It has come to my attention that a serious incident has been reported to you with reference to the events at the Bohemia Police station in Hastings on 12 February 2009, of which you are fully aware.

Other than asking Mark Streater to investigate, of which he has done so and found there to be “no case to answer,” what other actions are you going to take on this matter?

As you are held to account to hold the Chief Constable to account, the Citizens of Sussex are holding me to account in holding you to account…

I wait with eager anticipation to your first monthly Performance & Accountability Meeting.

Having written extensively on the real reason why Martin Richards retired early.

Read more: Martin Richard’s jumps ship.

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Read more: Martin Richards: Why he really retired?

Read more: Martin Richards stunned response.

Read more: Katy Bourne: The End Game.

I repeat my question…

What are your comments that:

  • Martin Richards stood down prematurely due to a second investigation into his misconduct?
  • Serious fraud and assault was committed at the Bohemia Police station in Hastings, on 12 February 2012?

I have been held to account by the citizens of Sussex to hold both you and the Chief Constable to account.

I look forward to your answers in tomorrow’s Performance & Accountability Meeting.

Yours Sincerely,

Matthew Taylor

Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.



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