"They never said this would happen at Roedean."
“They never said this would happen at Roedean.”

Katy Bourne, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner is facing the end game of her tenure in the face of mounting evidence, calling into question her ability to hold the ex-Chief Constable, Martin Richards to account.

In a year of disaster for Katy Bourne, she has:

  • Failed to keep Sussex safe
  • Closed police stations
  • Went against her Police and Crime Panel’s advise to employ Steve Waight as her deputy
  • Lost Steve Waight with his resignation 6 months later, citing feeling “under-valued”
  • Continued the cover-up of the Katrina Taylor murder in 1996
  • Extended the Chief Constables Contract by a year
  • Covered up complaints against the Chief Constable
  • Provided jobs for the boys, with £82,000 a year going to Mark Streater, ex-Sussex policeman of 30 years and £77,000 going to John Eagles, Chief Finance Officer, who had a career with the Police Authority. (Her office now cost £1.1million a year and rising)
  • Increased the Police Tax
  • Ignored victims of Sussex Police crime
  • Failed to apologise to Gary Reynolds
  • Costs more than the Police authority, she came in to replace

The End Game.

With the sudden resignation of Martin Richards, being sold to the public as early retirement, the truth behind the Sussex HQ doors can be swung open for the first time.

Read more: Why Martin Richards really retired early.

The facade hides a rotten core.

It would appear that two gentlemen, whose identity remain secret at this time, contacted Katy Bourne SPCC, with serious allegations of fraud, assault and false arrest at the Bohemia Police Station at Hastings, East Sussex on 12 February 2009, involving a certain Sussex police sergeant Matthew Presland, who has since been dismissed from Sussex police for inappropriate behaviour.

Read more: Sussex police officer dismissed for inappropriate behaviour.

Allegations suggest the venue was used as “a pantomime and a set up to steal government money.”

The whistle-blower said, “Government money has been stolen. MP’s know about this, the Chief Constable knows about this, his Commander knows about this, Katy Bourne, Mark Streater, and her entire office, Mary Clarke, Nashacha Skelton, and everybody at the Crime Commissioners office are in full receipt and they are continuing to aid and abet, the serious crimes that have been reported.”

Mark Streater finds “no case to answer.”

Having declared to have “enormous respect” for Martin Richards, Katy Bourne has stuck to the rules of her Freemason’s lodge and passed the task of holding the Chief Constable to account, to her number two Mark Streater, who has since conducted a thoroughly flawed investigation by not interviewing the complainants, and declared that Martin Richard’s has “no case to answer.”

Read more: Katy Bourne Lives the dream.

Katy Bourne has been held to account.

  • Katy Bourne has failed in her public duty to hold the Chief Constable to account.
  • Katy Bourne has ensured Sussex is safer for murderers, drug dealers, paedophiles and freemasons.
  • Katy Bourne has failed in her public duty to uphold the interests of the public.


The final nail in the coffin.

While Katy Bourne tells the whistle-blower that she declines to enter into any further conservation, let me, as her Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, ask her personally, “What have you done about the fraud, and the serious assault that took place at the Bohemia Road police station at Hastings on 12 February 2009, other than asking your number two, Mark Streater to investigate further?”

The tables are turned.

“We as citizens of Sussex are holding you, Mr. Matthew Taylor to account to go and ask and hold account Katy Bourne and Mr. Richards, and Mr, Streater and the entire office of the Crime Commissioner office in Sussex.”

Read more: Katy Bourne’s first year in office.




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