ImageBe it paedophilia, lost kids, or Princess Diana’s assassination, it always comes back to the Queen. 

As a Royal Military Policeman in 1996, I stood in front of the Queen’s picture and pledged the words, “I swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will, as in duty bound, honestly and faithfully defend Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, in Person, Crown and Dignity against all enemies, and will observe and obey all orders of Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, and of the generals and officers set over me.”

I left the army in 2001 after twitching my allegiance from the Queen to my mother and in the process broke a number of rules set out in the Army Act 1955.

Since leaving a career as a MP (Military Policeman), I’m now working towards earning another career as a MP (Member of Parliament.)

Since 1997, my political ambitions have been to eliminate war, poverty and child-abuse.

diana dancing with johnWith an interest in child-abuse it was only natural that I would follow the issue as a matter of duty.

When Jimmy Saville died I was genuinely sad at the man’s passing. Jimmy fixed it for everyone, whilst I grew up and I came to love and respect the man as an outstanding member of society.

So you can imagine my shock and horror that even a hero whom I believed in, turned out to be an evil murdering demon from the darkest reaches of Hell. I was furious, and I’ve been furious ever since.

A good policeman should always investigate the facts without judgement of where it takes them.

It always comes back to the Queen. Take for example the assassination of Prince Diana.

Since my order for the arrest of the Queen and David Cameron went viral across the world a few weeks ago, I’ve been keeping an keen eye on the comings and goings of the Royal family.

Never one to disappoint.

I’ve been getting my updates on Royal news from the News Now website and since reading Chris Spivey’s article, Monsters Inc, (which you if you haven’t done so already, you really must read,) my view of the Queen has been changed forever.

Read more: The Taylor Royal Family or the Rothschild Royal Family, you decide?

Diana- Death of a Goddess by David Cohen.Two books have found themselves into my hands, Elizabeth & Philip: The Untold Story by Charles Higham and Roy Moseley and Diana: Death of a Goddess by David Cohen.

My oath to the Queen is null and void.

Of-course having read Chris Spivey’s Monsters Inc article and the work of Kevin Annett, I realised straight away that the above oath is immediately annulled because the Crown on which I pledged allegiance, is a foreign criminal Nazi organisation, hence making the oath null and void.

Now here is something I found interesting while reading the Last rites and Freudian slips chapter of David Cohen’s book.

Remember the coldness of the Queen towards Diana’s death?

princes mourningWhat most commentators found shocking was that Prince William and Prince Harry had to go to church on the same day and act as normal, as if they were in control of their feelings when their mother had just died.

Though in defence, Lady Angela, a loyal servant of the Queen Mother said, “They wanted to go to church. If you are a Christian and your mother has been killed, it is a comfort going to church.”

Never cry in public.

Then just as on his wedding day, Prince Charles said something bizarre under stress. Charles looked at french doctors who tried to save Diana’s life, Riou and Pavie and said “Felicitations!”

It means ‘Congratulations.’

The doctors were a little surprised. It could have been a slip of the tongue but according to psychologists who argue there is some merit in Freud, Jung and other psychodynamic approaches, there are no meaningless slips of the tongue.

As the author David Cohen makes clear near the end of the chapter, “I have searched the archives to see if Prince Charles ever said anything about the death of Diana, the woman he had two children by. I have not found any such statement.

This makes the only confirmed public statement Prince Charles has made about his ex-wive’s death is “Congratulations.”

This is fact is indisputable.

Lets go back to David Cohen’s book for an interesting fact I never knew-

camillaThe most useful text that will help clarify is perhaps Freud’s Psychopathology of Everyday Life, Freud argued that under stress the unconscious breaks through and that the mind uses many ploys to let the truth get out. Freud wrote a great deal about gallows humour and how some jokes allow us to express taboos and forbidden hostility. Having cried as he saw Diana dead, Charles was in a volatile emotional state. He was not thinking consciously but he was feeling and his feelings came out in the true, but utterly inappropriate words he used. The doctors had made his most secret wish come true, so he congratulated them. He would be free now, really free, to love the woman he had always loved. This analysis does not suggest Charles wanted or planned the death of Diana but he was torn. Yes, he was in tears and, yes, her death was tragic and, yes, he had something to thank the doctors for.

