Giles York, Acting Chief Constable & Nev Kemp, Divisional Commander for Brighton at today’s monthly Performance and Accountability Meeting.

News organizations across Sussex, from the Evening Argus in Brighton, to Sch-news, to the BBC counties radio; continue to ignore the truth, that Martin Richards stood down as Chief Constable of Sussex Police because he was being investigated for an unprecedented, third time.

Revealed exclusively by Matt Taylor, holding both Katy Bourne and Giles York to account as the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SSPCC), Martin Richards stood down on the 8th of February 2014, as a direct result of a new investigation into his misconduct. The first being in July 2012 by the IPCC, a second time by Mary Clarke, the Senior Policy Officer working for Katy Bourne and for a third time by Mark Streater, Chief Executive & Monitoring Officer to Katy Bourne.

While no details are known about the specific allegations of the second investigation by Mary Clark, Matt Taylor exclusively reveals that Martin Richards was named in a fraudulent operation, including serious assault and false arrest, at the Bohemia Police station in Hastings, on 12 February 2009.

Defending his decision to go public with the explosive claims, Matt Taylor said, “Anyone in my position would have done the same. If you ever received an anonymous phone call from a mystery man who refuses to give their name, but who makes explosive claims of criminality performed by the Chief Constable of Sussex?

What would you do?

I have done what any other law abiding citizen would do and pass the information onto the police for further investigation. I prepared ahead and managed to record the conversation to ensure complete accuracy and transparency of what was being said. I reasoned that if I didn’t, I’d be guilty of compliance with criminal acts which, I know about but don’t do anything about.. Surely anyone in my position would have done the same?”

Keith Ridley from Eastbourne Herald.

The only journalist that cuts the mustard in Sussex is Keith Ridley, editor-in-chief of the Eastbourne Herald and Observer Series newspapers.

Out of over fifty news organisations, MP’s and interested parties contacted, Keith Ridley was the only person to acknowledge receipt of the news release and forward it onto the news team.

Evidently news teams across Sussex have been ordered by their superiors to drop the story as a hot potato, and as a result are compliant in the on-going Sussex police cover-up of corruption in their ranks.

It is worthy of note and thanks, that the only other editor of a newspaper to offer advice was Greg Hadfield, editor of Brighton and Hove Independent newspaper, who warned, “The main pitfall is falsity… the other is lack of proof of truth :-)”

John Eagles, Chief Finance Officer & Katy Bourne, Police & Crime Commissioner for Sussex

This shocking indictment against Sussex police is being made with increased ferocity by more and more people.

The latest person to do so, while remaining anonymous, claims Sussex police know who he is and so does David Cameron, “They all know who I am,” he cried in anger and frustration at the continuing crimes perpetrated by Sussex police officers.

Read more: Why Martin Richards really retired?

Sussex Police is really rotten to the core.

Police corruption leads back to the forces most formative years. In the first scandal of it’s kind, the Bribery Scandal of 1877, saw the conviction of four senior officers for taking bribes for a man called Benson, who had paid them to inform him of raids and if necessary, make evidence disappear. It was the first incident which called into question the integrity of the police force and much as today, crime-lords continue to pay police officers to inform them of raids and if necessary, make evidence disappear.

Read more: How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police.

Read more: UK’s key institutions infiltrated by criminals.

Taken from the Bent Lawyers and Cops website.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A ‘CORRUPTION FREE’ POLICE FORCE IN THE UK OR ANYWHERE ELSE — Those who claim differently are lying. Our Ex-Cop Richard said ‘when you first enter the police you do harbour a silly belief that you’re the good guys……and when you go to Hendon Police Training College you see the reality of ‘staged’ open days for the public and Press (when you have to be on your best behaviour). Most guys behave quite juvenile and badly out of the public gaze…a lot like the people you are likely to arrest later. Then you just happen to see a colleague do something quite nasty or dishonest and tell yourself it’s okay; he’s only just the one…you say nothing….and just when you don’t want it to, you get compromised by another incident…one you should report because you know these cops need slinging out…..but you can’t, you’re outnumbered by ‘pals’ who you know are likely to turn on you….you then have to weigh this against your regular pay, pension, a good career and that ties your hands behind your back…if you become a civilian again, these lot can get at you…if you stay silent they tend to rule you out as a ‘grass’…..but eventually you witness the ‘bigger crime’….and so that you don’t become involved when the cards topple….you bring them down…..which is what I did’

Nobody is Perfect.

While Katy Bourne defends corrupt police officers by saying, “nobody is ever perfect,” and taking them out of the situation, Giles York, the acting chief Constable of Sussex, (until such time Katy Bourne is instructed by the College of Police, what to do next,) said at today’s monthly Performance and Accountability meeting, “Yes we do have bad people within the police and I am absolutely committed that when we find them we’ll deal with them expeditiously.

‘Acting or done with speed and efficiency.’

After two weeks on the job, Giles York and Katy Bourne have yet to respond to the claims that ex-Chief Constable Martin Richards is involved in a case of serious fraud, assault and false-arrest, at the Bohemia Police Station in Hastings on 12 February 2009.

Expeditiously, my arse!


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In response to continuing criticism of Matt Taylor’s grammar and spelling, of which this comment by Teerev posted on Chris Spivey’s website illustrates what most people think, 
“OK. I like Matt Taylor and think he is doing a great job. He writes some cracking stuff!! However, some of his syntax? sentence construction can be poor. While I don’t think it is a major problem for most people, coming from someone with a great message and aspirations to become an MP, I think it can detract from what they are trying to say!”

Read more: Matt Taylor publically apologises for his bad grammar and spelling.

Matt Taylor acknowledges he has a problem and invites readers to point out the errors, and will send them a signed copy of his debut sci-fi novel, The Golden Cube, free of charge, for doing so.

Teerev is spot on in saying, “I know it may seem like a small thing, and I have total respect for Matt, but people will pick up on any minor error and dismiss it or slag it it off on the smallest thing just to try and discredit it any tiny way they can!”

‘Spot on.’

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