The Martin Richard’s retirement scandal has taken an unexpected turn, as the mystery man who exposed the truth behind Martin Richard’s early retirement, has publically declared that as a citizen of Sussex, “holds Mr. Matthew Taylor, as the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, to account to go and ask Mrs Katy Bourne, the Crime Commissioner of Sussex, what she’s done about the fraud, and the serious assault that took place at the Bohemia Road police station at Hastings on 12 February 2009?”

Bohemia Police Station in Hastings
Bohemia Police Station in Hastings

Bohemia Road police station at Hastings, described as “the venue used as a pantomime and a set up to steal government money,” is alleged to be where Sergeant Matthew Presland, now dismissed from Sussex police, committed a serious and violent assault and a false arrest.

As the mystery whistle-blower boasts, “When you finally find out who I am, you will have more ammunition against these people and they will run away from you, just as they’ve run from me and my friends.”

A complete fraudulent set-up to steal government money.

Mark Streater, 
Chief Executive & Monitoring Officer to Katy Bourne, who earns £82,820 a year of our Grand-children’s future, said, 
“I have found no substantiating evidence to support any of the allegations.”

The allegations are:

  • Serious fraud
  • Serious assault
  • Theft of public money
  • Malfeasance in office
  • False arrest
  • Conspiracy to cover-up a crime
  • Dereliction of duty
  • Aiding and abetting criminal acts
  • Misconduct
  • Bringing the office of Sussex Police into disrepute

The Office of Katy Bourne’s Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner said, “I will not enter into any further correspondence with you, only with the IPCC.”

To carry out a transparent and open inquiry.

The evidence against the IPCC’s independence is well documented. Ex police or police connected commissioners, investigating their fellow police officers, who will often be fellow freemasons from their local lodge, points to obvious favouritism at best and outright white-wash at worse.

Being cleared and let off with a “no case to answer,” answer, are two to the penny at the IPCC, so you can bet your last penny that Mr. Mark Streaters investigation was equally pathetic. In fact it proved to be when you know that he conducted his investigation without taking the evidence of the complainants.

Recorded in a telephone conversation, the Mystery Man said, “Government money has been stolen. MP’s know about this, the Chief Constable knows about this, his Commander knows about this, Katy Bourne, Mark Streater, and her entire office, Mary Clarke, Nashacha Skelton, and everybody at the Crime Commissioners office are in full receipt and they are continuing to aid and abet, the serious crimes that have been reported.”

A stamp of clean health from Mark Streater, is like getting suncream from your doctor for leprosy.

As we know from Katy Bourne’s answer to mark her first year in office, about police corruption, to which she answered, “nobody is ever perfect but I think its important we find those that aren’t and take them away from the situation because Sussex police don’t want the actions of a few to tar the really good work going on out there.”

Or in other words, “We actually promote corruption in Sussex Police and if a police officer is found to be corrupt, we’ll take them away from the situation and promote them to do it somewhere else.”

With this philosophy in mind, Mark Streaters roll call makes perfect sense.

  • Started his career in Sussex Police in 1982
  • Mark graduated from Portsmouth University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics, Public Sector Studies and Policing
  • Divisional Commander
  • Head of Special Branch
  • Head of Specialist Operations
  • Divisional Commander in West Sussex
  • Creation of the Region’s Serious and Organised Crime Unit and Air Support Unit
  • Led the merger of the Surrey & Sussex Major Crime Branch, Forensic Services and Firearms units
  • In 2011, Mark joined the Metropolitan Police Service
  • Commander within Specialist Crime and Operations
  • Intelligence and Covert Policing
  • Deployment of surveillance and undercover techniques
  • In 2012 he became the Commander for Specialist Armed Policing
  • Oversaw the firearms support to the London Olympic Games
  • Led the Mets use of Automatic Number Plate Vehicle Recognition system
  • Appointed as Chief Executive for the Office of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner in May 2013 and said; ‘I am enormously proud to be back serving the people of Sussex and very much look forward to working with our Police and Crime Commissioner, to help make Sussex the safest place to be.’

With 30 years in the Sussex Police force, Mr. Mark Streater is loyal to the Sussex Police force and will always be biased in favour of the Sussex Police force.

It’s not rocket science.

With the Freemason Connection and the fact he never questioned the two people who made the initial allegations, shows with absolute certainly, that the investigation into the events of February 12 2009, at the Bohemian Police Station in Hastings, haven’t been sufficiently investigated, as Mr. Mark Streater claims it has.

Corruption in Katy Bourne’s office.

Mark Streater
Mark Streater

“I have found no substantiating evidence to support any of the allegations,” is a blatant lie.

Mr. Mark Streater should be arrested for aiding and abetting a criminal act. So too should Katy Bourne and her Crime Commissioner office.

The tables are turned.

“We as citizens of Sussex are holding you, Mr. Matthew Taylor to account to go and ask and hold account Katy Bourne and Mr. Richards, and Mr, Streater and the entire office of the Crime Commissioner office in Sussex.”

Be careful what you wish for.

“I am relying on you to blow the whistle on corruption in Sussex.”





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