Who ordered the embalming of Diana? 

Now for another equally interesting fact about Diana, a request came from the Sir Michael Jay the British ambassador to the French authorities to embalm Diana without delay. As the Foreign Office refuses to comment, the inference is that the order came from the Queen herself.

Once Diana was embalmed no one could claim she had been pregnant.

Did you know that the first whiff of conspiracy first came from the Arab press.

On its front page the Arab paper Al Usbue asked ‘Did the British secret service kill Diana?” adding the secret services decided ‘to get rid of her and her friend far from England so as not to attract suspicion.’

Even Saddam Hussein’s son, Uday had this to say, “Diana was liquidated by the British secret service because she departed from the norms and dabbled in politics, although she is from a family which is supposed to reign but not govern.”

And guess who said this about Diana’s death? “Diana’s crash was arranged by British and French secret service agents to make sure that a member of the Royal Family did not marry an Arab.” Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi.

Read more: Gaddafi was a paedophile too.

Reign but not Govern.

queen philip funeralIf anyone still believes that the Queen reigns and doesn’t govern, then they are sorely misinformed. No doubt they watch the main stream news and read the main stream newspapers.

This is High Treason.

As Bill Maloney likes to remind us, “it was up to 1998 that the only law in this country, not killing children, raping children, torturing children, no death penalty for that, but in 1998 we still had the death penalty in this country for treason.”

Read more: This is Bill Maloney, Man of Steel.

One of the last people to be put to death for treason was William Joyce aka Lord Haw Haw who broadcasted German propaganda, with the catch phase “Germany calling, Germany calling, Germany calling.”

Although listening to his broadcasts was officially discouraged (but not illegal), many Britons did tune in. At the height of his influence, in 1940 William Joyce had an estimated six million regular and 18 million occasional listeners in the United Kingdom.

He was executed on 3 January 1946 at Wandsworth Prison, aged 39.

He went to his death unrepentant and defiant. His last words in life were-

“In death as in life, I defy the Jews who caused this last war, and I defy the power of darkness which they represent. I warn the British people against the crushing imperialism of the Soviet Union. May Britain be great once again and in the hour of the greatest danger in the West may the standard be raised from the dust, crowned with the words– “You have conquered nevertheless”. I am proud to die for my ideals and I am sorry for the sons of Britain who have died without knowing why.”

queen diana deadThe Queen is Guilty of High Treason.

Anis Mansour, a veteran Egyptian journalist, said, “British intelligence assassinated her to save the throne.”

Remember that the Queen was forced kicking and screaming to face the nation, to fake her compassion and grief over Diana’s death.

Its time the Queen goes to jail for High Treason. 




  1. Tony Blair was the fasiliatator between the Queen and David Spedding, head of MI6, who orrdered Richard Dearlove, Sherad Cowper – Coles and Richard Spearman to come up with a plot to murder Diana, The Queen approved Diana´s murder. Princess Diana was in the Alma tunnel for 81 minutes – from 00:23 – 01:44. Thats 81 minutes. If this had been Jacque Chriac, would they have left him in the tunnel for 81 minutes ? Would they have put a medical student in charge of his medical treatment ? Princess DIana´s medical doctor Jean Marc Martino, was a NOT a qualified physician on the 31.august 1997 ??!! Princess DIana was in the ambulance from 01:06 – 02:06, before she was delivered to La Pitie Salpetriere Hospital in an unsurvivable condition, 01:43 minutes after the crash, with no cardio-thoracic surgeon/specialist present. Dr. Alan Pavie was asleep at home when he received a call at 02:10. Princess Diana dies, at 02:12 from the inly cardiac arrest, she suffers that night. She did not have a cardiac arrest in the tunnel, or the ambulance, but a electromechanical dissociation of the heart for 2 seconds, which is something quit different from a ventricular fibriallation leading to a cardiac arrest. Dr. Jean Marc Martino admitted this at the Inquest under pressure from the Inquest cadio-thoracic expert Tom Tressure. This EMD was used as an excuse to ventilate, intubate and anestesiase Diana, despite her Glasgow Coma rating of 14 out of 15. So why did they wait 81 minutes before moving the ambulance out of the tunnel ? No one has ever given a credible explanation for the delay of getting Diana to hospital. They even passed the 2 highly specialist hospitals the Val de Grace and the American Hospital, who have doctors present 24/7 and which are closer to the Alma Tunnel, than Pitie, 3.8 miles from the Alma Tunnel. Jacque Chirac was taken to the American Hospital in 2014 excorted by six police motorbikes – within minutes, because the American Hospital is a highly specialist Hiospital where ministers, presidents, politicians…….where all VIP´s go to. Except Princess Diana, the mother of the future King. What the hell is going in here ?

