by a mobile phone and broadcasted by the Guardian Newspaper shows extraordinary footage of Prince William’s clone loading sand bags while the real Prince Williams zips up his bullet proof vest, puts on his blue jacket and gloves, before taking over from him to stack sand bags for the photo opportunity.

Too scared to stand unprotected in his Kingdom.

Illustrating the terror Buckingham Palace is in that the truth of their satanic murder, kids trafficking and paedophile crimes being make public at any moment, the fact that Prince (dim-but-nice) William, to the trained eye, was wearing a bullet proof vest, demonstrates how seriously the Royal Protection squad fear for the Windsor’s safety.

The Queen is petrified of being exposed.

Read more: The Queen’s arrest is imminent.

Praised for joining in the effort, this footage shows beyond doubt, that clones are brought in to do the hard work them, while the real princes turn up for the photo-shoots.

Read more: Prince William and Harry told to work as penance.

Perhaps David Icke is right?

It all points to a side of the Royal Family that no one knew existed, except David Icke.

Clones, satanists and reptiles. Its all making perfect sense.



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