Truth you can wake up to.
Truth you can wake up to.

Swilliamism. Sam the blogger has been missing for over a month, and as of yet no reports have been made as to his whereabouts.

Shot to fame after his youtube video refusing to give his name to two police officers went viral, his youtube channel has cloaked 661,056 hits since December 2011. Sam the Blogger scored equal public exposure at the Watford Bilderberg gathering in 2013 and appeared on the UK Column news.

A regular contributor to youtube his mix of videos averaged in their thousands, of which his most popular; Bilderberg 2013: Visiting The Grove, clocked 101,108 views. Sam the Blogger has a relaxed and unique style about him. He would narrate, I said narrate, his way through the streets of London, the streets of London, revealing hidden histories and fascinating facts, I said hidden histories and fascinating facts.

Liking to repeat every pro-word for maximum effect, Sam Blogger is a popular spokesman in the alternative media.

Since posting the King’s Valley over a month ago, we haven’t heard from him since.

Your name and address?
Your name and address?

Where’s Sam the Blogger gone? If you are out there, say Hi.

At a time when government legislation is putting the squeeze on the freedom of speech, bloggers of Sam’s likeable are good for the alternative media’s popularity.

As a community under attack, its important to watch each other’s back and make sure that if anything goes down, as it has with Robert Green and David Campon, we have all our brothers and sisters looking out for us.

Bill Maloney jokes, “If you don’t see me again, I’m probably in Buckingham Palace, locked up in a dungeon somewhere. Luv yer.”

Watch each other’s back.

Whatever reason why he’s been away, Sam the Blogger demonstrates there is an audience who want to see guerrilla journalism from the grass-roots up.

If you haven’t already got one, get a camera and record yourself.

Sam the blogger presents the best of the new breed of leadership coming through ranks now. Alongside RASPECT, a young rastafarian man who stood up against the police, to score a viral hit on youtube and become a role model for millions over night; they are blazing the way and educating the people to the word of the Law and the stories that lay behind it.

As RASPECT doesn’t rap in his song Revolutionary, “You can give the people knowledge but you can’t make them think, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.

Sam the blogger and RASPECT and many others are giving us the knowledge and it’s our responsibility to think about it.

This is where the alternative media touches with the mass media.

We’re their food for thought.




  1. Hi there! I was good friends with Sam and the last time I saw him was when he was filming Russell Brand in Parliament square 7months ago or so. Since then, he doesn’t pick up the phone (it’s switched off always) and none of our mutual friends like Danny Shine have heard from him either. I’m gonna go to his house in north London tomorrow and see if he still lives there.

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