    1. Diana was threatening to destroy the horrible British constitutional system which had done her so much harm and treated her as merely a slab of meat, an incubator of heirs, a stooge of the House of Windsor.
      She became a target of Britain’s domestic intelligence agency – MI5. But not only was Diana seen to be attacking the Public State, she was doing something far, far more dangerous – she was attacking the most evil sector of the Private State – the Arms industry. Now she was to be targeted on a much higher level – she was to cross the path of the world-wide secret government where intelligence agencies, big corporations, Royal Houses, powerful individuals, neo-Chivalraic Orders, and powerful secret societies merge into a blur.
      The British wing was to act on both worldwide and domestic concerns through the infamous MI6. With Diana’s death, Charles and his mother would be set to gain complete control over the Princes, the increasing popularity of Diana over Charles could be curtailed, the British Arms Industry could lance an irritating boil.
      Then Diana became involved with Mohammed Al Fayed, in his former days a establishment darling, now it’s victorious enemy. It had now gone too far for the establishment. Diana had undermined the British constitutional system and was threatening a key industry, the weapon industry, and, to top it all, this Al Fayed, had made them look like fools. Not only this, a possible Al-Fayed half-brother to the Heir would have been just too unsettling for the Establishment. Diana had to be terminated. If they could get Al-Fayed too, so much the better. So the British establishment kills her.
      Best referenced compilation of Princess Diana´s assassination so far of all police enquiries and inquest and mercifully short is indeed The
      At 04:03, 3 minutes after Diana´s official time of death, the Queen turns dead Diana back into a Royal. Why ? On the 28.august 1996, the Queen had stripped Diana off her Royal Title, on the 30th of august 1997, Diana wasnt a Roayl but then on the 31. august 1997, the Queen suddenly turns Diana back into a Royal. Again why ? This is the woman who refuses to flag on half mast for Diana. Because this is the only way the Queen can control Diana´s samples, her pathology, toxicology, autopsy her embalming and the later Royal Inquest. Thats why she turned Diana back into a Royal. THAT was the Queens agenda. I believe that the protection given to the MI6 files under the Official Secrets Act should be set aside in the public interest in uncovering once and for all the truth behind the dramatic and historically momentous events that lead to the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales.

      1. I dont care what anyone says princess diana was murdered .prince charles had his thing camilla yet cause diana was the thrid in the marriage and told the world she was a ad person no she wasn’t she found love after and that bitch of the queen and her asshole son had her taken out i will respect william and kate always but the rest of the royal family should go thur what the most beautiful women on the earth went tur and camilla old hag the queen sholdnt be a queen she needs to respect humans i dont belive she should be that high william should be the next king his father to me is trash

      2. Re: …she was to cross the path of the world-wide secret government where intelligence agencies, big corporations, Royal Houses, powerful individuals, neo-Chivalraic Orders, and powerful secret societies merge into a blur.

