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Two weeks after the sudden retirement of Martin Richards, Sussex Police finds itself in yet another scandal that seriously undermines their integrity and trust with the people they are tasked to protect and serve.

Coming on the back of their most recent cover-up of their ex-Chief Constable Martin Richards being named in fraudulence crimes at the Bohemia Police station in Hastings, shocking news reveals that at the same police station, a 42 year old man has been rushed to hospital with sever bleeding having previously been in the care of Sussex police officers.

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The inference is clear.

Katy Bourne has yet to make any public apology to Gary Reynolds, who was awarded £3.8 million of public funds, as compensation for life debilitating injuries he suffered while in Sussex police custody.

Gary Reynolds and his brother.
Gary Reynolds and his brother.

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With obvious similarities with Gary Reynolds; a 42 year old man was taken to Hasting’s Bohemia police station to be questioned on suspicion of an attempted burglary in the Grange Road gardens in Hastings on Tuesday.

Shortly before 6am on Thursday 20 February, he was assessed by staff at Conquest Hospital in Hastings as being fit for release.

According to the police he began bleeding heavily from his groin, as he was being taken to a cell.

Nothing wrong here Ladies and Gentleman, please move on.

The circumstances of how the 42-year-old began bleeding has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC.)

No doubt as with the case of Gary Reynold’s who was kicked in the head, it may prove he was kicked in the groin.

The Sussex Police’s professional standards department, are at a cross-roads.

Continue covering up for their criminal superiors or tell the truth. Giles York has demonstrated it’s business as usual at the top of Sussex Police and this tragic incident is vindictive of what business as usual means for the likes of Giles York, Nev Kemp and Katy Bourne.

Zero Tolerance in Brighton & Hove.

The Metropolitan idea of zero tolerance policing, first used on the rough streets of New York, are being used on the streets of Brighton and Hove with stunning results.

Man-hunt teams on Brighton & Hove streets now.

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 22.56.37
Giles York and Nev Kemp

Nev Kemp, the divisional police commander of Brighton and Hove, triumphantly boasts, “We are on the front foot and taking it back to the criminals.”

Facing Katy Bourne at her monthly Performance and Accountability meeting last week, (Friday February 21) Nev Kemp reported that Sussex police have achieved an ‘all time record’ 20% reduction in burglary.

“In the last 6 weeks crime has been lower than it has been in the last 6 years.”

Nev Kemp sets out how it happened.

‘Man-hunt’ Teams, or more politically correct, ‘Person-hunt’ teams, made up of special constables, find the people who are particularly difficult to find.

As Nev explains, “Mainly staffed by special constables, 152 hours last months as part of a manhunt team, directly involved in 35 arrests in the last month alone.

Healthy competition between Specials and Regulars.

Nev said, “Where someone is particularly difficult to find, they pick up the offenders and sometimes the offenders hand themselves in, because they are tired that their families and friend’s doors being knocked on. Identifying and making life really difficult for some particular offenders who we know hurt us.”

Every criminal now gets allocated they our own personal crime liaison officer.

“What we’ve done is given specific policing teams responsibility over an offender, reviewed every Monday, that has have some really stunning results in the last few weeks.

Now what we aren’t always able to do is arrest them for the crime they are committing, we are arresting them for breach of bail, breach of curfew, we regularly stop and checking them, we have a really low tolerance level in terms of any offence they commit. I’ve seen them being arrested for public disorder offences such as possession of cannabis.”

“This is really having an effect.”

Nev Kemp boasts, “One offender is turning away from crime altogether because the police are all over him.”

peterjamesarrested“Making a real difference.”

Even the well known friend of Sussex Police and Royalty, novelist Peter James admits, “Three previous chief constables have told me that Brighton today is the favourite place to live for Premier League criminals.”

Even Crime-lord’s need a crime free place to raise a family.

As Peter James continues in a Daily Mail travel article he wrote in 2010, “It is an almost perfect criminal environment. Brighton has an unguarded coastline – perfect for importing drugs and exporting stolen goods – and it has masses of escape routes close to hand: all the coastal ports, Eurotunnel, Gatwick Airport, London 50 minutes away by train and a great road network.”

The only thing he omitted to say is that Sussex police is also in the pockets of the Crime-lord’s, hence Sussex is now safer for criminals, paedophiles and freemasons than ever before.

facebook farce
Click here for Katy Bourne’s Facebook Farce.

The legitimacy of both Sussex Police and the office of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner now lays in tatters.

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Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 22.56.39
John Eagles & Katy Bourne.

With John Eagles, Katy Bourne’s Chief Financial Officer sat beside her, the bomb-shell news that it is back to the drawing board, over the planned increase of the Police precept was announced.

In the same way that Sussex Police weren’t aware of the 1840 law entitling MP’s to say what they want in parliament, it appears that Katy Bourne and her chief Financial officer (who incidentally earn £162,000 a year between them) weren’t aware of the Government’s 2% cap.

Hence all that effort, time and money spent on promoting an unofficial referendum has come to nothing.

What a waste Katy Bourne really is?



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Read more: Matt Taylor publically apologises for his bad grammar and spelling.

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Teerev is spot on in saying, “I know it may seem like a small thing, and I have total respect for Matt, but people will pick up on any minor error and dismiss it or slag it it off on the smallest thing just to try and discredit it any tiny way they can!”

‘Spot on.’

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