        YES, freemason collusion and their sense of malicious retribution was behind Diana’s assassination. Diana was seen as a traitor after the Panorama interview and she died a traitor’s death. By laughing at the imbecile Windsors- who are PATRONS and PROTECTORS of FREEMASONRY and hold other places in secret elite orders, such the Order of the Golden Fleece, Knights of Malta, Order of the Garter, etc – she was considered to have committed treason. She said in the Panorama interview hat she wanted to be ‘a light in people’s tunnels’ (so MI5/ SAS used a strobe light to blind the occupants of the car ), she said in her criticisms of the Royal family that someone had to ‘love the people’ (so Blair disingenuously made her ‘the People’s Princess’ after her assassination and organised a very disingenuous funeral (- highly unlikely she was in the coffin but had been cremated and her ashes interred with father’s in the Spencer family vault in St Mary’s Church, Great Brington; the flowers marked ‘Mummy’ was a classic case of misdirection! ) and she said she wanted ‘to be the Queen of people’s hearts/ the Queen of Hearts’ and so the freemason doctors in the ambulance killed her by injuring her heart … they may have even cut it out as was done in medieval times to ‘traitors’. I expect they removed her kidneys, corneas and other useful body parts for lucrative transplant surgeries, as well. Hence the long time in the ambulance and the slow, slow driving.

    2. Interesting theory on Diana being dead that’s a new one to me.
      watch prince harry walking behind the hearse he was trying to hide his amusement at the whole charade. one British journalist reported seeing Diana up and about after the accident in the French hospital she was taken to.
      Diana was pregnant by her Pakistani doctor boyfriend and could not be seen to remarry as it would of disgraced the royal family. hence the pretense that she died in a car accident

  2. Best referenced compilation of Princess Diana´s assassination so far of all police enquiries and inquest and mercifully short is indeed The
    Paris-London Connection: The Assassination of Princess Diana by John Morgan

    1. The best validation of this story is the “arms link.” That, and the fact that people in power can always rely on the naïveté of the public.
      Answers are kept in the clear because that is the last place people will think of looking for them. How much clearer does it have to be than that the permanent members of the United Nations Security Counsel are also the biggest arms providers in the world.
      Add to that the fact that the Princess was evolved with an Arab, possibly pregnant by one and the answers are staring society in the face… No one wants to see or look.
      Diana was certainly brave, on the side of righteousness and a child of the angles but to the Royal family angles or The sole property of the Anglicans!; Islam believes in angles too…
      She was smart enough to know what they would do to her, she choose to go down fighting like a Saint Joan.
      The tragedy is that all this was done because of the Queen’ ego and the pouting of that vapid Charles do he could live happy ever after with that boozy broad Camilla… Excuse my French but the whole thing is biting them in their Royal arses!
      I am sure Prince William has figured all this out… Smart guy that. Let us hope he bides his time and then, with the crown on his head seems them all to the dredges of hell from whence they came.
      We all choose to see or turn our heads to reality and that is, for eternity what “they” rely on

      1. I believe that the protection given to the MI6 files under the Official Secrets Act should be set aside in the public interest in uncovering once and for all the truth behind the dramatic and historically momentous events that lead to the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales.
        The motives for Diana´s assassination are the armament industries of the Western World, Palestine and her involvement with a muslim man.

  3. In all fairness because I am fair. The Royal family are no saints but neither was Diana she should have got out of the Royal Family by making Charles pay heavily financially and leaving them to stew in their own juice. instead Diana went on a vindictive spree to herself and every body else which put in her in a position where she lost her life. Of all the eligible men in the world WHY a Muslim? Would Diana have been one of his four wives? because that is what they are allowed and to a man who never earned a penny in his life. Dodi’s Father supported him. What a wastrel. If Diana was such a good Mother why on earth did she not have the capacity to put her children first and not mix with scum. Suffice it to say Diana did a lot of charitable work she was quite beautiful had good taste in clothes carried those hats she wore with great style. Came from an aristocratic background was more English than the whole Royal Family. Charles is a liar, and a cheat. Charles could have honestly stuck with his ugly duckling Camilla if any one says it is easier said than done well it eventually came to that didn’t it? Both sides are to blame. Waiting to stabalise Diana before the French duds got her to a hospital is suspicious. MI 5 or MI 6 were to be held responsible because as they put it Diana was a rolling cannon and in some ways the Royal Family needed this to make them act humanely to people. May Diana’s soul rest in peace she died so young how awfully sad for her sons. Charles will never be King he does not have the strength of mind for it.

    1. Surely you don´t condone either murder or the subsequent coverup. It´s about accountability and liability.
      Occassionally I wonder, if it was Margret Thatcher who concocted the plot to assassinated Diana, because it had to be a certified mastermind. Thatcher had such a brilliant mind. But the ones involved from MI6 were Eugene Coley, David Spedding, Sherad Coweper-Coles. Richard Dearlove, Richard Spearman and Valery Caton. Richard Dearlove was in Paris just 14 days before the crash. I see it like this. It was a SAS Hit Squad Team, operating on behalf of MI6, masquerading as the legitimate paparazzi, that assassinated Diana, Princess of Wales. Both the legitimate and illegitimate paparazzi were in Paris. But the real legitimate paparazzi were not in the Alma Tunnel, at the time of the impact. So why were they blamed for the crash ? The paparazzi were framed and blamed just like Henry Paul. It was the illegitimate paparazzi that chased Diana down the Expressway and into the Alma Tunnel. Ask yourself one question. Where are the photographs from that week-end ? Look at the evidence from Le Bourget to the Alma Tunnel, both the Mercedes S280 and Mercedes S 600, were litterally swarmed with paparazzi. So where are the photographs ? From the Place de La Concorde to the Alma Tunnel, the fake paparazzi, took pictures of the occupants, but since the legitimate paparazzi, did´nt arrived to Alma tunnel until 2 minutes after the crash who were the photographers taken pictures of the occupants of the Mercedes S280 ? And why hasent a single picture from that week-ned ever been published ? Because a SAS Hit Squad Team were present. The risk of anyone involved in the assassination appearing on a photograph, anyone from other agencies was to high a risk. That is why not a single photograph from that weekend has ever been published. Were is Diana´s autopsy pictures ? Why wasnt the Jury allowed to see any documentation relating to Diana ? They never saw her pathology, toxicology, death certificate, embalming or burial report and the question is why ? They never saw Henry Paul´s autopsy or toxicology report either. The Corrupt Judge Scott Baker suppressed over 700 vital documents from his Inquest Jury – the Jury were never in a position where they could come to an informed verdict. simply because the Judge suppressed the evidence. Read The Documents The Jury Never Saw from 2010 – John Morgan. Its a coverup on an intergovernmental level. The Queen sanctioned Diana´s murder. ” Get rid of her”. “Careful Paul, there are powers at work in this country of which we have no knowlegde”. There is no way Diana could have been assassinated without the Queen knowning.

  4. I agree with Darla from July 7, 2015… Strange how you can’t reply to her post but you can the other ones. The Queen and the British people are all racist in my opinion and nothing has changed over the years. Minorities have to come together and demand change because this person or so called Queen need to be replaced… They are not for the people as you can clearly see with all the racial profiling around the world. Divide and conqueror is what’s keeping them where they are. We need to come together and demand change… My opinion she was killed and because these people are who they are allows them to get away with it…

  5. Camilla,
    Due to your views , of which I totally agree with you and everything you say , can you confirm you are still alive? , as MI5 / 6 seem to have a bit of a pastime history on anyone who says anything about our Nazi orientated so called royal family.
    Its bloody obvious what happened. And all the ” good old boys ” get a knighthood, for the cover up.
    Sorry but there are to many un answered questions for my liking , bloody obvious stuff.
    Diana was murdered, Trev Rees Jones knows it, but low and behold he is ex forces, hence official secrets act . Gagging order all round. ANYONE.
    It will be a 50 years time case when the truth comes out.

  6. I hope the queen suffers a terrible death and all her loved ones catch the same diseases and she is forced to drink bleach and stick her hand in a blender.

  7. Amazing how people can still work from the grave!!!! Diana isn’t through yet! May God have mercy on those souls involved in the murder of our beloved Princess!!!!!

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